David Whitehead is an independent researcher, martial arts teacher and entrepreneur. 

Along with Michael Tsarion, he runs Unslaved, an advanced education platform which takes alternative research to the next level. 

David is in the middle of a docu-series called 'The Cult Of The Medics', which shares the history of western medicine along with the incongruences in the information we're receiving over the last couple of years.

In this conversation we covered the following:
- The history of the pharmaceutical industry
- The current organisations behind pharmaceutical industry
- World Economic Forum and The UN
- Cult like behaviour
- Human/civilisation cycles 
- The blatant deceit by talking heads around the world
- The psychology of the masses

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This is the third time I've had a conversation with Jason Christoff for the podcast.

He is a health coach and self-sabotage expert who has spent years studying the mechanics of the mind.

Jason has been exposing historic mind control and nefarious actions by certain sects of society for years.

His influence on social media recently led the Guardian to smearing him (amongst others), claiming the wellness industry had 'turned its back on Covid science'.

Topics Covered :
- Mind Control
- Psychology
- C*V*D*9
- Holistic Health and Wellbeing
- Financial Wellbeing

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Ryan McMahon is a writer, filmmaker and researcher. He is the author of two books about syncretic spirituality and various esoteric traditions.

We spoke about symbology, etymology, various mystical paths, selfhood and the rise of a new type of nationalism in the western world. We also discussed the difference between eastern and western philosophy.



A extended summary of an article written by Michael Tsarion called 'World In Your Head (Exploring the Unconscious)'.

00:00 - Introduction
01:21 - Historic Human Consciousness
06:50 - Ego Taking Over Role Of Self
10:13 - Sigmund Freud
13:14 - Ancestral Trauma
15:30 - Carl Jung
16:44 - Wilhelm Reich
19:31 - Otto Rank
24:25 - Thomas Szasz
25:04 - Karen Horney
28:05 - Return Of The Repressed
28:37 - Human As Artist
30:09 - Ernest Hilgard
31:32 - Friedrich Schelling
32:31 - Immanuel Kant
32:58 - George Hegel
34:05 - Parenting (Alice Miller and Melanie Klein)
36:14 - Empathy
37:07 - What Is The Ultimate Value Of Psychology?

Unslaved -
World In Your Head Article -

I deconstruct why there is no mass awakening going on.

Trigger warning for the fluffy type.

00:00 - Intro
00:20 - Where Is The Mass Awakening?
01:05 - Victimhood
02:24 - Astrological Events
05:38 - What Is 'Awakening'
06:14 - Conspiracies
07:07 - What Awakening Isn't
08:42 - What Has Ever Changed?
10:33 - Historical Chaos
11:55 - Rational Spirituality
12:31 - Doing The Greater Work As Individuals


Ralph Ellis has been researching biblical and Egyptian history for more than 30 years. What I love about Ralph's work is how he drops the mythological outlook of the biblical texts and brings these into actual historic record.

How can we understand who we are if we do not take on an investigation into our real history?

Ralph also considers himself a gnostic atheist, so has no horse in the race.

Take a listen as we cover some ground that is rarely spoken about, particularly by anything mainstream.

00:00 - Ralph's Intro
05:56 - Bible As Historical Record
12:43 - The Historic Exodus
23:20 - Pharaoh Akhenaten
27:38 - Bull to Sheep Worship
33:49 - Garden of Eden in Egypt?
38:20 - 2 Exodus's
39:40 - Ralph's Relationship with Christians
42:55 - Beginning of Monotheism
57:40 - Ginger Haired Pharaoh's? + Queen Scota
58:34 - History of Scotland and Ireland
01:06:54 - Jesus The Man
01:16:16 - Looking In The Wrong Era
01:19:17 - Why Theologians and Historians Can't Accept Real History
01:25:17 - What Did Jesus Look Like
01:30:37 - King Izas Manu of Edessa
01:42:11 - Saul/St Paul
01:50:08 - Biblical Jesus Leading The Jewish Revolt
01:56:55 - 'Turn The Other Cheek'
01:58:34 - Why Rome Went Along With The Story
02:04:00 - King Izas Manu The Tyrant?
02:05:52 - Mary Magdeline
02:08:10 - Academia
02:15:25 - Ralph's Links/Books


Dan is an entrepreneur, strategist and global thought leader who has impacted hundreds of thousands

20-Minute Shamanic Drumming with Callback

Tim Shieff is a Free Running/Parkour world champion and American ninja warrior finalist.

Having followed Tim's journey for a number of years, it was a pleasure to be able to speak to him for the first time.

We spoke extensively about the Human body, Nature, Psychology, Emotions and GOD.

You need an open mind for this one!

