A great and very apropos piece with some interesting symbols flying the Forty-Four in Dance.
(The lead is likely Jewish: the full song can be found here:

Lyrics in comments:"Where's The Revolution"

I have no recollection of this ever being played on MY radio stations!
What about yours? ;D) Doubtful, as apparently Elvis, like Prince, was a card carrying Christian!
Regardless, of who this 'really is', there is some twainge to this song.

Q:What kind of a mind thinks up of crap like this?
Comments are disabled to prevent the #JewsKingPhu from sending their KKK(33), and Jewish "neo-NAZIS" to smear via association like they do with political rallies that don't espouse Jewish supremacist, aka 'communist' needs.

tags:#commonlaw44, #StopTheCorruptionNOW44, #TacticalResources44 Tactical/Legal Resources:
This man is likely Jewish and is alleged to have been thrown in jail making me wonder if this was the latest in the Hegelian tricks bag to scare others from attempting to do an end-run on our systemic corruption. In Contra Costa County, said to be the most corrupt in Northern California, they used cult passive aggressive tactics to avoid turning it over to the jury; they have the usual cult triage system to facilitate said Judeo-Masonic corruption.

This is a great explanation of Common Law origins, usurpation by corporate 'government' Tontine schemes where the 'judges' get a cut of the corporate take, if and only IF you contract with them and accept their jurisdiction!

tags:#ExtremePedophilia, #CorruptSocialMedia33
Details of Kapppy's likely blood ritual "suicide" are here:

Ritual details:
tags: #ExtremePedophilia, #CorruptSocialMedia33

Ritual details:

#ExtremePedophilia, #CorruptSocialMedia33

Great Jewish documentary on 'antisemitism'; the full documentary is below.


Michael Ruppert clips that show who Mike was and this is exclusive of his law enforcement background where he blew the whistle on elements of the CIA being involved in drug trafficking.

Several others in law enforcement have found this fact, including Michael Levine who then had the 'bad luck' of one brother committing suicide and another, a cop, shot on the job. Gary Webb too reported on this and also was alleged to have committed 'suicide' in a hotel; 'suicide' is a well evidenced and common cult method of getting rid of 'rats in the castle' to use a Bugs Bunny term associated with their red BLEMMYES.

Blemmyes are an ancient symbol depicting mind control which is a type of possession where one of those creatures is used to literally take over ones body and mind.


ūüźć Evidence:
Deep Space Nine(62c) (Master of Pi)
Very interesting find for me as I've been touting these as keys to not only these ritual massacres in our active "Red Terror" ops, but also to individual murders of targeted individuals.


Conclusive evidence that these two tribes are part of the same biker gang snatching, raping and ritually murdering our children. "White" children are their number one choice.

Or download here:

tags: #ItaliansAreJews44

Jewish Professor discusses his experiences with Jewish men and theorizes as to the cause.
Circumcision cannot be fully understood without eastern philosophy and spiritology. So-called "spirits" are energetic creatures that feed on animal energy from sex and all sorts of suffering, as it bleeds energy called prana in India or chi in China. The reason this is done on the 8th day revolves around numerology which also vibrates to the spirit realm and the master of the Jewish "lucky 13" is 26(8).


Please see blog which has a TON of evidence nothing has really changed; only the talking points change!
Same old sh** different swamp creatures!

tags: #trumpistheswamp

This video decomposes a key scene showing blessings for 'meals' on both sides of the veil;
La Petit Mort and La Grand Mort. In English the 'Little Death' which refers to sexual orgasm and the implied release of human energy upon which the 'hidden hands' feed; the Big Death is our physical death.
Or download here:

Must have instructions for those little weenies in your life.

#AlienFAP, #AtheistCultDestroyed, DO take note of the "19"; serpents like everything else are dualistic, unlike what Texe Marrs writes; he's a likely a crypto "Lost" tribe of DAN shill! TEXE(19c) Marrs(31c)
More evidence of a raging battle; that would higher order angels on your right. 'They' will lose this battle on both sides of the 'veil'.
It's imminent, can you not sense it?
There are fools and shills trying to coverup what this it from several angles,the most easily debunked is that this is a reflection.

1) Why are the orbs moving at a different speed and quantities than the moving cars, with cars in one direction STOPPED.
2) The man with the cam said his window was down precluding the above anyway.
3)That this occurred on this date further evidences what these are and 'car lights' were moving in BOTH directions while the cars in the video were stopped. Perhaps the 19 is the "fingerprint" of who crafted the hoax.
See this for the cult's main ritual #s:
4) If the window was up, and there are specs that could be on glass, we would be seeing these all over the net being sold as UFOs.
5) The thing that makes this a potential, if not likely, crafted hoax is the dearth of other angles from others with cameras.

