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Jews have been pushing their narrative on the US and the West for a very long time........

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Antifa black bloc militants chased a group into the downtown Portland 711, accusing them of being “fascists”

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I am at a loss for words ATM. Almost glad I can't join in the comments

Jew Sacha Cohen doing what jews do best.....

Twitter and other social media sites are going crazy over what happened today in Olympia Washington. But they are only getting part of the truth... Here is what ACTUALLY happened
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@34:40 the police arrest the bad HuWhite supreemist for WTF I have no clue, other than spooking her while she was driving and yelling at them

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Manipulation of the sexual revolution & the moral destruction of society.
To all ignorant & unknowing: all that is LGBT and their modern developments is based on the research of a sick & wicked pedophile, Alfred Kinsey
This documentary is for non-commercial educational purposes only, i do not own any copyrights to it.

Local Black man has had enough of the #CHAZ #CHOP and does what comes natural.
Gotta say, he did more about it than ZOGnald

I am not allowed to comment on Bit Chute. So I apologize for not being able to respond to comments.
Looks like Tucker is either on Summer break or was forced to take a break.
He has been on fire the last 2 weeks and I hope he comes back soon.

“Most white people are racist"
Claims Jewish author Robin DiAngelo on the BBC.
If most whites were as racist as these people think we wouldn’t be under siege in our nations right now.

Accused pedo killer (Fkn Hero) James Fairbanks speaks from jail

UK : White supremacists in Brixton destroyed a metropolitan police vehicle after officers fled after coming under attack.

Not much background to this other than this is now the new normal in Minneapolis, NYC, Chicago, Philly, you know "Chocolate cities"

Developing story.
BREAKING UPDATE — Explosion / Blast at an industrial CNG (gas) tank was the cause of huge explosion and orange / res flare seen in eastern #Tehran. The explosion had nothing to do with military sites, reports Iranian news sources

Initial reports are suggesting disposal of old ammunition and missiles at a military site caused the explosion

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