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This 3 min intro-video of ('Committee for an Open Debate On the Holocaust'), got already censored by Youtube in Germany. What the hell is gpoing on here? The two German testimonials are of Monika Schäfer and Alfred Schäfer, both convicted for 'Holocaust Denial' in Germany.

Dimitri Khalezov presentation, section 10 / 26

This video is censored by YT in the EU so i uploaded it here.

Robert Faurrisson started in the 1960ies to question the gassing of people in German camps. He went on to investigate the matter, first by researching documents, then by visiting the alleged gas camps Ausschwitz Maidanjek etc. Finally, he compared what he found with actual gassing chambers used in the US for executions of the death penalty. By comparing the very complicated techniques employed with the alleged German gas chambers, he gave the absolute proof there had never been gassings in German labor camps.

An absolute expert on the topic, Mr. Faurrisson got harrassed by the french state, fined 7.500 Euros and lost his job as a professor at the university, for speaking up. His crime: 'Holocaust denial'.

'The gas chamber problem' was Faurrisson's first compilation of the evidence and stands out with it's factual evidence and clear presentation. This documentary must be of the late 1960ies / early 1974ies.

I salute the author of this great video!

..................................................... related discussion bit:

he said the cabal was going to fake an alien invasion to set up a one world government

I remember this being the final conclusion by Cooper and i went with that since reading it many years ago. Also, i remember the 'alien invasion' being one of several options and having been discarded/postponed in favor of the climate hoax (which was started as the ice-age hoax in the 70ies!).

Edit: The vast money misappropriated by NASA, pentagon etc. went into the secret takeover of (air)space. The CA fires are brought to you by this secret program, e.g. It is still going on, just look at the mars expetitions hoax: .com/watch?v=U5_Il2tAT7U

The communist governments plan to resettle 100 Million people and empoverish them forever.

Article mentioning the report is here:
YT link: .com/watch?v=lZaD-H_j3pU

Sehr gute Dokumentation zum 2. Weltkieg.

English Version here :

Von Youtube in der EU zensiert.

The term '6 Million Jews' was prepared by Mainstream Propaganda long before. Here are 10 Examples of probably hundrets. HiRes so one can clearly read these old newspapers.

Censored by youtube in the EU - test:

I remember typing 'The Plan To Save The World' into GOOG/YT search and it came up as the first ten hits. Try this now: It is gone, shadow banned.


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