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It's not what it Seems

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To make the MRNA for the trials, PCR was used. For mass production, genetically modified bacterial plasmid was used to create the MRNA.

Kevin McKernan (@Kevin_McKernan on X) discovered that the crucial step of removal of plasmid DNA had not been carried out conscientiously. Huge amounts of remaining plasmid DNA have been found in all packaged vials. Kevin's discovery has now been confirmed in several other laboratories.

Also in Germany. Large amounts of DNA contamination were found in all 27 batches examined so far.

Four weeks ago, the Canadian medical authority even confirmed the discovery of plasmid DNA. However, the authority does not see this as a sufficient reason for to withdraw the approval.

By the way, question for the interested public, has the responsible German authority, the Paul Ehrlich Institute of the Federal Ministry of Health carried out reliable scientific measurements? The answer is NO. Not to this day.

Zelensky's background as a comedian comes to the fore at this stage of his presidency.
Again, an excellent analysis by Borzzikman.

src: AFU Finds Itself In A Cauldron In AVDIIVKA: Russians Order Them To Surrender To Save Their LIVES

The true face of the West: a colonialist racist warmongering project, inflicting death & injury over the entire world.

The source video is 18 min

Learn why 0.01% of world's population receives 30% of US foreign aid.
Learn why US congress passes this massive bill unanimously each year.
Check out the source channel for more unapologetic content.

Although 8 y old, this is an interesting point ;) check the footage.
There is a challenge near the end to prove otherwise.
Purpose of a fake Iron dome could be to keep citizens in fear and position Israeli govt as their savior. Israelis citizens have no way of knowing, as they're told to hide in shelters, and are only allowed to come out after the Iron dome has saved them from the imaginary threat of fake Hamas rockets.


NO ONE, including Hamas, thinks that Hamas is capable to wipe out the entire IDF.
EVERYONE, including Hamas, knows that killing Israeli civilians legitimizes brutal counter measures.

American human rights lawyer Daniel Kovalik, spent almost 30 years investigating the clandestine CIA project known as MK-Ultra. Following World War II, the CIA secretly recruited over 1,100 Nazi scientists and brought them to the United States to continue their sinister experiments which was aimed at creating “super soldiers” through the use of mind-altering substances like methamphetamines.
What is the deep-rooted history of these experiments and their modern-day manifestation in Ukraine? Oleg Suprun, head of Lugansk hospital that for years was occupied by nationalists, believes soldiers under the drugs are losing touch with reality. ‘Even their own, they even killed fellow troops,’ recalls Oleg. Who developed such programme to change human personality with the aid of drugs, and how far-reaching is it?

The message is simple: surrender and LIVE

Under pandemic law there will be no difference between human rights & animal rights. The equalization is implemented by increasing animal rights together with diminishing human rights.

Check the clip for a compact listing of the laws affected.

All the ins and outs in this 7 minute clip from the Duran.
Other interesting potential perpetrators are mentioned in the full talk.
Timed pointer taking off where the clip ends:

Placing WMD's in the hands of LUNATICS is generally not a good idea.
src: Weeb Union

RFK: "Anthony Fauci got all the responsibility for bio-weapons development. [...] In 2014, 300 scientists wrote to President Obama and said 'you've gotta shut down Anthony Fauci, because he is going to create a microbe that will cause a global pandemic.' And so Obama signed a moratorium and shut down the 18 worst of Anthony Fauci's experiments, where most of them were taking place in North Carolina by a scientist called Ralph Baric (

Instead of obeying that law, Anthony Fauci shifted lots of his operations offshore. And those operations ended up mostly in Wuhan Lab, which is a military lab [...] and many of them went to Ukraine."

Russia is completely right in classifying the Ukraine situation as an existential threat

To those unaware: he speaks about ESG: a financial coercion scheme designed by bankers to oppose woke ideology onto businesses.

Ukraine wins -> existential threat to Russia -> Russian nuclear doctrine comes into effect

Source: "They're all dead, and Ukraine has no real men left" - Scott Ritter | Redacted with Clayton Morris.

The range of this supersonic missile has been in creased to 1000 km
PS: Supersonic: Mach 1-5, Hypersonic: >Mach 5

No is caught off-guard, this is also NOT postulated as a premeditated plan: Bankers are simply anticipating to expected developments driven by demographics.

I don't know this clever man's name but his telegram is Middle Nation

Though a quick recap of the illegal US wars in middle America during the 80's, the role of Poland gets the focus, and the spot is set on the current US ambassador there.

Transgenderism -> Transhumanism - > Posthumanism
Identifying the end goal of those in control, is vital if we are to make the right choices as a species. ; a world without humanity as we know it.
We must reject any step that gets as closer to a posthuman dystopian reality.
Full panel and Q&A:


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I admit, they got me fooled the first few weeks, but now it starts to show that the severity of COVID is in the realm of seasonal flu. Not worth locking down for.

As in the past with Flu, big pharma (in intimate coop with WHO) tried multiple times to inflate up the severity, to warrant extraordinary measures and mass vaccination.

This channel collects videos that show the VERY similar patterns between 2020 covid and past fake pandemics.

Historic pandemic scams timeline (as far as I know, please send info if you know of more)
1976: Swine Flu pandemic scam.
Prediction: 'Millions of deaths', actual: 1
2009: Mexican Swine Flu scam
Prediction: 5-10 million, actual: 18,500
2020: COVID-19
Prediction: 20-30 million, actual: 352.000 (inflated, so far)

Season flu kills on average 300.000 - 500.000 people globally
Enjoy the show!