Playing my Cort 6-string acoustic guitar on the audacity software and a headset mic. The picture is of Pleasant Hill, Oregon winter of 2013-14.

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This audio was created April 15, 2022.
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Whatever the perceived and prevalent perception being promoted by the NWO and their puppet media (including the controlled opposition), the opposite is likely to happen. That is how deception works, make the enemy think something else is going to happen and then Bam! hit them with a surprise attack, the ambush.

One must consider how the Jesuits and their secret society handlers work, how they handle their puppets, and how their puppets handle us. As of now in the Spring of 2022, the controlled opposition is spewing out doom and gloom, as they do when the Demonrats are in power; when the Republicans are in power though, things are good to go, except for those pesky communist Demonrats of course.

Is the USA more useful for the NWO as a powerful country full of patriotic fervor and ecumenical revival or as a torn-down 3rd world country that has collapsed? The former obviously is more powerful, so why would the AntiChrist Papacy and his workers of iniquity crash their best manipulated tool? My contention in this podcast is they are merely putting on an illusion of America's imminent collapse to further instigate and galvanize the right-wing base, in order to foment a war and bring in the Futurist end times deception.

The Jesuits are the ultimate liars and double/triple crossers. They will twist the script enough to confuse the sheep into even fighting for them. The right-wing backlash will do just this, make the good, patriotic, and Christian people of America fight a war and enforce the NWO -- all in the name of saving our "free" country from the communist, Muslim, and atheistic powers. Amazing how the Jesuits and the AntiChrist Papacy have set up this war board; even more amazing is how God's people are falling for the lies of the enemy -- all so they can keep their money, things, and hedonistic lifestyle as the rest of the world burns with Christian persecution and Satanist rule over us in the guise of Christians nonetheless.

Consider this alternative view and decide for yourself what makes more sense.


If the germ theory is fantasy, then what are they injecting into our bodies. Over 70 vaccines now needed for every American? Are we being slow killed by a ruling elite who want the earth for themselves? It's hard to have any other opinion when those in charge of our health are pushing their vaccines on us despite the horrible health consequences that follow -- every person is negatively affected by vaccines, some more than others. The latest experimental gene therapy shot is so deadly, YouTube won't even let anyone talk about the dangers, or even question them. Yet, the robotic slaves to lies keep lining up to get the toxic death shots, ignoring all those crazies who believe from their experience and studies that vaccines are simply bad medicine. Even more, for those who have a big picture perspective, they are part of a depopulation agenda. If the mainstream media doesn't say it, most people won't believe it; if the politicians and health authorities don't say it, most people won't believe it -- it is that simple.
Most people believe we've evolved from being superstitious like our past ancestors, yet they believe in similar fairy tales and lies in their modern context. The deception is more pronounced with the advent of television and internet -- the hive mind has formed and truth isn't valued or even allowed in this fantasy land created by the death cult in charge of running the beast system.
Truly, we are being attacked by our enemy from the past for things we don't even remember. The Protestant Reformation almost took out the AntiChrist Papacy and the Holy Roman Empire, yet now we are seeing these evil powers take hold again through technology, banking, culture, and academia. They are seeking revenge against those former Protestant powers that exposed the AntiChrist and shook off his rule -- revenge through vaccination, wars, and every other evil means possible by the workers of iniquity under the AntiChrist Papacy there at the Vatican -- the death cult of Satan. Share the truth about vaccines and help save the uninformed and niave.

Consider how many natural cancer cures there have been over the years and how the AMA, FDA, and Big Pharma have suppressed them and let people suffer and die.
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This recording was created December 21, 2021. This is the longest show I've done so far; some things just take awhile to talk about even though I try to be concise as possible. Keep in mind, these are my thoughts and ideas about what may be coming in the future, not some vision or prophecy.

The main reason I think this is useful information to consider is it counters most of what truthers and/or Christian watchmen are saying about the future. Mostly, this is because 99.99% of Christians in the world believe in the Jesuit created lie of Futurism, which involves a coming AntiChrist political figure, a 7 year tribulation period and a 3.5 year great tribulation period. This end-times prophetic interpretation created by Jesuit priest Francisco Ribera in the 16th century as part of the Counter-Reformation has only taken hold for the last 130 years or so in America and the world, yet has become the dominant doctrine for the Jesuit infiltrated Protestant churches in America and the world (also within the Catholic church).

