The police have clearly solved all tue rapes and murders in the country, how else would they have time to talk about Transgender Pronouns ?!!

Kist weeks after IRA bombing if Manchester, in 1996, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn invited the IRA leader Gerry Adams to the Houses if Parliament to promote his fucking book

Mhairi Black rubbing something onto her gums

Blacks in Philadelphia in 2012 talking about killing Whites, even White babies who've just been birn 3 seconds ago

This is the true meaning of homophobia, wrapped up in religion of Islam

Brilliantly adapted for the evil

11 weeks in the USA and Canada - there are over 200 British companies in Colorado alone

Deep State massacred - played at President Trump's Miami resort

Piers Morgan on the Left

School days

Diversity is out strength

Muslims marched by the police to a peaceful EU MEP election rally held by Tommy Robinson? the Muslims them attacked the peaceful crowd while the police looked on !!

Bercow and the EU

The late Christopher Hitchens, a decade ago

October 2019 - Erdogan threatens to open the borders and let 3.6million refugees head to the EU

Communist and member of Momentum who have taken over the Labour Party - England 2019

Antifa show their true colours

Is she a Muslim


What's happened to freedom of speech when tue co-creatir of "Father Ted" is given an official police caution for refusing to call a Trans person by their preferred pronoun ?

BBCQT 10 October 2019


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