A teddy bear kills some people.
A film made by pre-teens, inspired by "Child's play" and other things that pre-teens watch.
Eyjafilm - 1992

Terminator rip-off made by pre-teens.
Sort of like if Terminator vs. Colombo/inspector Clouseau was the trailer for an episode of Hardcastle & McCormick.

Smith O. Wesson hires Goði the hitman to kill Konstantinopel.
Hilarity ensues.
Eyjafilm - 1996

Brynjólfur Jónsson frá Minnunúpi does nothing.
Another Avant-garde masterpiece from Eyjafilm.
Eyjafilm - 1996

A Lawyer is hired to sue a man for raping Kennedy and assassinating his children. Or something
Man does not much care for this and flees.
So happens the most epic chase ever filmed.
Eyjafilm - 1996

Hvar er Harry Klumpur - remake
Eyjafilm - 1993

A thief steals a priceless diamond in an elaborate heist.
A little bit of murder and mayhem ensues.
1991... I think.

Man lives in a haunted house. There's a ghost.
It is a very haunting ghost in this haunting tale of a haunting.
Eyjafilm - 1996

After a man maliciously spills another man's drink, a chase ensues.
Eyjafilm - 1993

Man goes to bed and a ghost takes him to hell.
Another man goes to bed and a ghost also takes him to hell.
Eyjafilm - 1996

A majestic and glorious imperial clothespin is stolen.
Car-chase, Garfield, Vodka, murder.
Eyjafilm. The nineties.


Man fights invisible ghost
1992. Maybe.

A thief who is thieving and killing gets killed.
Invisible aliens crashland on Earth, and immediately attack a man to steal his lawnmower.
He hires a detective to try to find out what is happening.
A man has some bicycle trouble.
A man is killed in Sauna, and some detectives try to figure out who done it. This case involves a hitman and stuff.
And Sauna and Vodka.
Eyjafilm - 1992-1996

Very calm space-guys crash their spaceship, steal another one, get chased. Calmly.
Eyjafilm - 1996

It is stolen and it must be found.
So a man hires a PI to find it.
Eyjafilm - 1996

Very stupid aliens press the wrong button, causing them to crash on Earth.
They have adventures.
Other aliens land, to find them.
They have adventures.
Eyjafilm - 1993-1995.

Man goes to have revenge.
Fighting happens. There is stabbing, there is spearing, there is hammering a wall with an axe for several minutes.

James Blond is extorted into killing someone because of something he did earlier.
James Blond hires an assassin, as people do.
James Blond drinks a lot of vodka and urinates a lot.

Eyjafilm - 1996

When Manuel Focus's attempt to hire James Blond to kill James Blond fails, he instead hires another, equally inept killer.
Oscar winning special effects.
Eyjafilm - 1993

A gangster hires an assassin to randomly kill someone.
When the assassin tries to kill the gangster, randomly of course, the gangster becomes upset.
Eyjafilm - 1993

A mad bomber is on the loose. He also poisons people.
A crappy PI is hired to find him.
Stuff blows up.
Eyjafilm - 1996

In this endearing philosophical drama about man's eternal strife against man and men and nature and rolling grassland in general, but not sheep, although we all know that sheep are plenty evil, we see Eyjafilm's nuanced approach to avant-garde filmmaking in its early stages.
Also: guns.
Eyjafilm - 1993

After a heated argument, a man hires an assassin to kill.
The assassin speaks only in kabbalistic code. And is blind and/or disoriented.
Murder and mayhem ensues.
Eyjafilm - 1996


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