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My good friend Cory Edmund Endrulat joins me this time. We had a great discussion about music and how that plays a major role in our health. We discuss political bull-shittery and religious clap trappery. We of course mention health as it pertains to food as well. Enjoy this. Cheers!

Find Cory at:

Rick and I chat about real-world stuff, music and secrets of the universe. This is one worth watching😉

I am uploading this one a little bit out of order. This is an essential interview with a very profound individual named Richard Presser. We discussed a few topics and a few items of the abstract but mostly focused on the products he has developed that will help combat the electromagnetic field pollution that is so present everywhere on our planet. He has two products, which we discussed, one is a mouth spray that is a sort of "miracle healer" - look it up here:

The other is an EMF protection and biological life enhancer called DPE (Defense of Planet Earth) - Look it up here:

We will be having Richard on again for sure. Cheers!

Rick and I are joined by another Revolution Radio host, Catherine Waters, in the second hour. Rick and I fly solo for most of the first hour and discuss the US National passport, the process of obtaining one, and the benefit of having that instead of having a US Citizen passport. Cheers!

Rick and I discuss many of our usual topics including music and government problems but I also have some exciting news in this episode about my US national passport. Rick's friend Terry sits in for a bit, and we have our usual enlightening discussion. Enjoy.

This is a great discussion with Raven White Dove. We discuss the 'Jew' thing and get into aspects I have not heard of before. She gives a well-educated and researched explanation of the 'Jew' and the 'Ju (anu)'. Different things altogether. It comes down to human and non-human. This is a must listen.

Raven is an artist, writer, blogger, and die-hard activist with a passion for etymology, and decoding while cracking this illusory world wide open for anyone who wishes to see.

She runs online groups like "Sacred Knowledge PLRC", "Streams of Sciousness", "Our Sacred Earth", "Surviving Grief & Loss (Empty Arms, Broken Hearts)", and "Off-Grid Living with Humor" both on Facebook and Telegram.


In this episode, Regina and I discuss real life, and what's happening in our world. We connect that to our studies of currency and finance in the second hour. This is a well-rounded discussion and we arrive at many helpful conclusions. We also get into the building or a little bit in further our discussion on freeing ourselves from the debt slavery we are all in. Thanks for watching. Enjoy!

In this episode Rick and I discuss all sorts of life-related topics and the magic that makes life real. We have our usual good time and come to our usual mind-freeing conclusions. Enjoy!

We decided to combine both studios and have a mega show. We invited Mario to broadcast his show with ours and join us in our usual enlightening and entertaining conversation. This was a good idea because this is a great show. We discuss aliens, sasquatch, time travel and so much more but one of the best parts is convincing Rick, who is a beginning drummer, to share some of his chops with us. Very exciting and a great conversation. Cheers!

Brother Nathanael Kapner of joins The Alex Jones Show to debate the root of all evil.

In Trauma Based Mind Control, trauma is used to hack into the mind and body’s defense systems in order to train a person’s behavior. This is accomplished in three steps:

In step one, the victim’s identity is destroyed. This is achieved by depriving the victim of their basic needs and inflicting pain upon them until they become exhausted, confused, and disoriented. In this state, they no longer trust themselves and become receptive to guidance from an outside ‘authority.’

Step two, through a strict system of rewards and punishments the victim is imprinted with a new identity. The new identity is trained to self-isolate by having it denounce everything associated with the previous identity.

And finally with step three, through the continued use of trauma, the rebuilding of the victim’s new self is crafted and maintained however the mind controller chooses.

Knowledge is power is freedom!

The transbaph agenda, which is perpetrated by the wealthiest rapists, thieves and terrorists on the planet, are Satanists and they are Luciferians. The EL-ites are from a select few bloodlines that are of one beast system sprawling out from two arms. The red arm and the blue arm which, when mixed together, forms the purple reign that is behind the new world order constructs.

