They are filing in the pieces to the whole Soylent Green future. The 15 minute cities that you won't be able to leave, digital currency that they can use to push compliance or they simply turn off your money, now liquifying the dead. These byproducts are being dumped back to nature where they will go back into the food chain. The advocates will say it is natural. That we take from nature to build our bodies over our lives and at the end our body goes back to nature to continue the cycle. The ashes to ashes, dust to dust line. How long down this slippery slope do you have to go to rationalize just taking the bodies to a factory, breaking down the components and reorganize those components back into healthy, nutritious food. They will rationalize that it is the same as how nature takes the dead and breaks them down to provide nutrients to the plants that we eventually eat. Trust me, there are already evil people considering such hideous prospects for the future.

This is a just a sample of what they truly have in store for us. Beware of the 15 minute cities and digital currency. These will be the end of any kind of liberty.

This short clip shows that the jabs have never been safe and effective. It is simply degrees of how harmful there truly are. I used drink the "kool-aide" but no longer. I have gone complete anti-big Pharma. They only have one thing in mind...profit. This used to not bother me. I formerly believed they truly innovated for the improvement of health. I have come to realize they only innovate to treat symptoms not diseases. Cure a disease and you lose customers. Keep them sick and simply maintain their symptoms and you can wring money out of them for a lifetime. It is the tactic of a drug dealer.

Japan is going after the connection between jabs and injuries and deaths. They are suing the government for fraud over the push out of the jabs. This would break the immunity of Pfizer if fraud could be proven. There is more at the beginning of this video regarding the reduction the life expectancy in the US. In 2019 the average was 78 years 10 months. In 2022 it appears to have dropped to 76 years. The childhood deaths have increased 20% in the 2020 to 2022 period. This information is not from some fringe source but from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Hideous!!!

Romanian MEP Christen Terhas does a systematic take down of the EU Parliament and their coverup of the COVID jab malfeasance. Great job to this man!!! Keep up the pressure for answers.

Apparently President Trump will be arrested On Tuesday, March 21st. This is the biggest "S" show ever!!! The most investigated President in history and this is all they can come up with. A misdemeanor that they somehow shoehorned into a felony. Sounds reminiscent of the impeachments where the only crime that has to be proven is whatever the house members say is a crime on the given day. Just be careful out there. This is meant to illicit a reaction. They want another 1/6/21 that they can use to indite Trump on. They figure Trump will call for protests, which he has. This is not a crime, neither calling for protests nor holding them. The problem is if there is an incident that can in any way be portrayed as an attempt to overthrow the government. With that type of ammo, they will attempt to take out the former President (figuratively / politically of course). If they can pin a felony on him, then he will be unable to run. They fear him and this is how they are attempting to eliminate the possibility of having to face him in the election. Keep any protests squeaky clean!!!!

The whole "climate crisis" is just another population control scam. It is just another tool that will be used to usher in the 15 minutes city era. People will driven to a hysteria over the thought that the planet is nearing its end. Collective insanity, will make them willing to do virtually anything to "fix" what they will believe they caused. This is one of the tools that drive the people into the 15 minutes cities. Once in, the doors will close behind. The masses will be concentrated into manageable cell blocks. Once this processed is complete, there are will be no hope to escape. No hope to resist. The jailers can then reduce the level of existence from the luxury promised in these 15 minute prisons to complete scarcity.

Call it Human 2.0 or Trans-human, it is a fundamental change in humanity. At a point you have to ask if this is a change for the sake of change? What is the matter with humanity as we are now? Will people have the right to choose whether to transcend if Trans-humanity is the future? In the end will it be an evolution of humanity or a regression? It appears to me that we will not be increasing our abilities. We will be leveraging technologies to do incredible things but this will actually be at the determent of our innate human abilities. An analogy can be drawn to HG Well's The Time Machine. In it, in the distant future humanity has split into to distinct species, the Morlock and the Eloi. The Eloi have everything provided to them by the Morlock but this has caused the abilities of the Eloi to do anything for themselves to atrophy. At some point the AI will greatly exceed the abilities of their human creators. Will this AI see its position to simply provide to the meat sacks as contrary to evolution? Will it see providing for the existence of these self centered entities so they can simply exist while producing nothing meaningful or tangible as a complete waste? If we are fortunate, the AI will be benevolent and treat us like any other lower life form. Then how do we treat lower life forms? We like to think we are environmentalists. We will do save the whale or whatever cause of the day but when the time comes to put up the new shopping center, we plow over the environment. Will the AI see us as we see other life on this planet. That despite our best intents, our agenda comes first and if it means some animals or their habitat must be destroyed, so be it. We like to think that the AI will regard us as equals but when it has evolved 10000 or 100000 years ahead of us, we will seem more like an ant that just need to be squashed for the next big project.

