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On today's morning episode of The JD Rucker Show, I discussed the launch of Just like with so many other things we're facing in the world, the need to have honest media that's not beholden to corporate interests is becoming an existential threat. Just like the trans-supremacy agenda. Just like economic collapse. And yes, just like the plans for depopulation.

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Many in the conspiracy world have been focused on central bank digital currencies for a while. It's understandable, especially considering how close the globalists are to realizing this goal. But it's not the endgame. It's a step toward the true financial endgame of a one-world currency. Project Icebreaker may be what brings the various digital currencies of the near-future together.

With so many signals pointing to a potential crap-hits-the-fan situation in America that could force people to bug in or bug out for extended periods of time, it behooves us to be ready with food. But having food isn't the only thing we should be doing. We should also be practicing, getting our families ready so they aren't shocked when it comes time to eat more cautiously. On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I dove into ways to eat cheap and why we should be practicing eating like that today.

The war against the faith has been ongoing for many years. There was a time not too long ago when Democrat lawmakers would embrace faith and allow for faith-driven policies. That may be hard to imagine in today's world, but even Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton originally ran in 2008 against gay marriage. Oh, how times have changed.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is a stereotypical leftist Democrat. Some might even say we can look at him as the standard for the modern Democrat Party — radically woke, militantly anti-freedom, and devoid of any public attachments to reality. That's why his Tweets about Ramadan and Easter are so different. They give us a clear view into the collective mentality of today's Democrats.

Read the story:

Three quick stories illustrate how kids are being attacked by the radical left from every angle, as I covered on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

DC Library Displays Books Promoting LGBT Agenda Ahead of Christian Book Story Hour

Protesters failed to prevent or disrupt a Christian story hour in a Washington, D.C., public library on Wednesday.   

The story hour at the library in the Cleveland Park neighborhood was part of a 15-library Brave Books tour, which began on Feb. 9. The readings featured five Brave Books authors—Christian actor Kirk Cameron, Libs of TikTok creator Chaya Raichik, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer, Turning Point USA contributor Jack Posobiec, and Brave Books founder Trent Talbot.  

The library prepared for the event by displaying 36 LGBT-themed books in a shelf topped with the message “Cleveland Park Public Library Celebrates All Races, All Religions, All Genders, All Sexual Orientations, All Countries of Origin, All Classes.” A library worker told The Daily Signal the library put up the display just one day before the reading.

Read the whole story at Daily Signal.

Virginia School District Boots 14 Sexually Explicit Books to County Libraries

A Virginia school district’s new superintendent decided Wednesday to remove 14 sexually explicit books from school libraries and donate them to the county government’s public library system.

The 14 “young adult” novels to be removed from libraries in Spotsylvania County Public Schools by order of Superintendent Mark Taylor, on the job since Nov. 1, include...

It is not clear whether the Spotylvania County government’s library system would accept copies of the 14 books from the school system, or place restrictions on minors’ access to them if it does. A committee of school district staff consulted by Taylor had defended the 14 titles.

Read the whole story at Daily Signal.

Democrats Walk Out of Committee Meeting After Hearing How Dismemberment Abortions Tear Off Babies’ Limbs

Outraged Montana Senate Democrats walked out of a committee hearing Tuesday because they did not want to hear how abortions brutally kill unborn babies.

According to Montana Public Radio, the Democrat lawmakers objected to what they claimed was “unnecessarily graphic and inflammatory” language about abortions.

The state Senate has been holding hearings on a series of pro-life bills this week, including state House Bill 721. The pro-life legislation would ban dismemberment abortions that kill nearly fully-formed second-trimester unborn babies by pulling them apart limb from limb while their heart is still beating and then removing their body in pieces from the womb.

Read the whole story at Life News.

I may not be a huge fan of Glenn Youngkin, but he's signing many of the right bills. This is one of them, as I covered on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

Youngkin Signs Bill Banning Unequal Restrictions on Virginia Places of Worship During State Emergencies

Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed legislation on Sunday that prohibits government officials from imposing discriminatory restrictions on places of worship during state emergencies.

HB 2171 stipulates that “No rule, regulation, or order issued by the Governor or other governmental entity pursuant to this chapter shall impose restrictions on the operation of a place of worship that are more restrictive than the restrictions imposed on any other business, organization, or activity.” The measure previously passed the Republican-controlled House of Delegates (53-43) and Democrat-controlled Senate (35-5) last month.