My Jewish info has the comments turned OFF to prevent the cult from sending their KKK and NAZI divisions to 'show support'.
(If you're one of them: F*** Off and Y**!)

Tupak was then extorted by the JDL, threatened, ritually smeared, attacked and finally murdered, Qabala style.
Full ritual detail:
tags:#Tupak44, #DeadAfricanStars

A rather prescient warning the 'evil Nazis' attempted to deliver; their great sacrifice, along that of our "White Christian" Russian, and Chinese, brothers and sisters, will likely fuel the saving of our country.
(Subtitles are readable in this version.)

MD5 checksum:
7957F31061EFEC8B7E071A22348E8DB8This too is from first hand experience, but most are now aware as to how corrupted America has become, be it Judicial, law enforcement dealing drugs, congress or our executive branch.

Italians ARE Jews:
1) This video, initially blocked world wide by the #JewsKingPhu, is a lot more than a Qabala encoded cartoon for 'kids'. In addition to a general Jewish M.O. of religious and Qabala based mind control, infiltrating "senor eatas" with "purple die" in their eyes to attack Gentile and Jewish men, the surprise element, Qabala sorcery/magic and other takeover tactics, it appears to allude to history of rabbiT treason from the inside against those stupid Gentiles. (Perhaps the Tartessian's were the first culture betrayed from within, along with the Estruscans who depicted their sodomic serpent tribe in their "Chimera" at the Louvre.)

2) It depicts how the "rabbiTs" started ALL religions beginning with the existing divine feminine[circle,EL SHADDAI], following with the "sweet" pacifist Brahmanic religions of the East[Vedic, Buddhism], and finally the "vegetables" and perfect inversion thereof called the ABrahAmics which completed the breaking up of the original composite spirituality which included elements like chi, and meditation.

This corroborated fact was also put in our face at the Boston Qabala bombing rituals just 3 seconds before the first bomb went off at the foot of Solomon's Temple, on stilts, at the finish line; temple was complete with all three elevations. Notice also runners at the finish line were in perfect order of birth, R-L, and color of each major religion.

Two other rituals were found in this major world wide ritual extravaganza depicting our fall; all attempts to notify authorities and the lawyer of the surviving boy, were ignored despite huge evidence of it being a staged bombing and ritual from several different lenses; getting a 'reasonable' doubt for the surviving brother would have been a cake walk.

3) Depicted too are the various mind control methods used on the public from our religious 'TIE', in the form of a cross/TAV, to MK Ultra, aka Qabala mind control, even the form used on yours truly: torture in surgery.

4) Very important too was a Jewish "magic" reference and "Purple Die" eyed "Senior Eata", and their plans to dump us, at the end, making this cartoon a sort of HOW TO on managing Goyim.

They are not the bat SH** crazy phallus worshiping ritual pedophiles, as originally believed, and are instead in a business relationship with the spirits using chi as a quid pro quo.

‚ÄúDogs‚ÄĚ are Gentiles, rabbi-Ts are Jews and the "T" refers to their 'most powerful' TAV-22, a symbol for male [some claim also female], sex organs and a reference to the sex act which yields spirit 'food'. You'll also see depicted their method discussed in the "Jewish Fifth Column" of using 'senor eatas' [pun(19)c] to lure, infiltrate and attack targets. Gentiles are far too trusting and very naive to have allowed this Occidental genocide and fake partnership with Masons, to get this far.

Whether the Tribe of Dan was always corrupt or taken down along the way over time like America, only they will know for sure.

The "Snake in the Grass" symbology, living as all colors, eye shapes and religions, fits too perfectly for an originally ethical tribe. The censors had a change of heart after posting a link to a version of this video, but a screen shot kept me from looking like the troop of sayanim liars flooding youtube and Google with disinfo.
Starwars modeling the "communist"/Masonic model of taking down a country: betrayal from within.
‚ÄúA nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.‚ÄĚ Cicero Here we lay waste to an entire industry we'll call the Alien Fap; also, implicitly lay waste to the cult of "Amazing Atheists". All the key numbers associated with blood and sex rituals: 13(4), 14(5), 19(10/1) and their masters were found on this so-called "UFO" or "Project Blue Beam" garbage!

Tags: #AlienFap, #AtheistCultDestroyed, Alien Industry destroyed, Washington Flap by the Numbuz, #disclosureprojectexposed, "disclosure project exposed", #DrGreerExposed


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