(Please note this was recorded in a cave in Cappadocia, Turkey, and the internet connection was weak. So apologies for any internet lag and sound issues. We have done our best to make it look and sound as well as it can.)

Jason Christoff is a self-sabotage coach and Truth-telling warrior. He is also an avid student of Human behaviour and psychology

He owns multiple businesses and talks across the world about overcoming overt mind control to tap into our own individual greatness.

Jason has been exposing mind control techniques and nefarious government actions for years.

In the podcast, we take a look at the techniques used to keep the average person and their mind trapped in the world of average.

Sacha Stone is someone whose work has played a big influence in my life.

He is a former rock musician and artist, growing up in Zimbabwe throughout the war for independence.

He has dedicated his life to the evolution of Human consciousness through numerous projects including 'Humanitad', 'The International Tribunal for Natural Justice' and 'The New Earth Project'.

He is also a writer, film-maker and public speaker.

I had the honour of speaking to Tom Campbell, ex NASA physicist, author, consciousness researcher and author of My BIG TOE (Theory On Everything).

Tom is a highly evolved Human Being and the depth of the conversation is impactful. When you speak to people like Tom, the dialogue gets deep immediately and I loved every minute of it.

We spoke about:
- The fundamental reality of our Universe being virtual and subjective
- Purpose and meaning
- Scientific materialism and its limitations
- Is there such thing as enlightenment
- Humans need for certainty
- Love and Fear
- Specific exercises to evolve our consciousness

Jordan Maxwell is a legend.

He has spent over 50 years researching and sharing many uncomfortable realities of life, and dedicated his life to sharing this knowledge.

We spoke about COVID19, society, communism, America, astrology, morality, Trump, the elections and more.

He helped David Icke become the figure he is today after becoming good friends with geniuses such as Manly P Hall and Zacharius Sitchen.

About 10 years ago, Jordan played a big role in my life as I was trying to make sense of an awakening process. It was an honour to be able to speak to him.

Jordan Maxwell

Matt Presti is the President of the University of Science & Philosophy, which is the educational centre of one of the greatest luminaries of recent history - Walter Russell.

Matt Presti shares the basics of Dr Russell's cosmogony and discusses his philosophy for living. It's a fascinating subject and one which rattles quantum physics.

Dr. Walter Russell’s teachings give to mankind, a scientific and “living” philosophic understanding of man himself, the mind of man, the soul of man and his relationship to the “Universal One”.

We also cover the gradual, nefarious agenda behind current worldly affairs and what we can do to master ourselves and bring that into manifestation.

Matt Presti

Self Sovereignty

Cassie Aurora is a phenomenal astrologer. She has vast experience in the divination arts having worked with many clients across the world.

We covered the astrology of COVID19 and what Cassie expects to happen moving forward. We also discuss a lot of personal growth strategy and how we develop as a human being to fulfil our limitless potential.

Cassie's Website

Self Sovereign

Phil Escott is very wise in various aspects of life, currently living in Skelmersdale in the UK. Having been heavy into his spirituality in the early part of his life, Phil got into Transcendental Meditation in the early ’80s.

This helped him overcome his fear and suffering, having taken larges amounts of hallucinogenics without a framework of how to handle the effects. He has had many different realisations and challenges over the course of his life, one of them being crippling arthritis and other ailments, which he now overcome through his carnivorous diet and primal lifestyle.

He has since written a book titled - “Arthritis, The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me” (Link Below) which recontextualises illness as a blessing, not a curse. He is also a family man and enjoys drumming in a local band.

Phil’s new project is ‘The Human Unleashed’ which is bringing together the knowledge of 4 individuals together for the betterment of us all.



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Graeme Norbury talks about what he thinks is the key to human health and potential.

We talk extensively about the importance of light, water and magnetism to the body and how we need to work alongside the sun cycles, known as circadian rhythms, in order to stay vital.

This is a very new subject to a lot of people and Graeme does a great job in making it accessible to the layman. This area of science is going to explode in the near future and thankfully we have access to this knowledge today.

There were a few internet issues at certain points but we have done our best to mitigate any issues. Due to the connection problems, this is a listen-only video.

Hope you enjoy


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Hi Folks,

First video to Bitchute getting away from Youtube

I have had to rebrand because a big player has started using my previous brand name! The podcast is now called 'The Path to Self Sovereignty', giving ideas as to how to be free in your spirit rather than at the mercy of the world.

Today we had on Silas Lees, an author of 2 books, a serial entrepreneur and someone I am honoured to call a best mate.

We covered the current state with the Coronavirus 'Crisis', his new business venture and the modern-day financial system.


Love is the New Religion

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Quick fixes are not sustaining so if that is what you are looking for, this work probably isn’t for you. Self -Transcendence cannot be rushed.