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Main Channel: peakd.com/@jin-out

Main Channel: peakd.com/@jin-out

Main Channel: peakd.com/@jin-out

A Poem by a Taoist:

Into a soul absolutely free

From thoughts and emotion,

Even the tiger finds no room

To insert its fierce claws

One and the same breeze passes

Over the pines on the mountain

And the oak tress in the valley;

And why do they give different notes

No thinking, no reflecting,

Perfect emptiness;

Yet therein something moves,

Following its own course

The eye sees it,

But no hand can take hold of it –

The moon in the stream

Clouds and mists

They are midair transformations;

Above them eternally shine the sun and the moon

Victory is for the one,

Even before combat,

Who has no thought of himself,

Abiding is the no-mind-ness of Great Origin

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Burpee session + Footwork drills (with angle variation) + more fucking burpees

Main Channel: https://peakd.com/@jin-out

Zhang Binglin (January 12, 1869 – June 14, 1936), also known by his art name Zhang Taiyan, was a Chinese philologist,textual critic, philosopher, and revolutionary.

His philological works include Wen Shi (文始 "The Origin of Writing"), the first systematic work of Chinese etymology. He also made contributions to historical Chinese phonology, proposing that "the niang (娘) and ri (日) initials [in Middle Chinese] come from the ni (泥) initial [in Old Chinese]" (known as niang ri gui ni 娘日歸泥).

He developed a system of shorthand based on the seal script, called jiyin zimu (記音字母), later adopted as the basis of zhuyin. Though innovative in many ways, he was skeptical of new archaeological findings, regarding the oracle bones as forgery.

An activist as well as a scholar, he produced many political works. Because of his outspoken character, he was jailed for three years by the Qing Empire and put under house arrest for another three by Yuan Shikai.


Liao-Fan's Four Lessons (Chinese: 了凡四訓) is a book written by Yuan Liaofan (Chinese: 袁了凡; 1533–1606), was a Chinese official during the Ming Dynasty, born in present-day Wujiang County, Jiangsu Province. Yuan wrote the book to teach his son, Yuan Tian-Chi. The principal idea behind these lessons is that destiny can be changed through proper cultivation of kindness and humility. Thus, one should not be bound by fate, but by one's own actions.

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