Covid19 the lockdowns police killings and the protests/riots all predicted in Thief
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-:SPOILER:- the reason you are being forced to wear a face mask is not because of covid19!

Find out who was responsible for the outbreak and why they did it. Full video-

Subjugation, to Pray to, or humiliation- what’s your favourite reason to bow down to another human being because you perceive that they are worth more than you?

The mainstream media gets caught again manipulating the public.

The reason why they started the race war.

Marvels Spider-Man (PS4) predictive programming Covid19 the lockdown martial law and more

Have you been social distance shamed?
Have you been quarantine shamed?
If the answer is yes then this is the video for you.
Time to fight back against the sheep people.

Green day American Idiot poetic cover.

Connecting the dots between the government enforced lockdown,why it’s essential to the 5G plan and how the Covid19 virus is a hoax

before you play RE3 learnThe dark Truth about Leon and the outbreak.


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