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We have to protect our children. This chapter has video from YouTubers Epic Sellouts, Parable of the Vineyard and Little Light Studios, you should check the out if you haven't already. Showing the filth out there that our children can watch. Disney is disgusting and always puts sexual innuendos in their movies. They promote witchcraft and sorcery and make it look cool so the children want to be like the actors on their shows. It's not just Disney its other networks that say they are for children.

This chapter is showing you how we are lied to daily. Mainstream anything is all controlled by the few wealthy elite who own it all and are keeping knowledge from us. You have heard the expression "Knowledge is Power"... well they have the power and we only know what they want us to know.

Celebrities are sellouts, Truth of this world and dream/vision of Yahusha (Jesus) returning.

This chapter covers Lightning symbolism and what it really means. Satan being the god of this world and testimonies of people who died and went to hell and came back to tell about it. These death experiences brought them to the realization that Yahuah (God) is real and changed their lives. Heaven and hell are real places and your only 2 options when you die. The bible says the road to hell is wide open and many will go there and the path to Heaven is narrow and few will get there. I don't want ANYONE to go to hell, it is eternal. Imagine eternity of misery, burning and torture. Please know that I love you so much and the thought of anyone I love going there brings tears to my eyes.

I would pray before watching each chapter. Pray for your Heavenly Father to open your mind to take in this new information. Please leave your ego at the door and don't condemn this before you even watch it. Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance. This chapter shows what a "star" really means and I will also show you things hidden in plain sight.

This is chapter 1 of "The Greatest Trick‚ÄĚ. This movie is for my family and friends or anyone else who happens to find my movie to wake up to the truth of this evil world. This is for anyone who thinks they are saved because believe in Yahuah (God) and they go to church on SUNdays. If you have never dropped to your knees and repented for your sins and asked Yahusha (Jesus) to come live inside you and make you a new creation then you are not saved. If you look back on your life and are not ashamed and disgusted with who you used to be....in my opinion you are not saved. When you are saved you don't do the things you used to do, your conscience feels like its in overdrive or on steroids because everything you do you think to yourself "Is that pleasing to my Heavenly Father?" People think if they are a
"good person" that they will go to Heaven because "God loves everyone". Well that is not true and you are not saved or haven't read the Bible. Because good people go to hell and saved people go to Heaven. Hell is real and I don't want anyone to go there. That is the purpose of this movie to open your eyes to the truth of this wicked world that is purposely hiding your creator from you to keep you in sin. I know it sounds crazy but it is the truth. My movie exposes the lies of this world to help you come to the realization that satan is the god of this world. Please leave your ego at the door because you don't know everything. I used to think I knew everything about this world but I was wrong and I promise you are wrong about what you think the world is.
Please humble yourself and pray for discernment before watching this.

My thoughts on the Prez being a Christian and my thoughts on being saved or worldly


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