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Our government leaders and trend setters, no doubt disappointed at not being considered trustworthy gods worthy of veneration, seem hell bent on using the current crisis to demand respect and increase their power.

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The December 26th, 2020 Dundas Square Freedom protest in Toronto Ontario hit a glitch with local police attempted to ticket organizer Kelly Anne Wolfe under the provincial Reopening Ontario Act.

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As we move into the holiday season, the Age of Ingenuity has collected 40+ links, RSS Feeds and short descriptions of some of the best of the independent alternative news sites on the internet.

These links have already been collected and published on the Commercial Space blog in the right column under the "alternative News" but now seems like a good time to remind people that the "legacy" news isn't the only, or even the primary source of "real" news available today..

It's also interesting to note how many of these sources, sites and channels have recently been banned by YouTube and Facebook and how quickly the community is growing in spite of this censorship.

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This week, Al and I went to Adamson’s BBQ in Etobocoke Ontario where owner Adam Skelly is protesting the lock down, trying to keep his employees on payroll, putting some food on the table to feed his young family and getting arrested for his troubles.

This is important stuff. Small business owners and families have the right to overrule stupid legislation from those in government who think we’re no good for anything but sitting on the couch, eating chips and watching TV. For more, check out the show notes at

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Camera - Al Calder
Editing - Chuck Black

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This week, Al traveled to Aylmer Ontario to cover the local Freedom March, held on November 7th. We’re going to talk about that and show some footage of the event.

We're also going to take a look at Toronto, Ontario based Trend Hunter, a company started in 2006 to track trends in pop-culture, advertising and design.

We’re going to pay particular attention to the scary suggestions the company predicts corporations should focus their marketing efforts around, after covid.

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If last week was a heavy political week in Canada, then this Tuesday was the culmination of an unprecedented period of political turmoil in the US. We’re going to take a look at what the alternative media, but not what the legacy media, is saying about this.

We’ve also reconnected with Henry Hildebrandt, the pastor of the Church of God in Aylmer Ontario. He’s been at the centre of the anti-lockdown protest movement in Ontario almost since the beginning of this so-called pandemic in March 2020.

He’s been so effective, the local Mayor has declared a “state of emergency” in an effort to shut down a planned protest featuring him in Aylmer Ontario on November 7th.

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Paul Fromm at Dundas Square in Toronto Ontario on October 24th, 2020. For more, check out our Age of Ingenuity website at

We’ve just come off a heavy political week in Canada, with provincial elections in Saskatchewan and British Columbia and two Federal by-elections in Toronto. We’re going to talk about that.

We're also going to note that most of those vying for public office didn’t talk about business closures, the ongoing lock downs or anything especially relevant to the electorate and voter turnout was low because of that.

Unlike the politicians, we will be talking with Dany Laflamme, the owner of Nova Gym Centre Fitness in Quebec. He’s decided he can either open his business in defiance of the Quebec government's new lock down edicts or go bankrupt. This blog feels his pain and wishes him the best.

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Twenty minutes of happy, healthy and non-covid infected people walking by the camera without wearing masks. What better way to show that the true turnout for the event was far more than the 100's of people the legacy media estimated would turn out.

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Five members of The Line, one of the groups organizing the Saturday Freedom Protest March at Dundas Square in Toronto, Ontario were arrested while at dinner at the Hilton Toronto on March 16th, 2020, according to George Roche, Executive Director of the Line (

He stopped to talk to Al Calder in Dundas Square just before the October 17th, 2020 Freedom Protest at Dundas Square in Toronto Ontario was about to kick off.

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A little less than last week, but still a great crowd of just under a 1000 people smiling and enjoying their rights and freedoms. Building up to a far bigger protest on October 17th.

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Those of us who are firmly convinced that the Trudeau government is responding appropriately to the pandemic by shoveling tons of taxpayer dollars into a giant budgetary money pit might want to note recent reports out of Ottawa on Canada’s Innovation Supercluster Initiative.

We also have a timely interview with Chris Sky, the creator of "Mothers Against Distancing," the organizer of Private on Demand (POD) Education and one of the organizers of the giant freedom rally planned for Dundas Square in Toronto on October 17th.

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The worldwide protests against arbitrary lock downs are growing. They include a substantial two thousand person protest over the weekend in Toronto which was mostly ignored by the local media.

We’re going to take a look at that and talk about whether or not we’re truly entering into a “second wave” of our current pandemic.

We'll also be interviewing someone who’s had success in rolling back arbitrary edicts, Brother Henry Hildebrandt, the pastor of the Church of God in Aylmer Ontario who managed to reopened his church during the depths of the pandemic, despite the odds and substantial police push back.

Now, he wants to do the same for the rest of the country. For more, check out the show notes at

Two thousand happy healthy people without masks walking down Younge Street in downtwon Toronto, an unusual sight these days....

The local, provincial and even the federal governments have begun the process which will seemingly end in a second lock down across Canada later this fall.

This new lock down isn’t based on any increase in self-reported sickness, hospital admissions or any actual Covid deaths. It’s wrapped almost entirely around arbitrary government edicts made without public oversight and focused around increased absolute numbers of positive Coronavirus tests on people who mostly don't even exhibit symptoms.

We're going to take a look at that.

We're also going to talk with Kelly Anne Wolfe, the executive director of Mothers Against Distancing, or MAD, Liaison for HUGSOVERMASKS and CEO and host of FreedomForum. Kelly is one of the movers and shakers of the current wave of protests against the lock downs, plus the government overreach that goes with it.

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The unraveling of the pandemic lock downs have begun. A Federal judge has ruled that Pennsylvania's pandemic lock down orders are unconstitutional and the state has no right to restrict a citizen's freedom of movement or association.

But there’s also lot of angry people still protesting about this issue and rumors abound that many jurisdictions have already planned to restore restriction in the upcoming weeks. The frogs are boiling over and we're going to take a look at that plus discuss the weekend freedom protests in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other locations.

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"Age of Ingenuity" hosts Al Calder and Chuck Black went to Ottawa ON to cover the August 29th, 2020 Parliamentary Hill protests against the Canadian governments current response to our seemingly never ending, worldwide pandemic.

We learned a lot of useful things which we're going to share. We'll also try to provide some sort of context. Wish us luck. It's a strange, but ingenious new world we live in.

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"Age of Ingenuity" producer Chuck Black fell on his laptop while cycling to work last week. He's fine (if a bit embarrassed) but the laptop sustained substantial damage so we're going to take a little break until the poor old Lenovo T470s comes back from repair and we can get back to the business of tracking innovation.

We'll return with all new episodes beginning August 24th, 2020. Until then, keep in touch with us on Facebook, Gab, LinkedIn, Minds, Pinterest, Steemit and Twitter. Follow the stories we're tracking on the Canadian Innovation News and Upcoming Events Scoop-It feeds.

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Everyone loves Navdeep Bains, Canada’s innovation minister, especially the innovation community which hungers for those countless semi-trailers full of cash he’s been giving out recently.

We're going to look at that and we're also going to remember the time when we could ask government ministers hard questions and have a reasonable expectation of receiving an honest answer even for the difficult issues.

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Scientists are collecting more data than ever before but they’re not necessarily publishing their findings in peer reviewed journals.

Instead, they’re using using open-access publications, pre-publishing services without peer review and even twitter and other social media tools to set themselves up for future funding, rather than Nobel Prizes. We're going to take a look at that and also consider the future of universities.

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