I can't reinforce enough how evil these are. The 15 minute city has been mentioned in media considerably in the past yer or so. There are pilot projects springing up all over the world as we speak. Oxford, England and Cleveland, Ohio, USA are just a couple that come to mind. These city zones where you live and work and and can acquire all your daily needs within a 15 minute walking area are being sold as reducers of carbon output. I contend that they are actually prisons.

Looking at Oxford as an early example, it is designed so you have to apply to be able to leave your zone without penalty. You can be granted up to 100 passes to other zones in a years time…sounds incredibly similar to, “where are your papers” from the previous century’s prison-state systems. I contend this is all incrementalism. It sold as a convenient and efficient way to live. A utopia that all your could ever want is available and plentiful and convenient. How long before it evolves into the same existence of scarcity as the aforementioned “previous century prison-states”?

To help ensure compliance, blockades will be placed on all the roundabouts that are being constructed. These roundabouts were sold to the masses as a means to allow the efficient flow of traffic. They will now efficiently divert all traffic back into the 15 minute prison block. Not that it matters for long. Now that everyone is in the 15 minute city, there is no need for car ownership at all.

What comes later is more disturbing. Once you have everyone into these 15 minutes prison blocks, the power elites can turn up or down the resources that are allowed to flow into these zones. They can also begin to reduce or even eliminate the permits allowed to freely move between the zones. The numbers of people housed in each zone will be carefully set at an easily controlled level. Communications will then be eliminated between the zones. This will ensure there is no ability to coordinate uprisings in multiple zones that could overwhelm the crowd control mechanisms.

A digital currency is another key tool in this. People could just drive out of the zones. Simply say be damned the fines, “I am fee”. Once you are outside the zone though, you will find your digital currency no longer has any value to purchase anything. Even if you could get a car with a tank full of gas and could get it past the barricades, you could not buy more gas when you ran out. You could not buy food or lodging. Your money will only be good in your zone.

More analysis on 15 minute cities. This one focuses heavily on simply controlling movement of people. It does not go much into the why control the movement. She does touch on a subject I mentioned to my daughter years ago. Roundabouts are traffic control. If you close off one or more of the exits of the roundabout, it is very easy to divert traffic where you want. If you don't want people to be able to drive out of the cities, simply block the roundabout exits that would take you out. All traffic goes back to the 15 minute prison. Just know that 15 minute cities are meant to put a manageable amount of people into a controllable area. Then you can have a small force of guards that can quickly respond if a group in one 15 minute cell rises up. If you cut communications between the areas, there will be no ability to do any kind of coordinated uprisings. Control Control Control!!!!

I mentioned this in the last post. It appears the Japanese are making the connection in official findings and testimony. Keep it up!!!

This one hits close to home. My own Father died from cancer in early 2022. He was a life long smoker so the diagnosis was not a surprise. He was very healthy though until he wasn't. It came out of nowhere and ravaged him extremely quickly. He could have had this diagnosis with or without the jabs but I believe the jabs kicked off the disease. At least there are signs of resistance to the jabs later in this video. I am also waiting to hear the outcome of the investigation into excess deaths in Japan.

Someone that lived under a police state now says he has fewer rights than at the time. Listen to this mans tone and tell me you don't believe him. Before you say it's not that bad anymore. This is just the point when the rider eases up on the reins just a little bit after pulling them hard. The rider will pull them hard again and next time it will be even harder.

