Hidden Truth

This is the most convincing video I have ever seen. I fortunately saved this video before it was scrubbed from the web. I don't know who originally did this. If this is your video, or you know where it came from, please reach out to me.

Upon further review of the National Geographic Flat Earth Report, certain discrepancies were noted where either National Geographic was blind or they purposely misled their viewers. The first problem is you cannot do this test on a hot day, the haze on the top of the water (which I'm sure everyone has seen in their lifetime) will block the view. However, they ignored the obvious, you can see the water past the boat! Check it out yourself!

From NASA's 1st ever Emmy award winning video Orion: Trial by Fire

as we get further away from Earth will pass through the Van Allen belts, and area of dangerous radiation ... we must solve these challenges before we can send people through this region of space"

Another find of NASA faking in 1983 before CGI was the big thing. Why would NASA fake something unless they had to? It is really funny watching them wear motorcycle helmets with no gloves, they should be in pressurized suits. It's so ridiculous. Was the public that oblivious back then? Then to slip up and let a person be seen in the background of the model set, along with the obvious switching on of the light of the Earth. NASA has always been so sloppy. With $52 million a day, you'd think they could do better. Or is the money being siphoned away by the elites?

Awesome example that ISS is all faked. This is from a live feed where the masking cameras were not working. Why would NASA fake something if they didn't have to fake it? Beware, their methods will only improve. However, they still won't actually be in Earth orbit.

NASA'a Robert Simmon explains how he created the Earth image “Blue Marble”. [NASA, as of 2015, only claimed two photos of Earth.] All images of Earth are literally photoshopped. He admits to using "command z" a lot. The black area around the earth is not the void of space, it's simply black. As Robert Simmon famously says, "it is photoshopped, but it has to be".

Update: I loaded up a follow up https://www.bitchute.com/video/jDJVSlm7B0EP/

National Geographic Flat Earth Report with my friends including interview with Mark Sargent. This is of course edited from a viewpoint of someone who still believes the heliocentric model we have been programmed with since birth. Despite this, it is not a total hit piece. However, you can't do the test shown on a hot day and expect valid results. The test should have been done early morning when it is cool to decrease the effect of the haze on the top of the water which I'm sure everyone has seen in their lifetime. We know for an absolute certainty that boats do not sell over the curve. This is been proven time and time again. Once again, everyone knows you can't do this experiment in the middle of a warm day and not expect the bottom of a boat to be obscured.

Buzz Aldrin reacts to video of faking being halfway to the moon. Instead of denying, "You're talking to the wrong guy. Why don't you talk to the administrator of NASA? We're passengers. We're guys going on a flight."


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