A nutso, practical effects laden Christmas kid's movie directed by Al Passeri, who also directed the equally nuts "Creatures from the Abyss". You'll get floating fortresses in outer space, tyrants with a mask made out of mirrors, stop motion, surfing cave girls, dancing skeletons and other oddities, to find out more, go here:

Twisted techno from the folks at ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) Records, thumping dance music to fight to if that is your thing. The white pro tape came with a xeroxed black and white art slip limited to 40 copies, to find out more go here:

Put out by ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) Records, this tape came wrapped in a black plastic bag and taped with black electrical tape, the pro tape itself was inside two pieces of xeroxed cut up/collage art stapled together. What you get is drone/blackened experimental noise, to find out more go here:

Released in a limited run of 30 copies, "Lightning Undersun" is twisted Neo folk, mixed with industrial, darkwave and noise. Released by ASKE (Anti Social Kultur England) Records. To find out more, go here:

The second compilation from Overuse records, a record label from Australia that seems to not be putting out new music like they used to, granted I think most of these projects are from one artist who owns Overuse exploring various genres, still raw, visceral stuff released in unknown limited quantities. You get raw black metal, blackened noise, dark wave, and bubbling, oozing electronics. Track listing: 1. Pixelated Waves-Colour Sensory 2. Closure-Leather Temple 3. Fixation-Time Has Changed 4. Fixation-Pounding 5.Fixation-I Can't Make It Stop 6. Claudia-The Scent of Masculinity 7. Carved Cross-Washed Away In The Passage Of Regret And Time 8.Dysassociation-Interlude 1 8.Dysassociation-Head In The Clouds 9.Dysassociation-Interlude 2 10. Night Falls Haunting-Rest Of The Lonely 11.Night Falls Haunting-Ancient Rites 12.Night Falls Haunting-Tradition Dies Slowly 13.Isolationist-Knowledge Control 14.Leather Temple-The Blurred Lines Between Sex And Death 15.Gaunt-A.E. 16.Plague Whore-Invocation / Apparition 17.Plague Whore-Glory To The Mother Of Sex 18.Carved Cross-All Debris Returns Home To Rest 19.Claudia-No Sign of Weakness. To find out more go to:

Coming out in 2015 by the independent record label Overuse based in Tasmania in Australia owned by the prolific Matthew Nicholls and this seems like a company he started to release his various projects and the guy has a wide range of musical style interests. The guy in his various projects pursues Black Metal, Darkwave, noise and blackened punk which keeps this compilation interesting. Doing research I am gonna assume these are all of Matthew's various project. Track listing: 1. Endless Low-Dysassociation 2..Crippled Over-Fixation 3. Falling Down-Fixation 4. Famine-Blackline. 5. Disease-Blackline 6.Forced Deprivation-Carved Cross 7. Waves of Defraction-Colour Sensory 8. Music Isn't Fun-Gaunt 9. Something numb-Gaunt 10. Dark Street Corners-Leather Temple 11. Teenage Kicks-Parvo 12. Prelude-Night Falls Haunting 13. Fear Haunts Me-Night Falls Haunting 14. Faggot's Spit-Claudia 15. M.B.-Fetish Ritual

Phase IV is a very very underrated sci-fi/horror/art house movie with awesome and stunning visuals. The only movie of visual artist Saul Bass, the studio, freaked out by the weird, psychedelic ending had it cut and most versions in the US have ending cut out. Not this version, to find out more go to:

Released by Blud Auk Tapes in 2018 in a edition of 50. Raw black metal band Baphometic Dawn and blackened noise act Unexamine mix their unholy sounds to create a beast that will be an audio apocalypse to your ears. Track listing (no time stamps): 1.Vomit Flesh 2. Dim Vision 3. Piss-Chain Whipped and Cast Away 4. Haram Torture 5. Territory Scanning 6. Western Civilization 7.The Wander 8. No Funereal Dumpster Tomb. To find out more go to:

A horror anthology of Super 8 shorts some good and some bad. Title list: 1.The Visitant 2.Desire in a Public Dump 3. A Day in the Life of Snidely Carmichael 4.Twilight Journey 5.The Crystal Quest 6.Bus Bench. To find out more go to:

One man insane avant garde/experimental black metal from Virginia, love this weird and twisted stuff, this guy plays really loose with the genre. To find out more got to:

Awesome album from a metal punk band from the Netherlands. Vopos' first album was straight up generic hardcore punk of the day but on their second album they gave their sound a punch and an edge, this isn't "crossover thrash", this is speed metal mixed with hardcore punk. To find out more go to: Track listing (no time stamps): 1. Hard and Loud 2. Tonight 3. In the Book 4. Nuclear War 5. Warrior 6. Conquer 7. Get Me 8. Speedbanging Babies 9. 007 10. Short Joy

Malaysian blackened speed metal/punk band whose major influences are Motorhead and Venom. Good rip roarin', fire breathing stuff to find out more and where to buy it go to: Track listing: 1. Rock n' Roll Madness 2. Satanic Rites 3. Demonic Sacrifice 4. Bloody Blasphemous Mantra 5. Hard Ride with Satan 6. Black Metal (Venom Cover)

A crazy, 38 minute long short film sci fi "epic" that combines live action, stop motion and animation that was used in a lot of MTV videos of the time. To find out more and where to watch it go to:

Side A has the Swedish band "Syphilitic Vaginas" paying homage to Japanese metal punk bands like GISM with their rip roarin' blackened speed metal/thrash punk tune "Tiger City Shockwave" and Side B has the legendary blackened thrash Japanese masters "Sabbat" doing what they do best with "Blacking Metal". To find out more and where to buy it go to:

