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Great Greed on Nintendo Game Boy is a great example of a basic handheld RPG from the early 90's. There's just enough plot to string the thing together, and what's there is absurdist comedy. The combat system is the star of the show, being highly efficient aside from an extreme reliance on healing magic.

I also especially like how easy it is to get back into the basic plot after seemingly any amount of time away from the game.

Game footage was captured from my Analogue Interactive Super NT and a Super Game Boy 2 adapter.

Star Citizen 3.3.6 gameplay with a new feature for the game: acceptable frame rates. Also some talk about the upcoming free-fly event starting tomorrow. I mess about on the surface of levski, call up a ship, fly back to olisar, and steal a cutlass.

I'm a big Chris Roberts fan, but sometimes I get a bit down on star citizen, especially it's lengthy timeline. I like to think I'm not fully drinking the koolaid, but every time I look at what they've already built, it is pretty amazing to me.

Today we have Fatal Craft, which is my favorite game (so far) on Watara Supervision. Supervision intended to outdo Nintendo's Game Boy with a lower price and added features.

Fatal Craft is a side-scrolling shmup and was Supervision's answer to Nemesis/Gradius on Game Boy. It plays largely similarly, but there are no shortage of differences. One big difference is that Fatal Craft is really, really hard. So hard, that I made this entire game review but cannot clear level 1. Junk games journalism for sure!

So if you've seen level 2, give me a hint at what's there. Also, my high score is 14,100, so let me know when you beat it. Despite my limited experience with the game, I'm rather confident that I'm one of the top 10 Fatal Craft players of this millennium. ;)

This is a comparison of different Rampage versions available on the Analogue Interactive Nt Mini. The Nt Mini is an FPGA-based game console designed by Kevtris which is capable of simulating a great many 8-bit systems.

It covers:
0:00 Intro
1:27 Nintendo Entertainment System
2:33 Atari 2600
3:21 Sega master System
4:13 Atari 7800
5:50 Game Boy Color (1)
6:49 Game Boy Color (2)
7:34 Closing

A complete collection of Game Wave games with a cringy victory dance at 9:42.

I'm probably not going to ever complete a collection of one of the big systems, but at least I get to put out one of these completion videos in my life time.

The Game Wave is a Canadian game system released in 2005 by ZAPiT games. It's pretty rare, and not at all valuable.

This is a look at Shock Troopers, a Neo Geo MVS exclusive title by Saurus in 1997. It's a run-and-gun game, with a slight beat 'em up feel, and a lot of replayability. Certainly one of my favorites on the Neo Geo platform.

The gameplay is recorded off of real hardware (an Omega MVS), SCART output over to a Framemeister.


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