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We're better than this Britain, we've been letting tyrannical psychopaths get away with this for far too long.
The biggest gang isn't politicians, police, or the military; it is us...
Rise in unity or fall under division!

As 1984 gathers P.A.C.E.

Faceless UK tyranny marshal chatting shit about running alongside a river.
This knobhead should've been deposited in the drink!
Meanwhile, the top 92 football teams continue to play; RULES FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR WE!

Tyrannical twats videoed battering and kidnapping members of the public. This is the Bull Ring shopping area of Birmingham, UK.
In this video you will see the filth, that is West Midlands Police, weigh into people not following rules, nothing unlawful was done by the public, the same cannot be said for the hi-vis oath-breaking cunts!

An adaptation of Depeche Mode song "Enjoy the Silence" by Mr. Cheswick.

"Covid crisis to start next week" in Broward County, Florida; though I doubt it will be just in that location.
Jan 20 perhaps???

A good video (IMO) from the channel Ognir, show some support if you feel the same, channel link:

In this video order-following tyrants assault, arrest, and invariably kidnap (yet again) a 92 year old member of the public in a PUBLIC place; only this time citing the Certificate Of Vaccination ID scamdemic bullshit.
I don't know Eric, but I do know people who do. He is a staunchly stubborn stalwart of freedom, he is deeply entrenched in the free Julian Assange movement, this video was filmed outside Westmonster Magistrates Court (Not a court of law, as it presides under only the 1 oath) London, UK; a bail hearing was taking place for Assange.
The utmost shame to all involved (AW2577 & WPC 1488, and the other tyrants), facilitating and perpetrating crimes upon the people who pay your livelihoods, your uppance is coming. Share this video, this guy will be a centenarian this decade, what the fuck are the pigs playing at? RISE UP PEOPLE!

To the mutual friends I share with Eric, I hope you are keeping well, and thank you for your hospitality 3 months ago x
Please let me know he is ok!

I hate the NHS and all the fuckpigs still working for them, you are contravening the non-maleficence element of your hypocratic oaths.
Well done to this brave nurse, I believe this to be Cornwall because of the flag.
Fuck the NHS! And yet again where were the BBC? It took a Romanian Media outfit to highlight this.

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It's our fight, and we must support one another, while we still have this platform.

Former Chief Scientist at Pfizer speaks out about matters pertaining to Covid19.

Part of a larger video (2h 45m), Mike Yeadon speaks about 3 or 4 minutes into video, after introduction, if you want to skip the intro.

Outlines the underhanded method government uses to bind people into their fiction.

City of London Private Corporation Police van fail. And that piggie that come along oinking, shut the fuck up!

ACPO Guidance on Photography

2 problems with the UK:
1. Too many wanker tyrant order-follwers trying to extort from people via bullshit statutory instrument (they don't understand) and FPNs.
2. Too many British people are just prepared to walk by as their fellow country folk are being intimidated, harassed, and extorted from, by those who are funded by the people in the first place.
Danny is a far more patient man than I. I give the guy big time credit for standing up for the rights of strangers, and potentially putting his neck on the line. A good lesson on how to deal with these idiots!
It is a world Companies House, but for the use of governmental corporate interest too (and just guess who the employees/slaves are?).
Emphasises how ridiculous national conflict really is, bullshit country vs. country pantomime (Vince McMahon style).
"The world is a college of corporations, inexorably determined by the immutable bylaws of business, THE WORLD IS A BUSINESS"!

Stumbled upon this video about Stonehenge, is it just another example of the plethora of lies told by the shit entity known as government?
They had some really good mechanical devices back in 2700BC, and they dressed pretty well too!
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New channel, go and show some support!

Another great find by truthhunter789

Michael Schnedlitz demonstrates to Austrian parliament the flawed nature of the test, not in English, but it doesn't really need to be!
There may come a time when you're that can of coke, and a positive test may make a vaccination unavoidable.

Ian Cosh, Andrew Rhodes and John Patrick Robins of CPOSA Ltd. exposed, Covid19 FPNs are going into the pockets of dirty pigs.

The latter video was uploaded onto Free Speech Warrior channel, link to video:

Perhaps a Pinot Grigio induced rant, but fuck it, call the fucking Yiddish lobby; which one?, there are so fucking many!
The Roald Dahl family should retract what they were evidently pressured to make. Roald Dahl, I will gladly buy a copy of all of your literature, but I will only do so if I know that no Talmudic vulture of culture makes a shekel from such a purchase.
May you rest in peace Mr. Dahl, and thank you for your contribution to the enrichment and betterment of humanity, and the aversion to contrived psychopathic societal degradation. Truly, this man (and his legacy/family) deserves better than this.

If you remember The Gulf War in the early 90s, you might also remember the slimy little bastard Charles Jaco. If you see this guy, kick him in the nuts!

Do you Fink Larry is a Chosenite?

This is Margaret 'The Guinea Pig' Keenan, it is alleged she is the first person in the world to have the Pfizer Covid1984 vaccination.
Video comprises of The Guardian article and 2 videos sourced from the very article.


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