The red arm (Republicans and more...) is the cannibalistic-adrenochrome guzzling Satanists and the blue arm (democrats and more...) is the dead corpse cult and all of our corpse-arations and co. The outward red right arm and the outward blue left arm melt together into the hidden purple reign that one would call the deep state or shadow government. The whole ruling class false light, NWO matrix system is the very real tyranny destroying us all and are the hideously disturbed minds behind the transbaph agenda.
By Raven White Dove

This is a fun episode where I met Jackie Krasna from the One Great Work Network. I have started seeing more from her lately, so I wanted to meet and have her on the show. We have a fascinating discussion on reality hacks and human hacks and how they play into our everyday lives. This is a fun one. Cheers!

I discuss many esoteric and reality-bending topics with my return guest, Denyse. We discuss the Mandela effect and many other interesting anomalies around our holographic reality in the first hour and the second hour I have The Mechanic on, another awesome Revolution Radio host, to discuss the police and a little bit more grounded version of the 'reality-bending' that goes on in our society. Cheers!

Rick and I discuss the different aspects of protecting yourself from the police during a traffic stop what rights you have and what rights they have. We are joined in the second hour by another awesome revolution radio host, The Mechanic. Mechanic gives us an educated view and understanding of these policy enforcers and what is legal and what is not. Cheers!

I got the founder and creator of The Disclosure Hub on for an interview. This is just a fun, enlightening and interesting conversation about many of the 'conspiracies' plaguing our world and the subtleties in between. Cheers!

This is another one with just Ric and myself. We got into a pretty good discussion about many things, but it seems to come back to our higher selves and what might be going on on the other side. I like how Richard puts it when he's asked if he believes in an afterlife, he said, simply,This is another one with just Ric and myself. We got into a pretty good discussion about many things, but it seems to come back to our higher selves and what might be going on on the other side. I like how Bashar puts it when he's asked if he believes in an afterlife, he says simply, 'I believe in life'. Cheers!

This is another great conversation with Zo'i. We discuss more of her experiences with interdimensional beings and "angels". She gets into some very cool stories of her experiences and we talk about some of my supernatural experiences.

Rick and I have a great discussion in the first hour about advanced societies and different aspects of our own human evolution. Our friend Greg joins us in the second hour and has a lively debate centered around the Christian religion versus the concept of Christ. Cheers!

I have two guests on this episode, Zoe & Regina. This makes for a really good show because we get a bunch of different perspectives on a discussion lending itself to paranormal activity and Cryptids, as well as the time paradox we experience in this reality. It is fun and informative as usual. Enjoy!

We are about to start seeing science fiction come to life!

My friend Jeff and I discuss the holographic nature of our reality, and how it is very much like a simulation. He discusses Jason Breshears's simulation theory from We also get into the Mandela effect and many of the other crazy and interesting anomalies that go on in the everyday world around us.
This is a great conversation. Cheers!

In this episode, Rick & I have another great discussion with our friend Dan Alexander. Dan has had a couple of very unique experiences that have left him with a download from God (best way to say it). He has an understanding of letters and our language that I have never heard before. To hear Dan discuss language and names watch the videos below. This interview goes more into our current spiritual state and some of the more interesting anomalies. Enjoy!!:2?r=9vbSYbyLrmwE9JNpGy4AcyDUmJXTucGK

In this episode, my friend Cory Endrulat discusses some deeper philosophical and spiritual understandings from the Tao. We also discuss aspects of Christianity and how they compare. In the second half, I get into the preterist view of Christianity and some of the more realistic possibilities for our world as we move ever closer to war as well as ascension.

Find Cory At:

We are living centuries-old social projects that may or may not have been well planned. Powerful families enabling social projects. According to the Balfour Declaration of 1917, they wanted the Jews to form a country to protect the interests of the Suez Canal among other religious things. You can go back farther but it's a mess.
Until new paradigms happen that are realistic about management potential it's going to be a mess.
The one country that had a decent paradigm, the USA, is getting set up for poor assimilation and failure! Wake up, folks!


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