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This is the annual May Day Festival that is put on every year in the town of Junction City just over Oregon Mountain from Weaverville on Hwy 299. Lots of home made products for sale with lots of food and drink. Fun for all.

This site is has a lot of history both interesting and tragic since it was the site of the wintu tribe massacre in 1852. This wonder of nature is located on between hwy 3 near the now gone town of Peanut and Wildwood road on Bridge Gulch road. It is worth the trip and is easy to get to.

The now former resort is shown here in the year 2009. It is as far as I know private land and no longer a resort. This and some other videos were taken on old standard definition cameras and so is of poorer quality than more current videos. Plan on purchasing a 4K video camera to take full effect of the wonderful scenery that we have in Northern California.

This shows the extent of the drought on Trinity Lake in 2009 and later on in the summer the lake reseeded even further to the point of not being seen from the boat dock.

A video on the sights of Trinity County and the Trinity river

Hayfork is a small out of the way town in southern Trinity County, California

One of the lesser know activities in Trinity County is the ability to hang glide. This video shows the set up and take off of several hang gliders.

This video shows the highlights of Weaverville which is west of Redding, California on hwy 299. A great little town to explore and use as a base camp for exploring the back country from.

The historic town of old shasta is a great place to visit and learn about early California history

Short video I took on the way home from the town of Trinity Center.

This is slide show of photos I took while traveling around Mt Shasta via I-5, hyw 97, military pass, and forest road 31 which ends in the town of Shasta. These photos were taken on July 11, 2006, and so before the current drought we are experiencing now.

This hidden treasure of Trinity county is well worth the drive. It boasts some of the best fishing any where and has numerous camp grounds to enjoy the lake. I really enjoyed getting away from the summer heat. The cool breeze coming off the lake was great, but I would have to eventually head back home.

If you like to camp and get away from the heat come here to Ruth Lake where everyone can find a way to have fun and keep cool.


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This channel is dedicated to exploring the world around us and in my case it is Northern California. I still have not even scratched the surface of places to go. Equipped with back road maps and a Four wheel drive I like to go up roads that few have gone down. I am always curious about what lays ahead around the next corner or what is down an old road.
I hope to bring videos of some of my exploration and put them here so you may enjoy them. The years have added up on my old body and I can no longer hike as I once did, but I still can drive to many places and walk around some.
I encourage you to get out and explore and share your videos for all to enjoy. Enjoy the Adventure of Life.

Get out and enjoy the great adventure of Life.