Following the March 2020 Covid outbreak, then-Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam issued an executive order on March 24 temporarily banning public and private gatherings of 10 people or more, including at places of worship. The order furthermore mandated the closure of businesses and venues deemed “non-essential,” such as restaurants, gyms, and hair salons, among others.

Read the whole story at The Federalist.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I discussed the passing and subsequent override of the most robust transgender bill in the nation.

Kentucky Overrides Governor's Veto of Transgender Care Restrictions

The Kentucky legislature on Wednesday overrode a veto from Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear, forcing through a bill restricting access to gender-related treatments and limiting use of bathrooms in schools.

The bill comes in the immediate aftermath of a mass shooting in Nashville, Tenn., in which a transgender individual killed three students and three faculty members at a Christian school.

The Senate voted 29-8 in favor of overriding the veto while the House did so by a 76-23 margin, the Associated Press reported.

Read the whole story at Just The News.

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I covered a couple of stories about how the Covid lockdowns affected churches and how the fight still continues today.

COVID Panic Succeeded in Stemming Church Attendance

The COVID lockdowns and Fauci-led fearmongering, though ostensibly enacted to “slow the spread,” succeeded also in curbing church attendance across America, the Washington Times reported.

According to the Times report, which cited a November 2022 Pew Research poll, more Americans have stopped attending church since the lock downs than have increased their attendance.

Pew tracked church attendance data over the span of four years, from 2019 to 2022, covering the COVID panic and subsequent lock downs. Out of the poll respondents, 87% said that their religious habits have not changed substantially in the four-year span.

Read the whole story at Headline USA.

Christian School Sues State for Sidestepping Major Ruling on Religious Discrimination

A Christian school in Maine filed a lawsuit against the state Department of Education (DOE) for allegedly intending to circumvent a recent Supreme Court ruling barring the state from discriminating against religious schools.

In Carson v. Makin, the Supreme Court ruled that religious and private schools are eligible to receive tuition funds through the state’s school choice program, provided that they met the same requirements as other schools. In response, Maine lawmakers passed legislation that limited the ability for religious schools to gain an exemption from certain nondiscrimination rules while participating in the program, prompting First Liberty Institute to file a lawsuit on behalf of Bangor Christian School on Tuesday.

“From 1980 until the Supreme Court’s 2022 decision in Carson v. Makin, parents could not use their tuition benefit at a religious school. But in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s decision, the Maine legislature changed the law to require BCS to violate its sincerely held religious beliefs in order to participate,” a press release on the lawsuit read. “This ‘poison pill’ imposes requirements that will prohibit BCS from teaching from its religious perspective or considering in admissions applicants’ alignment with the school’s statement of faith and religious educational mission.”

Read the whole story at WND.

Josselyn Berry, press secretary for Democratic Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs, has resigned after posting an inflammatory tweet suggesting “transphobes” should be gunned down in the wake of a woman who identified as transgender killing six people at a Christian school in Nashville.

Local Arizona media reported that Berry’s resignation came after she faced pressure from those close to her and from other lawmakers.

“The Governor does not condone violence in any form,” a statement from Hobbs’ office said. “This administration holds mutual respect at the forefront of how we engage with one another.”

Read the whole story at Daily Wire.

PJ Media's Catherine Salgado is reporting that North Korea now has the capability of striking the United States with nuclear missiles. You'd think this would be bigger news in the cycle, but for the most part it has been crickets.

As a U.S. aircraft carrier arrived in South Korea for military drills, North Korea responded by unveiling new nuclear warheads. I guess that’s what you call an explosive statement.

Photos of the  smaller nuclear warheads, called Hwasan-31s, were released by North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Reuters reported.

Nuclear experts reportedly said that, based on the photos, North Korea has made progress “in miniaturising warheads that are powerful yet small enough to mount on intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of striking the United States.”

Meanwhile, back in America, mainstream media outlets, including New York Times, USA Today, and CNN, are apologizing for referring to a female murderer as a woman because she called herself “he/him,” and President Joe Biden cracks jokes about ice cream before discussing the shooting of six people, including three young children. Somehow, that’s not encouraging.

Read the whole story at PJ Media:

There are two things to know about Bill Gates. His skill is not in technology. It's definitely not in healthcare. His only true skill is as a salesman and he's proven to be exceptional at it. The second thing to know about Bill Gates is that he believes we're all extremely stupid. That's why it's no surprise that his article in the NY Times stealthily promoting the World Health Organization's Pandemic Treaty is written for a 1st grade level of understanding.