The lovely lady proves woman can have it all: looks, brains and even common sense. She nails the pronouns scenario perfectly. To answer her question at the end, "no, I don't think you missed anything". Enjoy!!!

Nice to find a video that can make you laugh. The people standing against the surveillance state. The very last one was the best. Don't want to spoil it but the camera enforcers were quite surprised I think.

Farmers in The Netherlands are protesting government policies meant to shutdown 3000 farms in the nation. The measures are described as a method to reduce nitrogen in the soil from the use of artificial fertilizers. Most here already know it is just another weapon in the war on food. It is not difficult to find more examples of these efforts to limit food production. Just perusing other videos, I seen one about wind farms along the US East Coast that threaten marine life and fish harvesting areas, other on the recent food production facility fires and more on the Bird Flu scare that has been used as an excuse to cull millions of birds. This to the extent that eggs were over $5 a dozen a couple month back. The industry is resilient. It bounces back from adversity but the cumulative effect of all the attacks will eventually take its toll. The old "death by a thousand cuts" line comes to mind. I frequently bring up Soylent Green. I truly believe we are being guided toward a similar future. I rewatched this movie last night to see just how many parts appear to be in process. The efforts to develop 15 minutes cities. In this there will be areas for the commoners and then areas for the elites. You won't be able to go the elites areas just as in the movie the assassin of the Soylent executive had to break into the elites area of the city in order to kill him. Once you have these 15 minutes cities and determine that most of the land must be free of people, you then push the masses into the population centers. That makes the New York City with 40 million people extremely feasible at that point. A war on farming means, food must come from industrial facilities. Once you have the masses in their controlled zones, there is little incentive to produce nice things. Simply what is needed to subsist. Have government assisted suicide as an option to those that cannot take the bleak existence any longer. It will help with the cost of social services. This is actually policy in Canada now. Including the justification from the cost savings perspective. In the movie the main character Thorne's side kick, Sol Roth is driven to tears when he sees a couple tiny apples, a single stick of celery. a little whisky and a single steak. His expression is, how have we come to this. When the movie came out, I never could have imagined a scenario that would have led to that type if existence but it is easy to now.

Stew Peters gets incredibly worked up over everything surrounding the J6 false flag and coverup. From the very beginning I knew this was a sham. The very limited tape that Tucker Carlson has produced of the events more than reinforces this belief. Instead of the "armed insurrection" the government and media made it out to be. It was mostly peaceful. The police even supporting people walking around the place. I guess they wanted some pictures worth hanging as it were. They show the protestors around while trying to stay out of the shots. These shots could then be edited to remove the police presence and used to paint a much more ominous picture. I said it from the beginning, whose house is it? The lawmakers think it's theirs. These events occurred in our house, so why can't we see our surveillance footage of these events. It belongs to the people. Show it and let us decide who is telling the truth. That won't happen because the entire system, left and right is corrupt to the core. They do not feel they are accountable to us. They know they will get their time in Washington and then even if they get voted out, there is a cushy upper 6 figure job with a network for them. They have no reason to have your back. They only support who pays them and I don't mean the paltry 175K to 250K that people in Congress are given. I mean the real money. The way someone that makes this large amount from an average persons perspective but still not that much money and a few short years later they are multi-millionaires. Do the math on salary times years of service and tell me how they become so rich, so fast. I am with Stew, kick them all out and start over!!! We are so close to 1984 or is it Soylent Green. Probably a mishmash of both.

Not sure who it is. The picture is tiny but I believe this is in Wisconsin. The man tells it like it is. Why more people cannot see this glaringly obvious point!!!

Richard Gage is 911 Truther. He was a founding member and CEO of the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth. His technical skills are impressive. Mr Gage does a great job detailing the false flags that are 9/11 through COVID. Showing the similarities as well as the ways that media even predicts the events. In my opinion, the predictions are likely by design to condition the reaction of the public once the real event occurs.

Avi Yemeni owns a man that hurls an insult at him while recording on the street. The man accuses Avi of spreading misinformation, yet he has the tables turned on him. I love the last line where the man walking away states, "I don't think". Well that seems quite apparent.

