Not Robots Promo Video:
Live at 12 North in Utica NY on Oct. 6th 2018

1. Wrong House/Blastosis
2. Handshake
3. Almost Home
4. Clint Eastwood (Gorillaz Cover)

Not Robots
"Almost Home"
Carter Rd. Records 2018

Here is the song "Rager" by Not Robots, from 7-7-18.

Not Robots are a psychedelic/alternative rock band from CNY. Come check us out live or around the web.

Stop Please by Not Robots. Not Robots are a psychedelic rock band out of Central New York. EP available this winter. Stay tuned for more sick jams!!!

E-Funk by Not Robots

Not Robots
The Pharmacist (Audio Only)
This song is called "The Pharmacist", off of our demo cd. We are a psychedelic/alternative rock band from Central New York. Hoping to have a physical release out by summer.

Not Robots
"Creature" (Audio Only)

Audio only video of Creature by Not Robots, a psychedelic alternative band from Central New York.


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Not Robots are a psychedelic, alternative rock band from Central New York. After forming in 2016, we have been furiously writing original material, trying to pull from many styles and influences. The band is hoping to have a physical recording out in the near future, so stay tuned and see what's to come!!!