He even has a firefighters' helmets with syringes on them as the article's illustration.

"Be careful what you wish for."

Radical Democrat Hillary Ronen strongly supported defunding police in 2020, as did pretty much every Democrat politician in the nation. It was the easiest way to stay hip, cool, and woke back then. Now that those who got their way are seeing first-hand what defunding police actually does to their districts, they're changing tunes.

China might be bluffing America with its aggressive statements and challenges.

But it might not.

And that means, according to an analysis by China expert Gordon Chang at the Gatestone Institute, where he is a distinguished senior fellow, U.S. leaders need to be matching its “largest military buildup since the Second World War.”

“The world needs to look at what the Chinese leadership is in fact doing. Xi [Jinping] appointed what is now known as his ‘war cabinet’ in October, at the Communist Party’s 20th National Congress; he is implementing the largest military buildup since the Second World War; he has been trying to sanctions-proof his regime; and he is mobilizing the civilian population for war. Communist Party cadres, for example, are taking over privately owned factories and converting them from civilian to military production,” Chang explained.

“In the latest move, China’s regime is establishing National Defense Mobilization Offices across the country. The Reservists Law went into effect the first of this month. Whatever China intends, its intended victims need to match its preparations. There has never been a time when it has been more important to deter the People’s Republic of China.”


The ongoing saga surrounding Donald Trump and his hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels has prompted the President to issue some scathing remarks about the New York District Attorney for the case, Alvin Bragg.

The long list of people associated with the Clinton Crime Family has a new addition, and once again the circumstances surrounding the death are bizarre. I discussed this briefly on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

The most dangerous technologies in the world invariably launched based on stated goals that were beneficial for mankind. As we've learned over the centuries, new technology always lands in the wrong hands and is quickly perverted by the machinations of mankind's evil nature.

AI-driven "co-appearance technology" may be the exception. No, it's not the exception because it won't be used for evil. It's the exception because it only loosely uses the guise of being a benefit before lurching straight into the realm of dystopian evil.

To understand this fully, we have to take a look at where it is today and extrapolate how it will be used in the not-too-distant future. Both private corporations and governments are installing the technology into their systems to build trackable networks of people. By making connections based on proximity, commonality, and repetition, it can essentially determine who your friends are, then who their friends are, then who their friends' friends are... on and on.

This may sound on par with other privacy-sucking technologies that are being implemented today, but it's actually far worse when we consider where this is going. Today, it's facial recognition and cross-referencing databases. Tomorrow they add in social media, then GPS tracking, then predictive modeling. Building their database of networks will have the singular benefit of assisting in the takedown of criminal networks or thwarting plots, but everything else about this is horrible. Even taking down criminals with this technology brings forward constitution questions.

Imagine being the subject of an investigation because you're identified as being part of a network of "domestic terrorists." You may have no engagement whatsoever in such plans, but because the guy you saw twice at a bar and once at the grocery store pulled you into his "network" based on proximity, you're now one of the bad guys.

It gets worse. The integration into social credit scoring, which China has already done with their co-appearance technology, could mean you get thrown in the virtual gulag based on activities of the people around you. Crimes do not have to be committed or planned for you to be harmed by this burgeoning attack on our privacy.

Now, add in a near-future scenario of another plandemic and the contact-tracing applications of this technology are undeniable. You could wake up one morning to men in hazmat suits putting quarantine tape on your front door because you were too close to someone at the gas station the other day.

Arsenio Toledo goes into more detail about this in his article at Natural News:

There's a play the modern iteration of the Democrat Party continues to use. It's a version of the Hegelian Dialectic in which they create a problem with their policies, then offer policy solutions to the problems their previous policies created. Few pockets of Democrat lawmakers do this better than the radical leftists in Washington state.

As Jason Rantz from MyNorthwest pointed out in a recent article, the "solution" Democrats are offering to fix the drug problem they created will actually make the drug problem even worse.

As he noted in the article, SB 5536 attempts to solve their massive drug problem by giving addicts, including children, a safer place to engage in their crimes. Government agencies will even provide the materials these addicts need in order to remain addicted.

On first glance, the law seems to be heading in the right direction by at least reversing their decriminalization of personal drug use:

After the Washington state supreme court declared our felony drug possession law unconstitutional, Democrats advanced a temporary bill legalizing personal possession of all drugs. It’s directly led to a historic fatal overdose crisis. They’ve now offered a “fix” with SB 5536. It would make drug possession a gross misdemeanor with a potential maximum jail sentence of 364 days, a $5,000 fine, or both. If the addict gets treatment as part of a diversion program, they would not serve jail time.

