Jim Fetzer shows the new evidence of the Sandy Hook mass shooting hoax, with pictures and documents. Brian Roue hosts Jim Fetzer.

A round table discussion about 9/11 and the deceptive elements. These guys seem to have recently awakened to some of the details, like no planes. This video is from Brian Ruhe and Pete Papaherakles. Just a casual discussion.

Nearly 10,000 military personnel in Wuhan, China for the 2019 military world games just weeks before the coronavirus outbreak. This story was not covered by the media. Spiro Skouras broke this story and has an interview with Professor at law Francis Boyle, to discuss the event and possible false flag.

Whistleblowers William Binney, Edward Snowden, Barry Trower and others talk about targeted individuals and the technology that tracks an monitors them. In some cases this technology is used to attack them. Another channel of interest is bitchute.com/channel/truth-extreme-news .

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars is a document that was found in a copy machine somewhat by accident. It is a US government operations research technical manual, that outlines in detail the long range intentions of the government. The document is shown and read in this video.

Dr. Horrowitz goes through the evidence that shows the CIA and the drug companies conspiracy.

On March 4, 2001, a TV series sequel to the popular X-Files series was shown that predicted the upcoming 9/11 attacks. The conspiracy fiction thriller drama television series created by Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban, and Frank Spotnitz for FOX TV, was a clear predictive programming example. This video is for educational purposes only.

Jake of Blackstone Intel, talks about the USS Liberty tragedy, after getting a book about the survivors.

Ole Dammegard is an expert on staged events. He has been researching them for over 40 years. Owen Benjamin interviews Ole and talks about various staged shootings, and the significance of the shoes left at the scene of many of them. One shooting in particular, in Dayton, OH, had a pile of 50 shoes in front of the door of where the shooting took place.

This video by Amazing Polly, shows the signs of a possible staged event during the next planned protest in Virginia. Hopefully nothing will happen, but a case can be made to be watchful of it.

This video exposes the false flag involving the US government's claims that the Syrian government gassed their own people in the city of Douma. Video by corbettreport.com

This interview goes over the details of how the US and Israel worked together to create the ISIS terrorist group, then funded and armed them. This action was designed to destabilize the Middle East, so that regime change operations can occur. James Corbett of Corbettreport.com and Ryan from Last American Vagabond have a spirited discussion.

Jim Fetzer of the 'Real Deal' puts the pieces together on the Parkland FL shooting and others. He points to crisis actors as well as fake ammo (Simunition) used in many or all of them.

This video from FOX News in 2001 is reporting on the many Israeli companies that are spying on US citizens and have been for some time. Can you imagine, with the technology they must now have, how much more effective they must be.

This video by Amazing Polly, goes deep into the intricate layers of deception with quite a cast of characters. She ties each player together like putting together a puzzle. Very well presented, this video will keep you captivated with intrigue. It is a little long, but worth the time. amazingpolly.net website

High Impact Flix posted this video that looks deeper into the assassination than the mainstream corporate media will. For 40 years the US propaganda media and government have been demonizing Iran, and trying to bate them into war and regime change. He shows the obvious CIA involvement in most of these actions.

James Corbett of corbettreport.com explains how a history of war lies has been forgotten. He goes through each war and the false flags that started them.

Jason talks to Christopher Bollyn about details of the 9/11 attacks, and other false flag events.

This video shows speeches where these US State department officials actually did not lie. They talked openly about initiating aggression with Iran with false flags. He reminded the audience of many of the other false flags that worked so well. And how they lie, cheat and steal, in their own words. What a country!

Over 50 years ago, Israel military attacked the USS Liberty and blamed it on Egypt. This false flag, like most, was covered up by the US Government. Ryan of Last American Vagabond discusses the details on the 52nd anniversary.

Ryan Cristian of Last American Vagabond, talks about the group of Israeli men who were driving the suspicious moving van, of a fake company. They were arrested then released. bitchute.com/channel/thelastamericanvagabond/ .

9/11 War Game, created by James Corbett of corbettreport.com , points out the numerous military exercises that went on before and after the 9/11 event. Most of the games were designed to solidify the idea of airplane hijackings, and to confuse military personnel on that day.

This a slide show from various events in history, that show evidence of special directed energy weapons. Use of these weapons leave a distinctive fingerprint that can be seen. Common signatures are dustification of materials like steel and concrete. Steel is especially effected, thus shown by car door handles missing, engine blocks disintegration and massive steel beams twisted or turned to powder. A good source for more information is Dr. Judy Wood - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ermHx3akejc

This video explains how to create images on a computer in real-time to fake a live event. We know that no airplane like a Boeing 767 can fly as shown on the video of 9/11. Large airliners cannot fly at low altitude (700 ft) at the speeds shown (540 mph). The air is far too heavy and moist to allow the engines to perform efficiently enough to develop the thrust to move the plane at more than 230 mph.

A study done by the University of Alaska Fairbanks shows that fire did not bring down World Trade Center building 7. Computer models were constructed to simulate the building collapse.


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This is a collection of video showing the attack on September 11, 2001, and other false flag attacks. A false flag event is a staged event for the purpose of blaming the event on a group of people or a country. The country that is blamed can be the country that the group came from. War with that country can then be justified.