Dick the prick rapes some sjws with logic



No Holds Barred:
Hairless Ape:

In my dreams they surrendering
Their heads are severing
The Winter weathering
My hearts cold and festering

Youll meet ya destiny
Ill beat ya with the best of me
You bitches aint a test to me
Im fuckin up ya chastity

I got a mans capacity
Ya flacid see

That cunt between ya legs
Means your not meant to be
Pretending you have balls and authority
So shut the fuck up slut, your opinion isn’t worth
Shit to me

Cos You’re the epidome of weakness
And im gonna beat this
Point in to your little girl brain again and again
Till ya not strong or independents are crying from the pain

And hiding from the shame
Ya dying to be tamed
Ya little blood and cock suckers
All this freedom that we gave
You it only makes you insane

We gave you luxury and wealth and all you do is complain
You have the world wide web and all your posts are in vain
you have a gym membership but still have veracious veins
your obsessed with sex but only wet when it rains
you’ve been given the world but blame invisible chains

for your own fucking failure
so im here to tellya
men are gonna raise hell
hell yeah

Ive got a devilish grin
Ill make you pay for your sins
Cold hard cash
and your soul to begin
throw you out in the trash
now you dead in a bin
I know you worked your ass
but you just copped it on ya chin

so try n take the hint
you bitches better better back the fuck up
or your gonna feel what its like to be in
a world where men actually don’t give a shit
about ya worthless asses cos we finally flipped
cos were sick of ya shit
and were not buying the skit
pretending that ya men with ya bastard kids
hittin Centrelink up for the freebee gibs
or becoming a cop while the cunt quotas in

become a soldier but ya cant pull up to ya chin
big daddys lowered the bar so you pretendin to win
until a war starts, then ya go get pregnant with tim
now theres no-one to fight so they recruiting for him

tell me why do all these bitches wanna be like men
And why do all these beta males wann a serve them
oohhh ohh ohh

because its tragic
dark magic
That made the world this way

which way
This way
everybody gotta celebrate slap a bitch day
Happy birthday,
aint ladies giving birth today
free abortions
creampies from ya tinder play
and its a sin to say
things just shouldnt be this way
but I fuck em anyway
then blockem makem stay away

Your sleepin wide awake
Your dreaming world is fake
truth served upon ya plate
ignore it satan sealed ya fate
ignorance is the devils state
of mind, concealed cant penetrate
in time it will reveal the real divine
until the wheel of rhyms

spins revolutions in the minds
normies stuck on their behinds
cant see the tree of human binds
cos they are blind in their minds eyes
and the comprise
of the vast majority

those who dont know Truths the only authority

try to wake em up
look at the thanks we get
blocked, silenced censored,
and some of us dead
told that were freaks
and were fucked in the head
yeah ya welcome
sleep tight back to bed

9 to five
na ya not alive
ya lving out the program
like the governments wife
invoulentary celibates becoming more rife
better hope that they rope or therell be violence tonigght

alrigh alright
I might be being a pit of a pessimist
my intelligence
makes it tough for me to feel relevence
cos the low iq drones of the world are so prevalent
so I throw a few bones to the dogs
for the hell of it

turn of the tella vis
say fuck ya heritage
and burn the bridge
throw a few corpses on the flame
then pray and make a wish
maybe summon Satan for the day
and he can make you rich
join the occult
learn spells you could be a witch
up sidown crucixic
pentagrams, saturn,
planets and dimensions
5th ,
element assasin
korban dallas
knows that
is a fallacy
men behind the curtain
rabbit holes
for eternity
not new to me

everywhere I look I see a prison
of the mind
mental patients stayin blind
im impatient as the time
is slippin by
I wanna try
and find
a second
peace of mind
but its praying on my soul

silver bullet s where those

tell me why normies want us all to live like slaves
and why complicit cowards always punich the brave ohh

because its tragic dark maghic
that made the world this way

artificial intelligence

seeking relevance

ever since

windows opened up

gates to malleveoleence

not talkin 7 sins

theres way more prevalence

be goin through your bins

and trackin everywhere you ever been

treated like ya bin

laden, but you actually exist

your not just another myth

to this system

your a piston

and your missin

on the freedom

that ya tought ya had

but ya disnt listen

to the reasons

so the seasons

keep on fleetin

in the prison

that ya keepin

You can shoot the cops but they aint bleedin

Cyborgs of treason

Lapdogs of heithens

leishes round their necks

And you know they aint breathin

in this poisonous air


the particles tare

your airways

are highways

for the nano tech sprays

underground bunkers

paid by the tax dollars

Soldiers stand by

ai in their collars

only brains round their neck

the Show their true colours


like mirage

stay in hidin

cos they cowards

Drones in the sky

directing energy weaponry

As they fly

above, suburban penetentiary

it wasnt meant-to-be

....this way but eventually

if we do nothing

then our future is essentially

mass extermination, minus the cemeteries

buried in the vegetation, corpses growing newer trees

but you canty buy the seeds

or meet your needs,

so dont bite the hand that feeds

or youll be beggin on your knees

but nigga please

you really think that cash is still around

10 years ago the last dollar bill i found

i picked it off the ground

in london, it was actually a pound

they were laughin when i tried to spend it in their town


physical money,

ah thats a good one young chap

Whered you get from?

the back seat of a delorioan


you need to get some global government approved crypto credits for fuck sake

all you need is a chip in your brain and a good social credit rating

minions on the human farm

not in the billions only millions

biometrics got ya human palm

in the ai master brain

but the acid rain

can tare flesh away

so ya better stay under cover

safe from big brother

there is no other

way unless you upgrade

exoskellotens made

for the ones who paid

But you ant makin shit

they keepin you in debt

and all the jobs gettin shipped

to all the government departments gettin rich

taxin you like your their retarded little bitch

now even normies gettin pissed

not at the slavery though just because they missed

out on footy season and hittin playgrounds with their kids

thats a hell of a reason seein ignorance aint bliss

pulled out the matrix, like sypher n switch

i wanted it to happen but.

(not like this)

Quantum nanotec tats implanted in ya dermal layaers

so you can travel anwhere, except the himalayas

the air is fresher there , where theres no toxic sprayers

and guess whos under there

scheming in their hidden lairs

the spooks behind the curtain

see a free man as a burden

to their plans

cos we can fuck em

like a virgin

they be hurtin

in their underpaints


as they squirtin


choppem up like surgeon

rebel malitia

makes ya wish ya

hada weapon

cos im bettin

the recession

makes us threatened


bein waged

grunts not protectin

for their wage

they just erictin

for the slave

owners, bing played

terimating left overs

put in the microwave

radiation waves

5G rfr telommunaction plays

manipulates our brain waves

controlled slaves

but hey

at least we

get google play


faster than the old days

so many ways were controlled

cos ya sold out

out thinking it would solve

ya money woes, but look now,

their bringing out the roll outs

the shut downs

now ya rights are took,


that was easy look,


they conned a whole fuckin planet

that little hobby that ya have,

you know their their gonna ban it

nothin left to lose

so ya better choose,

bend over and take it or make a stand cos ya had it

die a slave, or get a turret gun and man it


A Thot Sells first access to her vaginal cavity online for a million dollars and feminist hags get mad that she is single handedly closing the gender pay gap with her little tight, nice feeling, sweet little gap.

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Sunrise - The feminist Industrial Complex - Andrew O Keefe


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