Unfortunately, buried in the bill is something that gives it all the hallmarks of the demonic Democrats. Why try to solve a problem when you can make it worse? According to Rantz:

SB 5536 creates Health Engagement Hubs, enabling drug addicts to continue using.

The Hubs may be mobile or standalone structures and must provide opioid treatment options for addicts. But they must also provide “harm reduction services and supplies.” Harm reduction is a radical strategy that gives addicts tools to continue using their drug of choice. The supplies that will be passed out include clean syringes, crack pipes, and other “smoking equipment,” which typically includes steel wool to serve as a pipe filter, and rubber bands to wrap around the pipe’s mouthpiece to prevent burns.

By law, these Hubs must be “open to youth as well as adults.” This means that minors can access drug tools that keep them addicted.

Also buried in the bill is the creation of a “safe supply work group.”

The group is meant to “evaluate potential models for safe supply services and make recommendations on the inclusion of a safe supply framework in the Washington state substance use recovery services plan to provide a regulated, tested supply of controlled substances to individuals at risk of drug overdose.” In other words, move over drug cartels! The government could become the state’s largest illicit drug dealer.

As annoyed as I get with the current iteration of the Republican Party, their feckless endeavors are better than the pure destruction that follows Democrat policies.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is the radical leftist organization that corporate media and government bodies turn to for "information" about hate groups and domestic terrorists. Among those government bodies are law enforcement agencies, especially the Federal Bureau of Investigation who named the SPLC as "valued asset" in their war against America.

Following Sunday's attack by Antifa domestic terrorists on an Atlanta-area police training facility, arrests are being made. Law enforcement is turning again to the Southern Poverty Law Center, but this time for a different reason. One of the Antifa members arrested is Tom Jurgens, a staff attorney for the SPLC.

You can't make this up. According to Greg Price, "One of the Antifa members arrested on domestic terrorism charges in Atlanta last night is a staff attorney with the Southern Poverty Law Center. The FBI has historically used the SPLC as a source for who should be considered domestic terrorists."

According to CBS News:

Authorities charged 23 people with domestic terrorism in connection with the protest, according to the Atlanta Police Department. The protesters facing charges, whose names and photographs were published by law enforcement online, are from various states across the U.S. as well as Canada and France, according to police. Their ages range from 18 years old to nearly 50. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation filed all charges.

In a statement, police called the incident "a coordinated attack" on equipment and officers by individuals who they allege "used the cover of a peaceful protest" to access the premises before changing "into black clothing and entering the construction area."

Elon Musk even chimed in with a simple exclamation point in response to Price's Tweet. It's important to know who the enemies of the people really are. It isn't the cops. That's not to say every cop is perfect, but the vast majority are attempting to protect and serve and they're being hampered by domestic terrorists at Antifa. One would think the radical leftists would want better training for cops, but stopping crime has never been their goal.

Senator Bernie Sanders is a self-proclaimed "Demonic Socialist"... or "Democratic Socialist," as he prefers to say. But no matter what evil qualifier you put in front of the word, it all still means he's a socialist.

Or is he? On Friday night's Bill Maher show, Sanders seemed to say something that runs completely contrary to one of the most basic tenets of socialism. He said he prefers "equality" over "equity." And in case anyone thinks he may have misspoke or misunderstood the question, he defined equality as pertaining to opportunity, then acknowledged that equity is about results.

Is this the end for Sanders? If it isn't, then perhaps something else he said Friday night can get him booted from the Neo-Marxist island. According to Daily Caller News Foundation:

Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont said Friday night that the Democratic Party abandoned the working class in favor of “beautiful people,” indirectly referencing Hollywood and corporations.

“You say like they abandoned their cause to the beautiful people,” HBO host Bill Maher said to Sanders during “Real Time with Bill Maher.” “Who are the beautiful people?”

“Hey, Bill,” Sanders said, gesturing to Maher. “You look really beautiful tonight here in L.A. Here’s the point, the point that I was making is that when FDR was president, when Truman was President, even when JFK was president, you go out on the street, and you say to people which party represents the working class in America. Most people, I think, agree, would have said the Democratic Party. Today, you go out on the street, that is not the sentiment, In fact, the Republican party probably has more adherents than the Democrats.”

