I don't thinnk i've found a video as crazy as the one i'm responding to.Riley Dennis is honestly the definition of sjw insanity.

Just a little something to get you excited for the show...hopefully.

This show will continue no matter what, but it may take a while since I've had no free time because of drama. I just won't have as much time as id like to work on the show.

This is the main piece of music used in the show.

Not an actual episode, just some footage for mainly my testing.


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NUFF SAID is a stop motion, action figure, satire, not safe for work, comedy show.
It's about super heroes and super villains who got tired of the same old life so they start a studio and use their powers to make short films. It will look into the characters personalities and humor. Should cause a lot of commotion....

Help the studio grow.

Filming will start soon and Episode 1 will come out by August 10th - 14th.