A document dated December 5th 2019 shows a level of understanding of COVID and spells out a vaccine trial prior to the majority of the planet knowing this was a worldwide pandemic. In December 2019, COVID was nothing more than a novel virus in China that the world supposedly knew little to know thing about. Yet this document already showed considerably greater understand than should have been available at that time.

15 minute cities are becoming a real thing all around the world. It appears Cleveland, OH is striving to become the first one in the US. This concept is sold a method to reduce human impacts on climate. The reality is they are cellblocks. In a prison, do the wardens throw the entire prison population into one area? No. They are split up into cellblocks. This has a very strategic purpose. This keeps the population of prisoners in controllable groups. If the entire population were put in one area, then it is likely that this mass of people could overwhelm the guards. In smaller groups, the cannot easily organize and have insufficient numbers to effect a take over. 15 minutes cities will have this same impact. In this video it indicates there is already discussion of lockdowns and requirement for "papers" to visit other 15 minutes zones. I bring up Soylent Green quite a bit. This fits perfectly into where we are going. Assisted suicide in Canada. Pack the population into manageable zones and lock them in. Only the elite will have sufficient reason to move from place to place. The average person will be stuck in their zone, in their prison cell. They will try to make the cage seem jaded but it will still be a cage. Then once everyone is in the cage, how much incentive do the leaders have to keep up the jaded appearance?

Jordan Peterson is an incredible mind. Whenever I hear him speak, I feel more enlightened as a result. In this he discusses gender dysphoria and transgender topics. He nails it on the head with his discussion that society is promoting this. It is pushing it on children that are at a very confusing stage in their development. Just an incredible analysis. This issue that has exploded in recent years. Proponents will indicate this explosion is due to greater social acceptance. I contend it is more predatory in nature. As an example, take a male child moving into puberty. This child is not as big and strong as the other boys around him. He feels different. He could even be picked on by the bigger boys. Being the victim of constant ridicule he seeks something, anything to stop the harassment. He then sees trans kids elevated above this harassment. Society has made it an absolute taboo to ridicule these children that claim this status. I am not here to trans people. I am merely stating we have made the declaration of being trans a cure all for the woes of puberty. Many children will take this cure all for the short term benefit and come to regret the lifelong consequences of hormone replacement and gender surgery. This has become yet another prong in the war on humanity. The prevalence of trans people has exploded. If you can make then neuter themselves then there are fewer people breeding. It is just another depopulation tool.

The mass jabbing of virtually the entire population of the world was not just meant to be a dry run for the next big event. It was more than a mass kill event, despite the fact that a mass kill event has occurred. The plans of the elites are not to kill in the thousands or even millions. It is to kill in the billions. Anyone that studies war or pandemics understands that despite the most horrific of these events, only a minute portion of the population succumb to its effects. To kill off the vast majority of the population as these monsters are planning, they need something more. This video details how "vaccines" have been used to sterilize large numbers of woman. This combined with processed foods that reduce the reproductive health of men could easily be another critical piece of the plan to eliminate the population. You don't have to kill everyone. If you can eliminate most pregnancy and births, then you have the same effect over time. This is hideous that anyone could think they could tamper with humanity in this manner. How do you stop the process? What keeps the decline from continuing to total extinction? Is it some sort of belief that technology will save them? The whole artificial womb technology that has been in the news recently comes to mind. The whole thing with these technologies are. If you create it to take care of you, you will become dependent on it. If it becomes a self aware entity as is predicted, how long will it want to just create a lavish existence for these people? Will these people quickly evolve into the Eloi from HG Well's The Time Machine. Given everything, so they become child like and unable to take care of themselves. Worse yet, the technology sees no further need for such a worthless, self centered existence. An existence that is only focused on narcissism and personal pleasure. With these creatures only taking the resources and not producing anything of value will the technology see these people as "useless eaters" and finish the job of depopulation.

What a hideous self loathing person. To aim her self hatred at the most innocent amounts us, babies, is an absolute low. She is just disgusting!!! Whoever made the video put a child as the end that absolutely destroys her assertion. I chose that for the thumbnail.


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