A quick little update video explaining the current situation behind me channel and the future of it.

Finished Piece

An adorable piece featuring two of the cutest animals in the world, a panda and a cat, being best friends with each other.

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Dream Culture by Kevin MacLeod

Hey guys! Today I reviewed the 36 set of Prismacolor Premier Water-Soluble Colored Pencils. Not a sponsored video.

The set:


I tend to draw animals more than I draw human beings, but I decided to publish this art piece because I'm pretty happy with the results.

Completed Work:

This is a video showing the process of me drawing an illustration of a bee pollinating a daisy. A honeybee is so small, yet makes a noticeable difference in the world around her.

In this video I used my Huion 420 tablet for the first time in a video, and I used Krita instead of Paint.NET. This made my drawing process more efficient.

Here is my finished piece:

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A time lapse of my process drawing a beautiful illustration of a flying unicorn with a colony of green butterflies.


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A short little animation test

a penguin

a spinning penguin


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