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Dr. F. Roger Devlin gives a fascinating account of the role of envy in race relations, detailing societies in which envy plays a powerful role. Dr. Devlin notes that envious groups can “embrace even failure itself as a badge of identity.” Dr. Devlin concludes that if blacks and whites must live together, society must teach that white success does not depend on black failure and that everyone must succeed by his own efforts.

Jared Taylor notes that "our country is sick," and offers a diagnosis. Mr. Taylor says the racial dividing line is so clear and bright it should “should dazzle even whites who are deliberately blind.” He concludes with optimism: “All of you,” he said, "have the blood of those heroes in your veins, and like our noble forebears, we will fight and will be victorious.”

Michelle Malkin traces her “30-year journey from mainstream campus conservative to establishment Con Inc. media figure to speaker here at American Renaissance.” She has come to the conclusion that we can't all "just get along." She points out the shortcoming of blind rank-and-file Republicans and shares her hope in America First dissidents.

Peter Brimelow says the Biden administration's radicalism has led to a "moral panic" from which no conservative is safe. He lays 3-1 odds that the GOP will take back the house and the senate in 2022, and proposes a "to-do" list. Lastly, he points to dramatic shifts in voting patterns that he says could lead to a "reconquista."

Sam Dickson says Americans of European origin must have a nation and that there is no hope of political reform. He points out that the Left has given up on everything it once championed, and adds the rising number of people who see our government as illegitimate “offers great hope for the future.” He concludes with his belief that “we will have our own nation.”

Gregory Hood speaks about how European-Americans are the ones with real grievances in America — as they suffer from government discrimination, media defamation, and a complete lack of political representation. Mr. Hood charged that “we have practically dismantled our entire civilization” but have received almost nothing in return. He concludes with a rousing call to action.

Jared Taylor speaks of how the most basic and ancient distinctions between people have been crushed by relentless egalitarianism

Mr. Spencer explains that for many decent whites the process of letting go of the dream of America will be very painful, but we must dream of a new nation, an ethnostate for our people on this continent.

Fabrice Robert speaks about one of the most dynamic nationalist movements in Europe today, the Bloc Identitaire (Identitarian Bloc), of which he is a leader.

RamZPaul speaks about how feminism and multi-racialism contribute to the decline of our country

Professor Byron Roth discusses the complex tangle of misfortunes that have befallen working-class whites.

Professor Roger McGrath shares the stories of men whose bravery has inspired our people, and can be a model for our own behavior today.

Adrian Davies, a London barrister with a long record of activism, spoke about promising nationalist parties in France, the UK, and Austria, and the prospect of racially-conscious political movements across Western Europe

Mr. Dickson decries the lie of equality that continues to rule the entire white world, and argues that we need to replace it with our own narrative "founded in the flesh and blood of our people, and in the basic reality of life."

Jared Taylor speaks on the subject of race in “post-racial” America.

John Morgan, director of Arktos Media, speaks on what the West can learn from nationalist movements in Eastern Europe.

Paul Ramsey, the video blogger known as RamZPaul, gives a talk on the searing critique of progressive egalitarianism that is known as The Dark Enlightenment.

Mr. Derbyshire provides a fascinating introduction to China, its relations with the United States, and its willingness cultivate its power in all domains, at the expense of any nation or people in its path.

Jack Donovan explains that culture is the product of identity and of separateness, and argues that globalism and multiculturalism are destroying true diversity.

Professor Douglas Whitman gives an illuminating talk on new discoveries in molecular biology that underline the reality and significance of race

Matthew Tait gives a vivid, insider’s account of how the British National Party went from soaring success to irrelevance in just a few years, and tries to draw lessons from its collapse

Mr. Dickson argues that Americans must bury the idea that the history of our country is a chronicle of ever-expanding freedom. The story of our nation is not the history of an idea; it is the history of a real people with a real history

Mr. Ramsey stresses the importance of healthy, traditional sex roles as the basic building blocks of society. He argues that men and women behave in healthy, complimentary ways when they live in the uncluttered conceptual space of small, homogeneous countries

The 2015 conference speakers debate the proposition: “Can the American political system be used to solve the race problem?”

Jared Taylor, proposed two ideas that could change the United States from a country that threatens our survival to one that promotes it


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The speeches from past American Renaissance conferences, in one place.

American Renaissance is a publication founded in 1990 and dedicated to the study of immigration and race relations so as to better understand the consequences of America's increasing diversity, and to speak in the name of the legitimate interests of America's historic majority. It was published as a monthly print magazine until 2012, and has since been produced online.

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