Jahans incoherently rambles about world politics and technology for about 9 minutes, then spends the rest of the video rambling about his inability to classify Peter Hitchens with Mass Effect's paragon/renegade scale. There's also some Skyrim and multiverse talk, and he mentions that he recently got a new cat named Luna.

Jahans on why the UK should remain a monarchy and the role he believes the monarchy should play in British society.

Jahans thanks his viewers for making him $2 on Youtube and announces that he’ll be taking video request.

Jahans on morality.

Jahans talks about the state of Minecraft in 2015, his Let’s Plays, and other Minecraft Let’s Players.

This is the video Jahans mention at the beginning of the video: https://youtu.be/50o6iNsSE5A

Jahans angrily rants about the Tory’s public spending cuts and how Labour planned on making the same cuts if they had won the election.

The revolution against Cameron’s government has begun.

Jahans reads from his blog and triumphantly declares that Cameron’s reign will be a short one.

To go outside, or not go outside, that is the question.

Jahans discusses agoraphobia, escapism, his dislike of doing things just for the sake of doing them, his life in Woking compared to his life at the University of Wolverhampton, living in poverty, his dislike of exercising, his love of cycling, his lack of purpose in life, marketing, capitalism, materialism, and the gamification of life.

The title is self-explanatory. Keep in mind, sharks are one of Jahans’s obsessions. He wrote his university dissertation on “sharksploitation films”.

The documentary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shark_(British_TV_series)

Jahans learns about Youtube’s comment filtering tools.

Jahans discusses David Cameron’s proposal to replace the Human Rights Act with a new "British Bill of Rights”. Jahans doesn’t mention the new "British Bill of Rights” that Cameron wanted to replace the Human Rights Act with, and believes Cameron wanted to do away with human rights as a concept all together.

Vote UKIP, Tory voters. You know it makes sense.

A boring video about British politics.

Fuck UKIP and UKIP voters

Jahans talks about his trolls, his suicidal feelings and self-loathing, muh morality, mental health advisors trying to push drugs on him, the viral facebook clip of him showing his man-tits, the 2015 general election, and UKIP.

“I’m Alex, Alexander Gordon Jahans. I am an autistic idiot.”

Jahans pouts, talks about suicide and regret, and entertains the idea of becoming a politician after a commenter suggested it.

9:43 – “as a kid in primary school I kept a dead rat as a pet in my school uniform”

Jahans proposes creating a right-wing version of the Green Party led by Jeremy Clarkson to combat climate change.

Jahans’s man-tits go viral on Facebook.

Jahans talks about his illness and how it’s negatively affected his life. This may be the first time Jahans mentions being diagnosed with Kallmann syndrome on video.

The video the viral facebook clip came from: https://www.bitchute.com/video/jfxuavVqqqDO/


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I'm JahansArchive. Not Jahans, just his archivist.

Who, or what, is Jahans? Alexander Gordon Jahans (also known as Gordon Jones, the Farsh-nuke, and Alasdair Jakes) is an autistic bisexual British NEET with Kallmann syndrome, hence the man-tits, best know for his long vlogs, the most famous of which tend to be of a political nature, and fetishistic works of fiction which almost always center around cannibalism, sadism, and the domination of women.

Most of his fiction takes place in the multiverse of the Farsh-nuke: a character who is basically Doctor Who with elements of Hannibal Lector and Jahans himself. The multiverse itself is also heavily inspired by Doctor Who and contains plenty of vore, cannibalism, and other random things Jahans is interested in, like sharks. Basically, the Farsh-nuke and the multiverse are Jahans’s Sonichu and CWCville, but with deeper lore.

More archived material: https://mega.nz/#F!uGonVSbA!ux1b5_0wnKSKUATk5S3Hrw
Jahans's YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/farshnuke/videos
Jahans's blog: https://farsh-nuke.blogspot.com/
Jahans's fiction: https://pastebin.com/76Y2CMyj
VIdeo list: https://pastebin.com/Bu5FByaf (If you have any videos not on this list and would be willing to make available for download, please let me know)