Just some nonsensical rambling about a silly graphical issue with silly Wangblows.
I miss GNU/Linux, but my laptop's graphics are too big a bottleneck.


install [insert obscure name with a userbase of less than 200 people] Linux

Sick and cynical old man criticizes his own cats.
Also, install gentoo

Install RebeccaBlackOS

The straw that pricked me just right.

And this is the only match we(The Digital Eagles 5667)'ve won so far. Ranked up three places to 58

[and yes I know I'm using this meme "incorrectly". I couldn't think of a funnier way to edit this, alright]

Recorded mainly for the sounds of a strained Land Rover (clearly inferior to Toyota Range Rover ;)

Even from 2 kilometers away, I could feel it!


Rather funny, this one. So eager, those jackals!


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Install Void Linux