The Nordic Resistance Movement’s long-awaited English-language website was announced during the Movement’s Activist Days event in January 2019. Here Simon Lindberg gives a brief introduction to the content and purpose of the site. (Jan 28 2019).

Resistance men from Nest 1 and Nest 8 recently conducted a public flyer distribution at the Swedish Game Fair, a large hunting event held in eastern Sweden. The Resistance Movement’s presence was much appreciated by the attendees.


Näste 8 besökte jaktmässan vid Tullgarns slot

Delar av Näste 1 och Näste 8 genomförde den 25:e maj en offentlig flygbladsutdelning vid jaktmässan Swedish Game Fair. Mässan var runt Tullgarns Slott, i närheten av Trosa och var mycket välbesökt.


On 27 September 2018, activists from Nest 1 carried out a spectacular activity in Stockholm when they rappelled down the front of the House of Culture building and attached a “Stop the Extermination of Our People!” banner on its windows.

Under torsdagen den 27 september 2018 genomförde en grupp av Nordiska motståndsrörelsens aktivister en spektakulär aktion i Stockholm. Aktivisterna repellerade nämligen nedför Kulturhusets väggar och fäste en banderoll med sunt budskap på byggnadens fönster.

2019-06-01 Näste 3 åkte till Lund den 1 juni och ställde upp sig på gågatan strax utanför Stortorget i Lund. Det var mycket folk ute den här dagen och därför fick aktivisterna mycket kontakt med folket och diskussioner fördes både med människor som var positiva och de som var negativa.

On 1 June 2019, Nest 3 travelled to Lund to distribute leaflets on the pedestrian street outside Stortorget square. There were many people out and about on the day, and the activists had lots of conversations with people both positive and negative.

When the activists decided to end the activity and leave town, they were pursued by screaming members from the Young Left and Antifa-Lund, which didn’t end too well for the “anti-fascist revolutionaries”…


A tribute to Robert Jay Mathews, originally published on 8 December 2018, the 34th anniversary of his death.

Pär Sjögren speaks at the Nordic Resistance Movement's 1 May demonstration 2018 in Ludvika, Sweden (English subtitles).

Nest 6 Chief Robert Eklund speaks about the Nordic Resistance Movement’s progress in Upper Norrland, the coming election in Boden, and how the media’s censorship and lies have increased since the beginning of the Movement’s election campaign.

During the Nordic Resistance Movement’s August 2018 demonstration in Stockholm, a group of activists took the organisation’s message of National Socialism directly to the traitorous politicians via a very successful activity onboard a boat outside the Swedish parliament. Sailing the boat along a canal within earshot of the Riksdag, the Resistance men played a specially recorded speech by Simon Lindberg on repeat via loudspeaker. The speech was heard by a large number of passers-by, as well as by the traitors in parliament.

Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement's Nest 1 attend the Dresden Committee's memorial service for victims of the Allied terror bombings, Stockholm, 13 Feb 2018 (English subtitles).

Action from the Nordic Resistance Movement's 1 May demonstration in Kungälv, 2019 (English subtitles).

Jimmy Thunlind's speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement's 2018 Manifestation in Stockholm (English subtitles).

Pär Sjögren speaks at the Stockholmers for a Sovereign Sweden event on 3 February 2019 (English subtitles).

Simon Lindberg speaks at the Nordic Resistance Movement's manifestation in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, on 25 August 2018, shortly before the Swedish national elections.

In this video address, the Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg presents his vision for Sweden from the Resistance’s stronghold in Dalarna.

The video was made in response to the “Speech to the Nation: My Sweden 2028” series aired by state broadcaster SVT, in which the leaders of Sweden’s parliamentary parties spoke about their visions for the country ten years from now.

In his speech Simon explains how the Nordic Resistance Movement is a unique alternative that tackles the issues of mass immigration and repatriation with the seriousness they deserve. He goes on to detail the renaissance National Socialism would bring to Sweden and how the country would look under a Nordic Resistance Movement government.

We want to build a new North and crush the decadence of the old society. We want you to become a part of it.

“We are the Nordic Resistance Movement. We have a will of steel, a heart of gold and we will never give up. We will crush the system and save our people, whatever the cost.” — Simon Lindberg

We are a revolutionary National Socialist activist organisation and a registered political party.

We are revolutionary as we do not just want to reform the society we live in today but create something completely different. As such we do not wish for the Nordics to revert to what they once were in the past, but seek to bring about radical change and establish something new and improved.

Join the Nordic Resistance Movement today!

National Socialists marked Finland’s 101st Independence Day with a demonstration in Helsinki against state oppression (6.12.2018).

Approximately 450 National Socialists marched through the city just over a week after the Nordic Resistance Movement was banned in Finland. The participants included Resistance Movement members from across the Nordic countries and a strong contingent from Soldiers of Odin.

The march began at 3.45 p.m., setting off from a gathering place in central Helsinki. After walking for just over ten minutes, the marchers were violently confronted by police, who confiscated their swastika flags by force and detained the Chief of the Finnish Resistance Antti Niemi and three flag bearers.

Despite this interruption, the march continued on soon after, with the participants defiantly chanting slogans such as “Long live the Resistance!” as they passed small groups of screaming counter-protestors.

Just over an hour later the procession arrived at Helsinki’s Mäntymäki Park, where the participants heard speeches, including one by the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Leader Simon Lindberg. Simon stated that National Socialism will not be stopped by bans, imprisonment or even death – a declaration that won rounds of applause from the audience.

After the speeches, activists gathered signatures for the registration of a new Finnish National Socialist party called National Community (Kansan yhtenäisyys).

The message of the day was clear – despite the ban on the Nordic Resistance Movement, National Socialism is more alive in Finland than ever.

Jimmy Thunlind delivered another impassioned speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 1 May demonstration in Ludvika.

Jimmy spoke about how the trade unions have betrayed the working class and instead advocate for mass immigration, globalism and other matters that are not in the interest of the Nordic worker. He talked about the trade union members who vote Sweden Democrat and explained why the Nordic Resistance Movement is a better choice. He also spoke about National Socialist Germany’s labour market politics and how the Swedish Social Democrats replicated much of it when establishing their so-called People’s Home.

Fredrik Vejdeland delivers a fiery exhortation to Nordic workers at the Nordic Resistance Movement's 2019 1 May demonstration in Kungälv.

Action from the Nordic Resistance Movement's 1 May demonstration in Ludvika, 2019 (English subtitles).


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