Here's another video for you guys :).

Here's an update of Fallout Shelter for you guy's. I'm thinking of recording my progress over the period of a week and merging seven clips together. That way the videos won't be so short :). I think I will end the series once I hit the max people I can have. I'm enjoying the challenge and I hope you viewers are too.

Got another Minecraft video for you guys :).

Here's another one :).

Got a new one up for you guy's :).

Here's a new one up, slowly but surely I'll get my stuff up to speed :).

Got a new one up although its a bit short because I'm grinding resources. Leave a like and feel free to subscribe :).

Here's Episode 18, enjoy :).

Here's another one for you guys :). Feel free to like and subscribe for more!

Here is episode 21 for you guys. Enjoy :).

Finally got to uploading a new Fallout 4 video. I'm trying to get back to some consistency so their should be more coming out. Thanks for the support :).

I'm back from doing school and stuff like that, so here's Episode 17.

Here's Episode 19

Here's Episode 18 :).

Here's Episode 17 :).

Here's Episode 16 :).

Here's Episode 16 :).

Here's Episode 15 :).

Here's Episode 14 :).

Here is episode 13 :).

Here's Episode 12 :).

Here's Episode 11 :).

Here's Episode 14 :)

Here's Episode 12 :).

Here's Episode 13 :).


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I do BitChute as a hobby. I do gaming videos and some music. I have to juggle work and school, so content might seem slow at times, i'm trying my best m'kay. That's basically my channel, me and my game. Simple the way I like it :).