A compilation tape put together by Drone/Dark Ambient artist Goat Majesty, great background music, prayer music or ritual music. Deep dark drones and dark ambient from various artists, and a small booklet with a lot of cool art in it courtesy of Vladimír Vácovský good stuff. To find out more and where to buy it go to: Tracks (no time stamps): 1. ZN-Ingratitud Y Colera 2. Goat Majest-Cult Leaders 3. Haare-Inside The Black Mirror 4. Fordell Research Unit-Ilm (For Daniel Rutter And Sandy Milroy, Giallo Buddies) 5. Vampyres–02 SoV 6. Black Mountain Transmitter-Saturn In Retrograde 7. Husere Grav-Abandoned Instinct 8. Aderlating-Eerste Pijniging

Occulted Death Stance does their experimental black metal thing. Weird and twisted black metal, the tape came in a baggy with actual thorns and inserts with lyrics. Tracks (not time stamped): 1.True Crime Surrealism 2. Bitter Cold 3. Wild Hunt 4. Eternal Return 5. Infernal Plateau 6. Forest Catabasis 7. Death Energy of Sex 8. An Undying Hate To find out more go to:

Japanese comedy horror kid's film, a cross between "Goonies" and "Ghostbusters". English Sub Titles. To find out more go to:

Marching Church before they pussed out and became a lame soul band. To pin down a genre for this thing is impossible, its lo fi Black Metal/Punk, experimental and Post Punk, according to the artist it was recorded at night. Came out on the Posh Isolation label which mainly releases synthwave/noise acts, in fact, Posh Isolation put out a compilation of Metal Punk acts called "Gra Fraktion" which I might post on here in the future. Marching Church's tracks are great on this comp, after they left Posh they got a little too predictable in my opinion as a band. For more info and where to buy it go to:

Full tape of noise/fetish artist, Fun In Latex. Voyeuristic field recording, voice manipulation of what sounds like a girl's perverted sleep over party. You'll feel like a Peeping Tom creep listening to this tape. No titles or time stamps, it just is to find out more go to:

Dwarr takes the Black Sabbath song "Planet Caravan" expands it into a whole album. This album is more psych/space rock/metal than doom metal, there is sax solos and violins, it is slower paced. As usual Dwarr plays all instruments and it is all over the place, its strange and weird with Christian lyrics. This guy is awesome. To find out more go to: Track listing (no time stamps): 1.God's Children 2.Caravan 3.Bound and Chained 4.Serenity 5.Wounded Soul 6.Conquest 7.Jezebel 8.Tomorrow's Children 9.Let the Wicked Die 10.Dedication 11.Frenzy 12.Ode to Lucifer 13.Holy One

Outsider metal from the immortal Dwarr who plays all instruments as usual, guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums and guitar. The lyrics are religious in nature since Dwarr actual name Duanne Warr is a Christian but it doesn't make the music in less interesting. It is crazy, these are his later recordings when he decided that not all music was evil. Avant Garde psychedelic/doom metal. To find out more go to: Track listing (no time stamps): 1. Trumpets / Times Of Terror / Traps And Pits / Angry Waves / Evil World / Die Like Flies / Days Of Death 2. Gates of Hell 3. America 4. Born to Die 5. Takes Me Away 6. Harmony 7. Tears You Cry

Incredibly Strange Metal vol. 1 was a compilation put together by the metal blog, Obscurum and released via CD-R by Lust Fungus. Some of these tracks are more hard rock than metal but every track on here is jaw dropping "WTF?!" Metal and rock bands do their damnedest to experiment or be the next Ozzy, the results are glorious ineptitude. To find out more go to: Here is the track listing, no time stamps: 1.Sazhaj Korneplody Uyrschlvaj-Oblachnyi Kraj 2. Frankenstein's Castle of Sorcery-Damien Storm 3. Realms of Destiny-Damien Storm 4. Kolahalma-The Crisis 5.Maya Boki Au-The Crisis 6. All Alive-Kuster 7. Love A Bit-Kuster 8. Forced To Be Silent-Exmortes 9. Creed of Eternal-Exmortes 10. Tumelem Zpatley-Darkor 11. No Moral-Morsure 12. Blind Men and Occult Forces-Black Hole 13. S-P-E-E-D M-E-T-A-L-Runaways 14. Hold On-Legion 15. Torn Flesh (Crux of the Mosh)-Torn Flesh 16. Man's Best Friend Intro-Torn Flesh w/Gay Rights? 17. Krucifix-Svaty Vincent 18. The Cop-Secret Metal 19. Egypt (The Chains Are Off)-Lester Maddox 20. Madre Muerte-Parabellum

Czech Experimental, Avant Garde, Improvisational Black Metal, this album is very obscure and hard to find. From an eccentric who saw himself as a 2500 year old Saint. To find out more go to:
Track listing (No time stamps): 1. Zmrtvýchvstání 2. Říkají O Mně, Že Jsem Blázen, Zaplať Pánbůh, Že Mám Tak Vysoké Postaveníc 3. Patologická Agresivní Deviace 4. Krucifix 5. Absolutní Vědomí 6. Nekroman 7. Spirocheta Vincenti 8. Lucifere!

Tape released by Anti Social Kultur England in limited editions. The only place you can purchase this is
Sorry, no time marks or split tracks. Figure it out for yourself and buy the tape, support independent businesses. Genre: Dark Ambient/Ritual Music
Track list:
1.Suckle the Witch's Tit
2.Death Curse
3.Alone in Ruined Churchyards
4.Fuck this Miserable Life
5.Forget Your Blessed Afterlife
6.There is No Happy Ending
7.When the Breath Leave Us
8.One Day We All Become Rot


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