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Arg kvinna upplyser ignoranta svenskar

The sweden loving arab and journalist Bechir Rabani was exposing a lot of powerful and corrupted people and networks before he passed away unexpectedly. He confronted the jew Robert Aschberg, a "former" communist and high profile media person as well as grandson of Olof Aschberg, who played a big role in the bolshevik revolution.
Robert Aschberg have been harassing dissident wrongthinkers on public television and Bechir wanted to give him the same treatment so he could feel what it´s like.
Bechir cared a lot for the swedish people and managed to unite a huge following in Sweden despite not being a foreigner. He told the swedish people what was going on in Sweden and told us to stop the ridiculous infighting and take action.
He had a great sense of politically incorrect humor and told us not to be afraid of labels like islamophobe, racist or nazi etc.
Bechir was a hero and have now become a martyr. A lot of swedes mourn his death and he will be remembered for his bravery, humour, leadership and altruism.

RIP Bechir
What we do in life echoes in eternity and your deeds will go down in the history books.
Your death will nto have been in vain. We will keep up the struggle as we know you wanted to!
Personally I will advocate for raising a statue in memory of you when we have taken our home back.

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