Historicism is the alternative and true end times prophetic interpretation that all the true Protestants in the past and now believe in, as well as the church in the wilderness during the Holy Roman Empire and the AntiChrist Papacy's formal reign from 538 A.D. until 1798 A.D. It is a sad fact that America has been taken over by the Holy Roman Empire and the nominal Protestant churches are nothing more than Catholic, as are the atheist, agnostics, humanists, scientists, and every other religion under the umbrella of Mystery Babylon, which is the mother harlot that rides the Beast. The Catholic (Universal) church includes every religion except for the true faith of the Holy Bible in its inspired forms (1611AV KJB being the best for English-speaking peoples).

If this is all gibberish to you, that is OK, just don't read or listen, this isn't a message for you. I don't care if only one or a million people listen, it doesn't matter to me; I'm simply someone who loves and seeks the truth and continues to critically think about what is and what is to come from the knowledge I've been given from my truth-seeking. For those who do want to listen and consider the timeline and happenings I'm projecting, this may be a blessing to hear – you won't hear it from any Futurist ministry.

Unfortunately, during this age of prosperity, many people will be dying in the Western world, as many people have and continue to take the experimental gene therapy transhuman depopulation shot. This mostly slow kill method (many people are dying soon after) will cause a massive die-off during this age of prosperity, yet the cause will never be linked to the vaccines, except for the "bad batch" of vaccines China manufactured and Biden oversaw, which were meant to kill us. This is partly how they will foment the coming war with China, etc. They will get this straightened out and new so-called vaccines will be available for people to continue to take (although they won't be mandated or required like they are now), as these shots are really a way to hook us up to the Beast system through AI and nanotechnology, as well as to change our DNA to not be in the image of God. Besides, with the coming prosperity and relentless amount of propaganda from the news, academia, healthcare, and mainstream society in general, people won't be alarmed – it is a slow kill method remember.

While the future looks bleak, how can we continue in the la-la land we are in now? People want to continue to believe in lies and be afraid of fake emergencies and crises, then eventually they will get what they want – their fears will manifest into reality and there will be no doubt we are in a real emergency, a real crisis. This will finally help all these fearful fools see reality for the first time, because as for now, they are in la-la land and taking everyone with them to destruction and tyranny. God has a plan friend; remember, only in Jesus Christ is there true liberty.

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This recording was done on December 3, 2021 during the "dark winter" months when the coronavirus hoax continues to push the insane mania over the seasonal flu, in order to push us as far left as possible so we can snap back with the right-wing backlash soon to come (starting midterms next year); also, so they can inject as many ignorant and innocent people as possible with their experimental gene therapy transhuman depopulation shot.

Revelation 3:15-17 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. 16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth. 17 Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

What is it going to take to get people to believe in Jesus Christ in sincerity, in the Holy Bible in its inspired versions? What will it take to get Futurist Christians to stop believing in a doctrine that was created by a Jesuit as part of the counter-reformation -- maybe when this false end times prophetic doctrine doesn't come true, then they will believe in Historicism as the true alternative.
Ultimately, American Christianity has a huge problem with trying to love the world and God at the same time. The hypocrisy, the lukewarm faith, and the indifference to the truth are what define mainstream American Christianity. There will come a time when only true, sincere Christians will claim the name of Jesus Christ, and then we will see who really believes and who is simply fooling themselves and others like them.
First though, the Vatican-led NWO will leverage and exploit this lukewarmness, as God uses them to spue them out of his mouth, as the coming age of prosperity works to manifest the false Christians with the biggest deception to date, the Futurist play to come.

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This is a song I created and recorded around summer 2021; not too long ago amidst the current and long-lasting dystopian nightmare coronavirushoax -- I'm playing my 6-string acoustic/electric guitar and my "A" Hohner Marine Band harmonica.

I'm asking Americans to question who we are, what is our heritage and what do we stand for? This has to be asked as most people seem to believe in lies and liars, which is making it hard for the rest of us who understand what is going on to live free and to hold the wicked accountable for their crimes against humanity, and to save more innocent people from being harmed by our evil compromised rulers and the Satanic agendas they work to achieve, either knowingly or as willingly ignorant fools.

