Typical Remoaner - he knows best

Remoaners doing everything they can to dismantle Brexit

Yet more paedophile priests found out - this time in Chile - don't let them resign, arrest the fuckers !!

Slimy Carling watered down their beer and kept the tax reductions

Normally can't stand Bercow but this was funny

Supposedly to allow more doctors and nurses in - but haven't we always had that ability ?

Parliamentary Scrutiny - Russia

MCC trying to get more ethnic minorities involved with English cricket

The MMC doing all they can to get ethnic minorities involved in English cricket - but they need to do their part too

White woman, intoxicated, knocked out by Black cop

At one point she mentions Assad's "bad behaviour" and the reporter says "gassing women & children isn't just bad behaviour!!"

Anither great win for Newcastle, bearing Arsenal at St James' Park

Muslim "boxer" makes a complete arse of himself 😂😂

Newcastle 35 - 30 Sale (13 April 2018)

The leaders in Congo say the reports are overblown !! (April 2018)

White Helmets this time



England, history

Germany - Migrants - Violence


Facebook are the new book burners, along with Twitter, YouTube and Google


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