Robinhood CEO "addressing" it's limiting of purchasing of GME (Gamestop) and other stocks. The whole interview goes as well as you think it might, where the answers dance around the question from the CNBC anchor which to his credit were quite poignant and would address his viewers actual concerns. It won't surprise me if the whole market doesn't crash here shortly as this is ONLY the start of this mess.

This is the body cam footage of a Police Officer in Waco Texas arresting a gentleman for not wearing a mask.The claim was that he was in violation of city ordinance. While the Police Officer seemingly (I don't know what was running through the guy's head) gave this gentlemen a lot of chances to not be in trouble, you can already tell this mask situation is out of control. If we arrest everyone who refuses to wear a mask we're going to be arresting a lot of people. It's a stupid thing to criminalize.

In this short clip a General Manager working on the Keystone XL Pipeline talks about the impact the Biden EO's are having on his teams. He cites that 100's are jobs are already impacted by the EO. This is coming from the horses mouth, so people cant just say the 50,000 jobs impacted by the EO's is just a rumor.

Biden hears in his ear piece to "Salute the Marines" then says it out loud instead of Saluting. As if the way the military is being treated isn't bad enough already. What a mess!

Police State COVID Curfew in Quebec Canada! Every night, 8 to 5pm no one is allowed in the streets. Police drive through neighbourhoods with sirens blaring, searching for dissidents to arrest 6000dollar fines to bankrupt families, and that seems to be the crazyness everyone is having to deal with. It's sad...

I don't know who this person is personally but his admission is actually stunning to me at least. I figured I would grab a copy of his video because Youtube would love to blackhole and censor something like it. I don't know if he's being honest, and in my opinion there was probably a mix of ANTIFA and Trump supporters at the Capitol Building today attempting to incite a colour revolution. At any rate the video is here for your judgement. It doesn't seem to sit well with him as to what happened, and I need anyone who is viewing this to know that the truth is what sets us all free. His admission shows great courage!

David Perdue has votes subtracted from his total. Aside from counties stopping the counting votes and "going home" (aka trying to see how many votes they need in order to steal the election) we also are seeing the classic Dominion chicanery where votes are removed from the totals of Republicans. Two Georgia Senate seats are being stolen once again in the Georgia Senate RunOff Race. Thanks to the eagle eyed people who saw this. The total goes from 774,723 to 742,323 votes.

FULTON COUNTY: Georgia World Congress Center. Screens all facing away from media pen. No observers. No dual control. Single individuals scanning ballots into dominion while kept from public view. This video was taken from the media pen where these people are being "observed". Supposedly people who want to object to the process, or to a ballot are supposed to do it under these ridiculous circumstances.

This video contains evidence of ballots being mishandled and scanned multiple times in Fulton County Georgia. Most of us know the steal happened, but the evidence is continually being revealed. As it's being revealed I would like there to be a record here on Bitchute. As soon as I saw this video I decided to grab a copy and get it up here. Check it out for yourself. It's damning, as a lady scans the same stack of ballots multiple times. The courts have abandoned us, and the only way we're going to get justice is if we distributed these videos and deeply embarrass those responsible. No one should be believing that this election was legitimate, and no one should even be saying as much.

Jovan Pulitzer's EPIC testimony in front of the Georgia Senate. It's roughly 40 some odd minutes long, and discusses the issues with the ballots being sent out to people. The ballots are analyzed for fraud, and Pullitzer demonstrates how fraud currently permeates the system. This is the FULLclip without watermarks. It will definitely be a target on youtube for take downs and censorship so now you can get it here on Bitchute!

Dominion voting machine access announced live during a new set of hearings in Georgia. The hearing was interrupted and none other than Jovan Hutton Pulitzer made the announcement that the polling pads were accessing the internet which absolutely should NOT be happening. They have been caught red handed here AGAIN

Dominion voting machines unable to produce the same count twice using the same ballots.Basically the machines are set to cheat mode, and send the vote totals to the candidates they want to in order to hide the cheating. The algorithm has been suspected of hiding the cheating in this manner.

The Texas State Legislature Talks About the Moral Cowardice of the SCOTUS based on reports about hearing Chief Justice John Roberts screaming at the other Justices in a closed room!

The Governor of Michigan is BLOCKING the ability for the GOP electors to enter the State Capitol building and participate in the electoral process! This is a really big deal, and if anyone viewing this video can get down there to help, please GO!

I caught this video up on twitter and figured it would be an important one to share with everyone. It backs up CodeMonkeyZ Tweet about problems in the Adjudication process with Dominion Voting machines and how easy it would be for an Adjudicator to manipulate votes.

Again, it's getting increasingly more difficult to find this particular video without commentary. YouTube and Google are working their hardest to cover for Democrats and bury this information. The Censorship on this is real, and there are lots of supposed fact checks that try to dismiss the video. People deserve better than that though! They deserve to be able to make up their own minds about what happened during the Georgia hearing. I have taken the liberty of copying this over here on to Bitchute in it's entirety as it was shown on SkyNews Australia the day it was shown to the Georgia Committee. The CCTV footage is damning and real! What happened in Fulton County Georgia is ballot stuffing and watering down of legitimate votes. Everyone should be angry over this!

YouTube is taking this video down! I decided it upload it here because it is a display of Democrat hypocrisy worth looking at! Elena Parent in this video talks about how the vote is compromised. How the voting machine numbers aren't corrent, and how people do NOT trust the vote in the state of Georgia. This is a far cry from her behaviour as a State Senate member today. Today she is frequently shown evidence of cheating, and there is evidence of her at State Farm arena handling ballots while she was on the ticket. YouTube and the Google censorship machine don't want the public seeing this video, nor do they want the public to see the fraud that she is very much a part of! Georgia Deserves better!


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