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This is the fool who wants people to believe that Israel and the demons that run the region aren't genociding Palestine; and that no one dies in terrorist attacks; and that our planet is shaped like a pancake. Need any more proof that vaccines cause brain damage?

Virology is Junk $cience. COVID does not exist. Germ Theory is a Trillion dollar fraud. It's all been a LIE! If you complied with Tyranny the first time, make certain you don't get fooled again.

This is an abbreviated version of the Josh Sigurdson video at World Alternative Media.

After being privy to largely suppressed historical data surrounding WW2 and Adolph Hitler, Jeff Berwick briefly discusses how the public has been lied to about Hitler and much of history. Berwick is an entrepreneur, libertarian, anarcho-capitalist activist, host of Vigilante.TV, and co-author of the book "The Controlled Demolition of the American Empire."

For a greater in-depth study of revisionist history, visit Jim Rizoli's channel.

Another CNN crackpot report from the past. Senior meteorologist Chad Myers claimed nearly 10 years ago that the ice at the North Pole had all melted, which was supposedly the reason for the unusually colder winter conditions at the time.

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This film tells the story of Dr. William Thompson, the unintentional Whistleblower, who worked as a senior scientists for 16 years at the CDC's (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Vaccine Safety Division, who fabricated scientific data at the CDC in order to hide the known links between vaccines and autism.

Original video at The Dollar Vigilante.

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