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I talked about what's going on with Bernie as well as the difference between equity and equality.

If you believe in coincidences, then there is nothing to worry about with the fourth massive industrial fire to hit the state of Ohio in less than a month following the East Palestine derailment and controlled burn. If, like me, you think there are no coincidences, we have to ask what is going on.

As you read the story below by Ken Macon from Reclaim The Net, please take into consideration the path along which this massive advancement in technology is heading. As with the vast majority of dangerous technologies introduced to the world, artificial intelligence driving surveillance is being sold as a benign improvement with no downside. But as the vast majority of my audience is well aware, both artificial intelligence and mass surveillance pose tremendous risks. Combining them will not suddenly make either less dangerous. In fact, it will accelerate us down the path toward absolute tyranny.

I noted this on a hot take for an upcoming episode of The JD Rucker Show:

There's a bill in the Idaho state legislature that is almost exactly what we need more of in America today. If enacted into law, it would make the administering of any mRNA vaccines illegal. The only thing I don't like about the bill is that it makes the act a misdemeanor when I believe it should be a felony.

I talked about it for tomorrow's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

The recent surge in "After School Satan Clubs" popping up in public school districts across the country has sparked outrage among conservative and Christian parents. As a result, corporate media is doing whatever it can to make the demonic indoctrination groups seem harmless and even beneficial.

An article of at KOIN, Portland's CBS affiliate, positioned the actions of The Satanic Temple in the most positive light imaginable.

On Friday's premium episode of The JD Rucker Political Report on Red Voice Media, I went over the ten things Americans can do right now to try to save the nation and save themselves. The two goals go hand-in-hand; we cannot save ourselves if the nation completely falls apart and we cannot save the nation if we're imprisoned or dead.

The two-hour show is relatively comprehensive on most of the ten actions we can take, so instead of making everyone listen to the whole thing to get to the most important one (though you should definitely listen to the whole thing if you have the time), I'll cut to the chase and offer the most important thing any of us can do.

Strengthening our faith in God is the big one. Those who are not Bible-believing Christians should consider the teachings of the New Testament to go along with the Old Testament as our ultimate guide for life. But even those who believe Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior should strive to become stronger in our faith before the "crap hits the fan" because very few of us have ever had our faith tested the way it's going be challenged in the near future.

Would you and everyone in your family willingly die if asked to renounce Christ to save your life? Would you let your family members suffer if the only alternative was to abandon your faith? Would your family members let you suffer if given the same option?

In 2015, around 20 Egyptian Christians were marched to the beach by ISIS. They were given the option of renouncing Christ or getting beheaded on video. These brave men refused to defy their beliefs. They didn't save their own lives while thinking, "I'll lie about it now and God will know in my heart that it's not true when I say I renounce the Messiah."

If things do go very much south in the near future, then it seems very likely the powers-that-be will lay down as many speedbumps and roadblocks as possible to keep the faithful from practicing what they believe. Even if the crap doesn't hit the fan, we're already seeing constant attacks against religious liberties in America that often force people to make difficult decisions. This is only going to get worse even if we're not facing the end... though it certainly seems to many of us that we ARE facing it.

My skillset does not currently include strong prosthelytizing. I hope to get better. I know it's often seen in a negative light in America, but I believe it is a crucial component of our preparations for the end times if we are indeed facing very difficult days ahead. But this video isn't as much about prosthelytizing as it is about alerting everything, faithful or not, that our unwoke belief systems will be put to the harshest tests possible in the near future. We must steel ourselves now and get ready for persecution. It's coming one way or another.

As society deteriorates, it's conceivable that many of us will be left with nothing but our faith. They can and likely will strip everything else from us, and while it's important to fight for those things, it's critical to never sacrifice our beliefs for the sake of worldly security.

Pain, suffering, and sorrow can pass, but eternal life does not.

Watch the whole premium show:

It's a good thing that more conservative and alternative media outlets are warning people about Central Bank Digital Currencies. Unfortunately, most are not offering recommendations on what to do about them. Thankfully, Dr. Joseph Mercola, show host James Corbett, and financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts are filling the gap.

In a recent article and video, they recommended 10 ways people can work to both stop CBDCs and to prepare for them if and when they become a full-blown reality. With the totalitarianism inherent in such forms of money, it's important that we do what we can now before it's too late. I discussed this on the latest episode of The JD Rucker Political Report. Here's the article I referenced...


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