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This is invaluable information.
Do NOT forget this!


Psyops, Psyops, everywhere! I keep calling them! I’m on a roll.

It’s not even the same guy!!!

FBI informant was the guy who “stabbed him”
They allege. Layers and layers of deceit.

I wonder what sentence anyone else would have gotten?

Secret Invasion Force?

This is very peculiar. Yes, it is well known that they’re pulling as many military aged foreign men into this country that they can, as fast as they can ship them in here, but it’s notable that these men in this location were being processed directly into the “military” supposedly in return for full citizenship.

More tips and tricks to help you stay healthy.


💥Only in Russia!
💥Just Another Day in Russia (Volume Six)

Very easy to watch but beware of the (occasional) Russian Hard Bass! These are very similar to memes. I’m maintaining the style but SOUPING up the quality. Got to keep it TIGHT
Cheers, my friends!


A Mith Chronicler production

This one was hard to title!

Sound familiar?

Ingenuity at its finest. Bill Gates isn’t going to like this one!

Source: unknown

One of the biggest campaigns of this channel is exposing the predators to protect the children. Why can’t we care about the children more than anything else? Why? It’s the most important thing I can think of. I love children and animals. It’s all I REALLY care about. Everything else should be settled SEPARATELY.


This is disgusting and dangerous.

“Original” from Smoke&Mirrors
But I offered some solutions at the end in this version.

💥Sorry I messed up the audio and had to redo this. This was my pinned comment from Smoke&Mirrors

i know how to test if distilling gets it out - just thought of it.
distilled water will need salt added to it to make it conductive - you will need to fill the distiller with smart water and distill.
then add salt to the finished product and then use this machine again and test with a magnet after that.
salt is sodium chloride and will not have a negative effect on the experiment. it will just make the water conductive

I can’t believe I’ve never made a video discussing this subject. The understanding of this is INTEGRAL to your understanding of nearly everything else in this Clown World. Even if you believe in so called dinosaurs this STILL cannot be denied!

You’d think they’d be getting better at this but, if you consider how often they pull these stunts it’s not hard to realize how mistakes could occur.

Well, this isn’t negative news, at least. I’m very glad that some people have not let go of this yet. There needs to be a SERIOUS accounting. This was so dirty….still is. I wish mere corruption was the worst of it.

I’m reuploading this because I’m shocked and disappointed that NO ONE has utilized this tactic since it was introduced to Telegram by this experienced soldier and brought over to Bitchute by me around when I first created this channel.
This will equalize the (riot) field!
If you’re being oppressed by an unlawful entity. Do not needlessly break laws or harm others.

Motor oil (or any oil!)
Glossy black paint (or whatever you can get)
Sand (sediment, salt, etc)
And whatever else you’ve got in your garage!
Don’t make it too heavy to throw without bursting!

💥Read the comments for more tips

I’m sorry, this is an older video of mine. I should have redone the audio. I apologize.

A state of emergency has been declared. People have been evacuated. Totally normal! Just another day in Clown World

In this (on and off) series I’m going (FAR) back into my old productions and highlighting some of my favorite music video scenes that I feel got hopelessly lost and deserve a little more light.
This selection, Spice Islands, comes from my Adventures of Magellan series.

Safety is important

Perception Deception


This video plays on my end. Very strange it isn’t working for some people

I failed to include this in my initial compilation/report. All information on this subject is very important. This man claims to be one of only two homeless people who still remain in the San Fran/Cali region. I don’t know whether he’s exaggerating or not, but he clearly has more information about this matter than any of us. Take a few minutes to hear him out.

Please note: I nixed my most recent video on purpose. Don’t sweat it, but thank you for the concern.

Please, draw your own conclusions here. This is a rare case in which I wish to be purely (partially) objective.

The rocket goes up. The rocket hits something. The rocket explodes. Van Allen belt? Ionosphere? Firmament? You be the judge.

News flash: I have now been permitted to thumbs up or thumbs down your comments! I’ve been muzzled for so long. Finally, I can give you a sign to show you that I’ve seen and acknowledge your comments. I still can’t reply, but maybe my jail sentence is coming to an end? One can hope.

*Gavin Nuisance

THIS is the important story to keep your eyes on right now. They DISAPPEARED the homeless population in San Francisco AND other areas before the arrival of Chinese leader Xi X and besides for a contrary (seeming) report from a news agency that’s included in this video, no one seems to know where these people ended up. White vans. Some train station, it is purported. Then. . .
I’ve included ALL of the relevant reports and news stories pertaining to this occurrence, current AND preceding.
Also, a little extra. . .

Breaking news: Bitchute just allowed me to thumbs up comments! I Still can’t reply or comment but it’s a nice development

Escape before it’s too late!

Truth in supposed fiction
I love going back and watching old movies….not because I’m a fan of movies or Hollywood but because I LOVE busting these people by uncovering all of the truths they’ve thrown in our faces time and time again—-expecting that we’re too stupid to recognize any of it.
It’s such a blessing being AWAKE.


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💥I only wish to help in whatever capacity I am able, for the Glory of God!

💥 At the moment I’m focusing on covering important developing news stories.
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