A conversation I had with someone about whether female validation is as important/the same thing as sex with a female. And other relevant topics. Bitchute uploader was down the date of this video's creation.



A weird but apt juxtaposition.

Skip to 3:40 for Peterson commentary.

Self-explanatory title.

Just some thoughts on gender, deadbeat dads, their children, and the evil of women.

My thoughts on the common incel ideas that one only needs to be black (alternatively, white), to get girls.


My gaming channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3BLotwPVHNHnqt7b_JiZbA

0:00 - Intro and why I got banned from Jewtube again
2:25 - The appeal of hermitage
3:39 - Natalists
5:08 - Reddit shenannigans
13:30 - Normie's projection
20:00 - Phobias and solipsism
27:00 - Gangstalking and spiritual warfare
33:30 - My path to AWALT and misogyny
42:45 - Peeing in bottles
48:20 - Game of Thrones
50:30 - Normies are gay
1:02:20 - Why do women hate Comedy?
1:05:00 - Selfishness and relationships
1:10:15 - Normies are at the acceptance stage of grief
1:13:30 - Women and limbo
1:16:20 - Duality
1:19:00 - Normie's addiction to this society
1:23:00 - "Compatibility", INTJs, most incels are mentalcels, and


START-11:19- Women are Lazy Cunts
11:20-15:11- Looks Money Status Hierarchy
15:12-34:00- Fuck White Women; Female Awfulness Scale
34:01-41:47- From Whence Cometh Happiness?
41:48-1:04:27- Darkness, Light, and Rain
1:04:28-1:19:22- Loneliness and Transference of Resources
1:19:23-1:35:14- Black Trump Lovers and Mom Worship
1:35:15-1:49:05- Zeitgeist of the Internet
1:49:06-2:06:33- Slavery and Employment
2:06:34-2:14:44- How the World Concedes Male Superiority; Female Humor
2:14:45-2:20:50- Why Don't People Hate Jews More?
2:20:51-2:29:19- Taking Sex for Granted; More on Happiness and Gender Double Standards
2:29:20-2:34:12- Video Games and Eastern/Western Philosophy
2:34:13-2:41:45- When My Girlfriend Got the Job and I Didn't
2:41:46-END- On the Nipsey Hussle Killing

Patrice O'Neal video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjIuPSuYSOY
Dumbass Feminist Vice video- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QarOjjKfseo

An eloquent ballad about why "all the stars are kosher". Obsidian Pill featuring Kendrick Lamar and SZA and some uncredited rando?

Part I: START - 10:15
Part II: 10:16 - 24:18
Part III: 24: 18 - 40:55
Part IV: 40:56 - 51:58
Part V: 51:59 - 1:01:31
Part VI: 1:01:31 - END



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This is Obsidian Pill formerly on JewTube until the stinking kikes banned me for uploading a truth video about the relationship between black people and Jews. I talk about politics, feminism, gender relations, the black and red pill, transhumanism, esoterism, and countless other things.