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The ONLY video of David Icke´s amazing speech that is translated to Spanish instead of to Dutch!

It´s NOW or never!




It is Very Important That as Many People As Possible See This So We Can Avoid This Evil Plan Coming True.

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Once you wake up to the realization that everything wasnt exactly what you were told about the Convid-1984 virus... Then you move ahead and watch this documentary to realize even MORE...

If your neighbor didn´t WAKE UP during the scamdemic...

Then "FLUVID-19" is (most likely) the simplest way to help them understand that the CONVID-1984 was a 100% HOAX.

Download this documentary at:

Another beautiful and emotional expression to the world from our amazing No Hype Invest team member, the lioness: Claire Stadtmueller Soprano!

Our belowed No Hype Invest lion member Phillip Kismartoni has done it again, a super awesome music video where he use his many different skills to express what many of us freedom fighters feel.

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Enjoy the new contribution from one of our wounderful NoHype team member named Claire! Please share her message far and wide!

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F##k Bitcoin! F##k Ethereum! F##k Ripple!

F##k 99% of crypto currencies (aka surveilance coins)!

We should focus on FREEDOM COINS instead!

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Humanity is enslaved in serfdom.
They rig the system to keep you in debt.
They make you live in constant fear of economic crisis.
They want to break your spirit.
You work hard for them all your life and retire in poverty.
They look down on you and think you don´t know any better.
We´re an underground club of investors who´ve hacked the system.
We´ve witnessed gains of up to 30,000% in 5 months. We´ve turned $4,000 into $1 Million.
We can guide you to achieve real freedom.
We´ll tell you exactly what moves to make and when.
Take the red pill and unplug from the Matrix.
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NOT for you if you trust mainstream financial advice, NOT your average health and spiritual advice, NOT for sheep, NOT for everyone.

Repost from an amazing NoHypeInvest members named @ClaireStadtmueller

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Her website:

When you got David Icke saying he don´t own a smart phone and never will, then you also got Max Igan and Catherine Austin Fitts saying this in the video... Well, then you might want to think about it yourself... Think fast because time is running out.

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Repost from David Icke´s channel:

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It is easier than you think to make 💰 especially when you know things most people do NOT know... Get investment ideas from those who know 🦁 what is happening in the world instead of following "advice" from the lamestream 🐑

Oracle Films Documentary. SHARE THIS!

One of NoHypeInvest team members high energy contribution to the world!

His website:

His Instagram: @phillipkismartoni

His spotify:

New Meme Music Video That Points Out How The World Have Been, And Is Being Deceived Into The Enslavement Of Humanity!

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Music: WHO WILL SAVE US NOW | by David Chappell (End Of Silence)

Are you crazy? Find out in this vax meme video!

Get help mainly financial but also spiritual and health investments!

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