UK ladies treated hideously by the medical staff at hospital. Husband had to smuggle Ivermectin into her in a chocolate bar. After which she recovered.

David Sassoli, President of the EU Parliament, has died at 65. Some are tying this to the jab and what has been labeled Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS). The jabs appear to be having a negative effect on the immune systems of the people who take it. This also appears to be cumulative. The more boosters the worst the impact on your immune response. Ironic isn't it?

Malcolm Roberts MP from Queensland AU discusses Ivermectin as treatment for the plague and how even he as a federal official has been censored by big tech.

The Premier of Alberta, Canada is quite a vocal opponent of the new world order. Good for him!!! Keep spreading the word.

Dr Pierre discusses the risk to pregnant woman and their babies from the jab.

If you incentivize a particular diagnosis or procedure, does it anyones surprise we would have a lot of those diagnoses or procedures? Medical people are people just like everyone else. they are motivated by self interest and greed just like anyone else. So if they can get a boatload more money to say someone is COVID and do expensive procedures that make them bank, do you think they are going to do it? Do you also think this is not a setup for fraud? This is a simplified version. I have heard the numbers before and they are big!!!


People are dropping like flies. Have you seen the compilation videos of world class athletes dropping on the field? The governments are absolute criminals. The MSM is bought and paid for. How many times have you heard, "brought to you by Pfizer"? They have sold their souls.

There are mass protests across the globe. The only notable exception I can find it the good ole' US of A. Believe me the tyrants are here as well but have not been hard enough on the population for the bug protests to take place. It will come on both sides> the tyranny and the protests.

Panel of doctors gave some candid appraisals of what they think is in the jabs and more fringe theories to be avoided to avoid being labeled a conspiracy theorist. While I may agree with some of the fringe theories, I also understand an effort to make it more believable for the majority.


A short video on what it all means.

Dr Sam Bailey discusses gain of function. Good content!!!

This video Dr Syed Haider tells how to get Ivermectin when your normal physician will not give it. This happened to me. I asked my family physician for Ivermectin and he explained he could not prescribe it. He is part of a large hospital system and explained others he knew got into significant trouble prescribing it. He did confirm using Vitamin D, C and Zinc. I used this service and have received my medication. It is prepared specifically for individual based on weight. Can't use insurance but this is insurance in case I come down with the plague. They say early treatment is essential. Now I have it on hand if I need it quickly. Cost a bit. The doctor's fee is $115. Then it is whatever the pharmacy in your area will charge. Mine was another $75. There are other services. I do not know how they match up on price. This one worked for me. You mileage may vary. I am not profiting from posting this.


Tony Heller of realclimatescience.com does another great video on how the new Virginia law to make the state carbon free by 2045 is so misguided. Please go and support Tony in his efforts.


European regulators warn that excessive boosters could lead to reduced immune response. They are now confirming the former conspiracy theory that the jabs will lead to "VAIDS" or Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Funny!!! I put out a previous video that the difference between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact is 6 months. Proving true more and more daily.

The President of Ghana is reading the script straight from the Rockefeller Depopulation Plan document. This document is out there. Why does no one else put this together. It is plain as the text on the page.



Tulsi Gabbard comes out against Biden's divisiveness. Looks like she is setting herself up as a primary challenger for 2024.


New member of the Dutch Parliament earns his pay check by asking tough questions of the PM on the Great Reset. Even catches him in a lie no matter the interpretation.


A German city is offering a voluntary program of colored armbands or wristbands for the jabbed to prove their status and receive additional privilege in society. Sounds like the equal but opposite of the yellow Star of David the Jewish people had to wear back in 1930s and 40s Germany. I do not say this to belittle what happened to the Jewish people of that time. I say equal but opposite because this time the compliant / "clean" are wearing the mark instead of who they deemed the "unclean" back then. They really cannot see the optics of this...insane!!!


Another great American telling it like it is. Great rant!!!

Great short clip on the difference of Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) versus Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR). Using RRR makes the jabs seem incredible when they are just not.

This man that lives in the UK lost 2 sisters after the booster jab and a cousin after the second. So incredibly sad and needless!!! My heart goes out to him.

Woman goes off over anti asian racism at a Virginia school.

Cases lowest in unjabbed. How about that!!!


Tony at realclimatescience.com does a fantastic job explaining the climate change farce. Gotta love Toto too!!!


Crazy!!! This is a great commentary of all the losing Biden is doing!!!



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