The higher intelligence is the heart and mind of Jesus Christ, which is the most powerful being in existence, as He is the Creator of all things, the author and finisher of our faith. This can be experienced by paying attention to our conscience, the law written in our hearts (Romans Ch. 2), reading the Holy Bible in its inspired form, and praying to God in the name of Jesus Christ, as this name is the way to heaven for those who believe and love the man Jesus of Nazareth, the Savior, the Christ, and the Messiah.

The picture is one I took of Anna Reservoir near our place in Summer Lake, OR. God is good, just look at His creation! Don't believe the lies and liars, truth is all we need and without it we are nothing.

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Any effective dictator over the masses will work to control the opposition, as this will give the masses the illusion of freedom and ensure there is no real opposition to the NWO agenda. The left vs. right is a good example of this Hegelian Dialect being used on the world and America today.

The conservative vs. liberal battle is being used by the rulers of evil to manipulate the public into supporting their agenda whether it is a left or right leaning agenda. At times, they will push the left or right agenda to create a backlash from the opposite side. As of now, the NWO is pushing a leftist or communist agenda, although most Americans oppose this political side -- so why are they doing this?

It seems the rulers of evil are simply creating a scenario where there will be a coming right wing backlash, which can be controlled and manipulated to get things accomplished the left couldn't do; for instance, going to war, as this is something conservative, Republican, patriotic citizens do -- as opposed to the left who simply hide in academia, cower before their enemies, blame every Christian for their wickedness, and worship the government because it is the only one speaking crazy like them.

Those freedom loving patriots on the right might ask "what are we supposed to do, not support the right, not support Trump?" Good question. How I go about this is I believe mostly in what Trump stands for, yet I don't believe he does in reality. He is simply telling the majority of freedom loving American citizens what they want to hear to deceive them (sort of like the set up at the Capitol on Jan. 6th). Trump is controlled opposition, saying mostly the right things, yet in reality doing nothing to help us beyond a few token things to gain our loyalty and trust.

The left vs. right is the general tactic used by the Vatican led NWO. The left consists of those who have been properly brainwashed in their beast system, esp. from the public indoctrination centers (public schools) and who now believe in the cult religion of science (falsely so called) and statism. The right consists of those who have escaped the brainwashing somewhat and still believe in individual rights, capitalism, a small representative government, Jesus Christ, the Holy Bible, and the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, both sides are unaware of their enemy, as the conservative right believes in Catholic doctrines (Futurism, Sunday worship, eternal soul for the wicked, spiritualism, idol worship, pagan holidays, listening to the AntiChrist Papacy, etc.). This means, both sides are ultimately deceived and being set up for the final propaganda skit to come.

The final propaganda skit to come is the right wing backlash, theocracy, fascism, and WW3.

The best way to combat these lies and manipulations is to not believe or trust either the right or the left, to ignore them and fight against both of them. If the right does something favorable for us, great, support this, yet don't trust or support the person who is doing it.

Essentially, don't let your hearts and minds be deceived by liars like Trump or Biden. They are both working for the same rulers of evil as puppets. The only power we as a people have is to resist, don't comply, and don't believe in these wicked people put in front of us to deceive and destroy all that is good. They will do it with a smile while saying everything we want to hear, yet in the end they will back stab us and leave us for dead. Don't support your enemies, even when they are acting like your friends, and don't be so naive to think some billionaire like Trump is anything but our enemy, as he is simply controlled opposition trained by the Jesuits, the sworn enemy to Protestants and other "heretics" against the Roman Catholic Institution and the Holy Roman Empire it wields even today.

The perception of American citizens and people worldwide is the focus of the social engineers who are manipulating the storyline to control the masses. The perception the rulers of evil are presenting is an illusion with a double and triple cross plot -- however many needed to fool us. Regardless of the enemy's best attempts to brainwash the masses, many of us have escaped their tactics and are bathing in the eternal sunshine of truth. This very much infuriates the Jesuit/Zionist led NWO because it shows how pitiful they really are; that they couldn't fool a lowly peon like me who was born into the lie shows they are very limited in reality -- the reality beyond the perceptive illusions they are working so very hard to make us believe. Poor pitiful scumbag NWO zombies.

Guess what rulers of evil, I don't believe your lies. Rather, I believe in the KJV Holy Bible and in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. More bad news for the enemy, you will be destroyed in the end by a power you are afraid to even speak of, that is Jesus Christ, the name above all names, the one and only God of all creation.

