Quick video to alert old several YouTubers reporting a phishing scam aimed at content creators. Pass along the word!

It's been a very difficult couple of weeks, so just relaxing with a little ATS. This will not be the direction the channel is moving, but I'd like to hear if anyone would like more gaming. Not much in the way of deep conversation here, but if you have any topics or questions please leave a comment. Maybe I'll haul a load while answering questions next time.

Just a little storm that blew through. Rain, thunder, a little lightning, a touch of hail, and a local idiot. This video has everything you could possibly want! I wanted more just for a timelapse but the battery was drained.

A speedy version of the storm video.

Music: Bubbles- Bidibodi Bidibu

April 10, 2019. No joke. Sorry about the wind noises, I didn't like recording in it either :p

Having my first smoke from my 2015 J.D. Smokingpipes pipe. Enjoying a bowl of Esoterica Dunbar.

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A brief disclaimer, the audio is all over the place, and I lost a big chunk of video. But! I still have various temperatures that can be plugged in to all kinds of formulas to extract different numbers. MATHEMATICS!!! OK, not as cool as when someone yells SCIENCE!! after setting off 50 Black Cats in a trash can, but still serves the same purpose. Enjoy!

Join me for a quick pipe. I'll show the details of one of my favorite LHS pipes while smoking some Granger pipe tobacco with a tobacco tax stamp made in 1945.

This will likely be the last video of 2018, and also likely the last new blend from the new blend for 2018 challenge. The tobacco kept a very consistent and expertly balanced mix of the Lakeland "essence" and vanilla. The "beard note" after the pipe was an absolute joy to smell and was pure nostalgia of a simple, classic pipe tobacco "grandpa smoked". Although none of my grandpas ever smoked a pipe, that I know of. I highly recommend to pick some up, if you can.
If you have any good pipe tobacco themes or challenges for 2019 let me know!
I hope everyone has a very happy and safe end to the year celebrating what ever holiday you wish in what ever way you chose to celebrate, or at the very least enjoys a day or two off of work.

My first taste of the 2018 Christmas blend from C&D, Jolly Old St. Nicholas. From the tin: Features golden Virginias, black Cavendish, and a hint of perique, imbued with a generous touch of orange liqueur and hints of ginger... Overall, a very nice blend. I will surely finish this tin, but I will likely not be buying any more of.

First off, I apologize for the rushed video. The plan to have a relaxed evening with a pipe changed and I did not want to miss out on congratulating Bull for passing 500 subs! The GAW has become a comment only requirement so take some time to check it out. Bull, I'm happy I can call you a friend and didn't want to just leave a comment. No need to enter my name in the drawing.

Please take some time to check out the channels mentioned in this video. All channels feature family friendly content!
It seems YouTube is not allowing me to access the pages I need to copy links for the following channels on my tablet. I will include the links for each channel as soon as I am able to fire up the laptop. A search for each channel as typed below should successfully result in the channels until then.
Tennessee Bull: (link will follow shortly)
Southwest Piper: (link will follow shortly)
This Old Tony: (link will follow shortly)
Taofledermaus: (link will follow shortly)

Just my first impression of the new Joya De Nicaragua Cinco Decadas. This stick is the El General, a 7x50 Churchill cigar. A delightful Nicaraguan puro featuring a Nicaraguan Hanano wrapper. I think this cigar could have used more time in my humidor, but I could already tell JDN is delivering the quality leaf and top notch hand rolling I would expect from such a special cigar.

A quick review of JDN's new Cinco Decadas El General. 7×50 churchill size.

Special thanks to Dropbear Woodworks for the quick review format inspiration.

Dropbear Woodworks:

Huge thanks to Russ for the awesome baccy and sticks! Far more than what the pipe is worth. And since I haven't had any of the tobacco before I can break in to any tin I like!

If you haven't already done so, please check out Russ' channel!
The Smoking Rooster:

Just a chat to share some tips and tricks to hopefully maximize your flavors from cigar, or even pipe, smoke.

Tips Timeline, quick reference to the topics in the video for easy navigation.
1. 1:55 putting a deffinition to how we taste cigars. You must be in the right mindset to get the most flavors.
2. 4:13 keeping the smoke cool. Some ideas how to prevent smoking too hot.
3. 7:30 retrohale. How and why a retrohale could be beneficial to your tasting experience.
4. 9:34 taking notes. Should need any special descriptions here.
5. 11:00 when in the process you will get different flavors. A quick breakdown of draw flavors, finish flavors, and don’t forget to taste you lips!
6. 12:56 reviewing the reviewers. Do big time reviewers make up fancy flavors to sound cool? Maybe, maybe not.
7. 14:30 wrapping it up. I share my tasting notes with you to help make sense of it all. I highly recommend everyone watch this section!

Please let me know if you're enjoying this series. Feel free to leave any suggestions for future topics in the comment section!

Who would I want to sit and have a pipe with? Stick around to see or, you know, skip a few minutes and guess based on the following links.

Alex George:
Joe Davis, JADs Pipes:
Tennessee Bull:

My opinion on what's important for a first time cigar smoker, or anyone who doesn't have enough experience to know what flavors they like or don't like. These tips will give you a good start with cigars. My strategy is to reduce the chances of poorly performing cigars which will allow you to think about flavors and start to decide what you like or don't like. Once you start feeling like you've formed some opinions on what you like or don't like on a cigar, then making choices on flavor profile should be considered. Until then, buy the prettiest one in the shop ?

Congratulations Ben!

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Crosby's Corner:

One source demands cigars must only be aged with the cellophane on. Another source demands cigars must only be aged with the cellophane off. Neither side ever offers much actual evidence for their views. Here I compare 2 cigars stored under the same conditions for 4 years with the only exception being the cello.

This series will review the basics of enjoying premium cigars. Episode 1 focuses on cutting your cigar. I cover the most common meathods, and some not so common. Please feel free to suggest future videos and ask any questions you have.


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Primarily videos about premium cigars and pipe tobacco. Also expect some nasal snuff and snus content. Please note; tobacco products can be damaging to your health and these videos are intended to be enjoyed only by those of legal age for tobacco consumption in your area and are in no way a recommendation for anybody to start using tobacco.