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In case you missed it live this is our show that we did with Saint John. My friend John Penuel, up in Pennsylvania was kind enough to join us last night for a discussion about the issues plaguing humanity. He discusses his story a little bit, and we go all over the board, talking about ways for humanity to make it through this upcoming collapse. For the intermission, there is a great song by Fun Lovin’ Criminals. Enjoy.

Rick and I get into all sorts of good stuff on this episode. Our guest canceled again, and we just went with it. Many topics are discussed, including EMF and RF poisoning, and what can be done to mitigate the effects. Thanks for listening. Also, there is a great song by Thievery Corporation for the intermission. Enjoy.

This is a quintessential video for understanding what is actually causing us, sickness and death. EMF and RF radiation combined with graphene oxide as well as parasites are the causes of our disease, illness and death. Not viruses. Viruses, as the mainstream narrative sells them, are not real. Once we understand this, we can take our health back. Turn off your Wi-Fi.

The Truth about Gaddafi full

The Green book Audio & PDF

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This is a tour of my food forest as fall settles in and I discuss how I will prepare the soil for spring.

This is a great intro to the 'so-called Jews' or the Khazars. This is the empire of evil. This video came from this channel:

This is a great showing from two researchers who can disprove the official narrative about the Jewish hollow-cost. There is far too much evidence that there was no extermination program and that Jews were not killed in the numbers they have reported. Here is another great researcher on the topic of the fake Jewish hollow-cost.

This is an excellent discussion with our good friend Catt Watters. Catt is dedicated to helping families and children as the main point of her work. She covers many aspects thereof. We cover a range of topics from physical and spiritual health to understanding the lies of this world.
Find her work here:

This is another excellent showing from Mark on InfoWars. He and Alex discuss many things including Natural Law.

This is a fantastic episode where we talk to Cory Endrulat (Nature Is The Answer). We discuss his involvement in his local common law assembly to start spreading the message of freedom. We discuss different ideas for a free society. Cory is an amazing activist with amazing ideas, type his name into any search engine, and you will be led to the multitude of content he has put out. Thanks for watching. Enjoy.

Cory's taplink :

This is a great video from Disclosure Hub (an excellent channel on telegram)

Dr. Lee Merritt discusses parasites and solutions for parasites then Stu Peters has Karen Kingston for a bombshell interview about the COVID scam in its entirety. She breaks it down from beginning to end. This is extremely important to understand so we can start healing humanity from this new AI species that is being born from within the host, which is humans. We have been injected with a self-aware and self-assembling AI which is a parasite. There is also a supplement from the Eastern White Pine which is a great detox for parasites and more. Do your research.

This is a truth bomb.

Dr. David Nixon reveals footage NEVER before seen anywhere in the world. Real-time footage of the nanotechnology inside the COVID-19 injections assembling robotic arms that guide the nanotechnology development.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Source: Maria Zee
Zee Media

This is a great conversation with our friend Vinny Eastwood. He brings his unique style and humor to the table in this discussion about life and love and all of the things that makes the world go round. Well, actually we do discuss flat Earth for a bit too. Only for a few minutes though. Anyway, this is a fantastic show. Enjoy.

This is a great observation of an obviously close sun. It is not what we think, we have been lied to.

'SKY ICE' from the firmament? 100's*c below 0*c. Made from pure oxygen. It would evaporate (doesn't melt into water, disappears) before it gets back to America and Russia. And the 'wall' heals itself back up as you tunnel into it...
Super cool!

In this episode, our guest goes by One Thumb El. Once you hear her story you'll understand why. As you watch this episode you will understand why we invited her on. She has an incredible story that started from birth and has so many highlight points or rough spots depending on how you look at it. She is incredibly strong for the physical difficulties she has encountered in life, but also for finding the fortitude to change careers when her eyes were opened to the evils of big Pharma and the vaccine industry. She now creates essential oil infusions, works with crystals and is a Reiki master. This is a great show.

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This is one of the most informative and professionally done documentaries about our stolen history, which has led to an understanding of the truth of what has been hidden from us. This documentary goes into all of the unbelievable architecture of the world and with the photography from the late 1800s, we are offered a stark contrast of the technologically underdeveloped civilization that surrounded these magnificent structures. They are a fantastic juxtaposition of the size and capabilities of the population back then against the size and scope of the cities. This documentary will take you on a journey through a world that has been hidden from us. This exposes many of the lies and methods of deception they have used to cover up the truth. This documentary will take some time to get through but this is one of the best investments you can make in your own growth and understanding of truth. This documentary exposes how the ancient civilizations who built these magnificent cities and structures very clearly understood who and what God the creator is. All of the separation and differences that have been given to us through religion were all created by our psychopathic controllers to keep us from working together understanding that this plane was made for us and that we could then build great and grand things only because we worked together in the spirit of God.

This show starts off with our guest canceling on us and we had to simply go with the flow. Synchronistically that was going to be the theme of the show anyway. Funny how life works out. The discussion between Rick and myself was great and we covered many topics including health and nutrition and supplementation as well as proper living and being healthy mentally as well as spiritually.

This is the link to test your tap water by zip code

My website is:

Thanks for listening.

This was a fantastic discussion Mark has with Alex. He discusses his story of how he started out as a priest in the church of Satan and how he got out. He now is one of the best researchers and teachers of Natural Law. His body of work is absolutely amazing and is unparalleled by anything I have seen in the realm of Natural Law, symbology and spirituality. His work requires a significant investment of time and attention but with that, you will increase your knowledge and understanding not only of yourself but of the world around you. Enjoy.

This is a great interview where we talk to our friends Lauren and Paul from Blue Hill Farm. They discuss their farm, which is a bit of a food forest, the food and juice that they have been able to sell from their farm and their adventures traveling around selling them. There were some technical difficulties in this episode as well. What are you going to do?ūüėé
Because of that, and because our guests' microphone was a bit low, I have raised the volume on the recording to full. Rick's volume as well as my volume are a little loud and overdriven because I did not have time to go back and edit all of the volume changes. Sorry about this and we will try to iron these details out in the future. We do have video now! Thanks for listening.

Dr. Judy Mikovits joins Alex Jones live in studio to give her expert analysis on how the COVID vaccine was designed to depopulate the planet, and she lays out what the scientific medical establishment plans to do to the world population next. She also discusses how Fauci had her imprisoned for exposing the truth about HIV and AIDS. This is a great discussion and Dr. Judy has a couple of websites that are worth checking out for videos, detox programs and supplements.

Watch and share this interview. Thanks for watching. Stay healthy, stay strong!

This is a great little expose on DIA from Greg Reese. He points out all the obviously dark Masonic imagery and memorial, the unsettling facts about the building of the airport and the purely evil art in the downstairs 'art' area. This is a great video and hopefully, it inspires you to further investigate this unbelievable structure situated on the outskirts of Denver Colorado.


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