This show has been approved by YouTube as certified truth, as it was banned by them and given great honors in the process. Thank you communist scumbags for separating those who are scumbags like yourself from those who are not scumbags and truly care about humanity and the truth. The truth you are afraid to let loose, for it will expose your lies and deceptions. Enjoy and be blessed in Jesus.

We need to rise to a higher intelligence, we need the mind and heart of Jesus Christ.

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To know the enemy is to understand their tactics. The Jesuits always have a twisted plan to unleash on the unsuspecting populace, yet if one looks close enough they show us their next moves. Here is my take on the coming moves of the Jesuit Vatican led NWO and their modern inquisitions.

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There can only be one truth, so what is it?

What is the purpose of the coronavirushoax exactly? What kind of future are we looking at living in the world?

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Originally recorded in late January 2014, me playing the Cort 6-string acoustic/electric guitar and recording on my phone. Raw and unprofessional as it is recording-wise, turn it up and go on the journey for a few minutes, see what I mean by this tune. Blessings in Jesus along the way. Pic is one I took of my beautiful wife at Sahalie Falls (near Springfield, OR) around the time of this recording. I'm very blessed with a wonderful wife, God is good and has a way for those who believe. Visit my website to learn more:

This is my first YouTube video Jan. 2014, just messing around with my Cort 6-string acoustic guitar. The picture is one we took of our front yard that winter. To get the mp3 download visit:

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The truth will remain while lies always fade away. Jesus Christ is the truth, the way, and the life (John 14:6).
The picture is one I took of Brasada Canyons Golf Course near Bend, OR -- went on to shoot an 84 (+12) that day.

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This is a song I wrote around 2010 about my wife and me. She wasn't my wife yet, as we had just met in the midst of difficult times for both of us, especially her. I was a night-time taxi driver who met her on a police call at 3 am -- God was working and He knew this lady was to be my wife, although, we had to escape much darkness. Thankfully, I knew Jesus and he was leading the way to a better life, and thankfully, my wife wanted to follow Jesus too, thus, followed my lead under Jesus to a better life. Thank you Jesus!

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Is there a method to their madness? Those in the know might be wondering what the purpose of the fake pandemic we are currently still experiencing really is? Good question, yet finding a straight answer is a bit difficult in the convoluted news atmosphere of deception we’re in.

Just remember, there can only be one truth; both the truth with the meaning of our existence and the current affairs of the world. Whether we know this one truth or not depends on our love of the truth, which leads to our persistent searching for the truth in the minefield of lies and how close we get to the Spirit of Truth.

One of the most helpful clues we can gather is the understanding of who and what is our enemy at the core. This will help us understand the motives and wiles of the enemy, thus giving us clues to unlock the puzzle of deceit before us on a daily basis. While I can’t single-handedly transfer into you the entirety of my understanding and research in one article on an obscure blog with an outdated theme, I can attempt to patch together a reasonable argument for the hypothesis I want to share.

Some may call it a conspiracy theory, well, in fact, this is likely the correct term, as I must theorize in part due to the clandestine nature of the world we are living in. There is much evidence in fact and circumstance, yet the powers to be won’t allow this to be presented to the masses (or controlled populations of dissenters) in a direct way.

Anyway, here is my theory on the Trump Coronavirus Methodology:

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This is a picture I took of the 6th hole at Bandon Preserve in Southern Oregon. I'm playing my Cort 6-string acoustic guitar. Blessings in Jesus.

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Me playing my Cort 6-string acoustic electric guitar unplugged; picture is near Bandon viewing the Pacific Coast in Southern Oregon. The sea level isn't always easy on the body of a highlander, we found out living there the last 10 months. Blessings in Jesus.

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As of today, there are over 50k deaths caused by the COVID-19 virus and nearly 1 million people infected in the US, yet is this really the case? There are many different views surrounding this questionable so-called pandemic, including the government reaction to it, the fuzzy math, and the reporting of it by the media. In this episode, I try to uncover some of the deception surrounding this obvious power grab by the powers to be, and I try to help my listeners understand what it means in the bigger picture.

In my opinion, formed by the evidence I've seen, this coronavirus is a complete hoax. Even the idea of a pathogenic virus being spread in the air is very questionable. More likely, 5G radiation and the vaccines (flu shots from last season) are the real reason why people are getting these flu-like symptoms, yet this is something that happens every year.

Even if people believe this is a real virus, the numbers they are showing (John Hopkins University) reveal it isn't even as deadly or widespread as the seasonal flu. So with mortality rates akin to the seasonal flu, why is the entire world being shut down and our rights being taken away? This is the question many people are having, especially those detrimentally affected by this deception -- small businesses, restaurants, salons, sports, travel industry, barbershops, etc.

In the meantime, they are passing stimulus packages in the trillions of dollars in order to take over the private industry and give money to their cronies in high places -- all in the name of health and safety from a virus that isn't even real, or at least, that isn't even a threat more than the regular flu. This is creating a socialistic, fascist corporate system with even more power over our daily lives; case in point, their ability to make us stay in our homes for more than a month, taking away our free enterprise, and destroying tens of thousands of businesses because Big Brother says it's dangerous for us to go outside and work.

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Playing my acoustic/electric Cort 6-string and c-harp, jamming a tune in my mind; the picture is one my lovely wife Light Lady took of this beautiful earth God has created for us, praise Jesus for all good things. Download the mp3 here:

This is me jamming on my Cort 6-string acoustic/electric guitar. The picture is one my wife took in the high desert settings near Silver Lake Oregon, i.e. Eastern Oregon. Pray this finds you well in Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Download the MP3 at Spreaker:

Creating video, music, and podcast content to share on YouTube is a good idea, as this is the 2nd most popular website in the world and the US and by far the most popular social video platform online, yet creators can also syndicate their content to other social video platforms to get more views and online traction. Let’s discuss the benefits of syndication and examine 7 social video platforms to syndicate content with.

A Writer's Review article: "7 Social Video Platforms to Syndicate Content With"

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This episode discusses the dangers of online technology concerning social conditioning. The convenience and allurement of online technology are very real and powerful, yet are they worth the long-term negative effects? And what are these long-term negative effects?

Most people aren’t asking the question: “Is technology necessary for human progress?”

I think the case could be made that online technology is making our personal lives and society worse, rather than improving them.

While online technology could be used to improve humanity, this totally depends on the intentions of those who rule the world. Unfortunately, those who rule this Beast system are working for Satan, as he is the ruler of this world.

The overly stimulated American culture is rapidly being brainwashed into the NWO social engineering agenda. The orchestrated online world, cable television, Hollywood, sports, controlled opposition, education, politics, music, and media at large, is designed to over-stimulate society in order to:

- destroy family, friend, and community relationships
- create a false perception of reality
- create split personalities in people
- distract people with entertainment and socialization
- eliminate contemplative thought
- replace answers from family/mentors/friends with online answers
- create total dependence upon online reality
- influence people into their agenda (new age, false science, LGBT, Anti-Christ)
- create confusion with news (people can’t keep up with events)

These are some of the reasons why the NWO are creating an overly stimulated American culture; ultimately, it’s helping the NWO reach their main objective of complete and absolute control over the world.

They’ll use online technology to facilitate this control; the Mark of the Beast will be the main control tool they’ll use. Without the mark, people won’t be able to buy or sell -- they won’t be allowed to log in to their online accounts; they’ll be completely cut out of the online world, which means they won’t be able to bank, rent or buy a home, apply for a job, buy a car, etc.

Eventually, being online won’t be a choice for people, as everything will be facilitated through online technology in some manner. Already, in 2019, this is nearly a reality.

The over-stimulation is speeding everything up (at least with our perceptions). People don’t have time to watch, read, or do all the things they want to. There’s always something to fill our time with, which is causing people to neglect and forget about their real-life relationships and communities, etc.

This episode and these thoughts are meant to help people critically think about the negative impact of online technology. I’m not immune to the allurements and pleasures that the online world offers, yet I believe it’s the carrot before the horse, drawing us into the slaughterhouse.

That slaughterhouse is living in an Anti-Christ beast system that has total control over every aspect of our lives; where there’s no freedom of conscience and truth is not allowed.

My advice to listeners and readers is to question how online technology is affecting us, as a society and individually, and where it’s leading us. Also, to work towards living independently from online technology and the beast system as much as possible. And, of course, to love and seek the truth always.

Until next time, God bless friends, hope this finds you well.

John 14:6 King James Version (KJV)
6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Originally published at The Lowdown Truth Jan. 20, 2019


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