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Tony Heller destroys the renewable scam in his normal efficient ~ 5 minute manner He is so right. Wind power is the one he works on in this one. Wind is not reliable, plain and simple. Power on the grid needs to be reliable. If the wind stops blowing, how do you maintain the line level on the grid. These fossil fuel plants cannot turn on and off on the fly. They sit there running, waiting to add power to the grid when the wind stops or slows. The fossil fuel plant could produce the power but to appear green we add all these expensive and unreliable wind turbines that have to be supplemented with reliable fossil fuel. This means you literally have built 2 generation system when only one was needed. This doubles cost of the infrastructure and the price of power for the illusion that something is being done to help the environment. Madness!!!!

John O'Looney, my channels favorite undertaker, discusses a lady he knows that went to hospital for an injury. She was given tetanus shot. She later started to become very ill. Come to find out this shot was actually a 3 in 1 jab. She was inoculated against her will through deception. Beware of the evil institutions and their death protocols. This was in the UK but I am certain it can happen anywhere.

Anyone else wonder about these recent lights in the sky that typically only show up in the far northern latitudes? These were visible as far south as central Florida or further. That is just the furthest south I heard of. This is a good potential explanation for this highly unusual event.

Ed Dowd says in this short clip what most of us already knew.

I knew a bit of this information but this has a lot that I did not. They even say in this that Israel says this is their 9/11. That is very true. Just like our 9/11 was a false flag that was used to stifle freedom in this country and justify a 20 year war, the October 7th false flag is being used to justify removing (killing) the Palestinians from their land. It is just amazing that they are getting away with it since this is so obvious the security forces stood down and allowed it to happen.

Greg Reese covers how the pediatricians are financially incentivized to give vaccines to children. They will even suffer reduced reimbursements for other treatments if they come up short on providing all the jabs the CDC recommends to children. This despite documented evidence that the more vaccines children get, the higher infant mortality. The US is at the top of list of countries that provide the most vaccines and we are also the highest infant mortality of any of the industrialized countries.

Sorry for my absence in posting. I have had a special project in my real job taking all my synapses for that last week or so. Neil Oliver has a great take on evil governments from the past and how the West is moving to a new tyranny and eventual downfall.

This is like something straight out of Minority Report. Jabs that are effective against future viruses. Sounds a bit fishy to me. How can they predict a pathogen and pre-build a jab that will be effective against it?

This is a great analysis of how Greta Thunberg uses monologs that have absolutely zero substance on solutions but merely platitudes on how bad everyone is and how everyone's actions are never enough.

This guy covers this subject in 4 easy to digest potions. Good stuff.

Just a little testimony from Steve Kirsch on the dangers of all jabs.

Medical whistleblower discusses her experience with jab induced illnesses and deaths.

Tom Harris tells you everything you need to know about wind turbines. What a scam they are!!!

Forrest Maready answers this question for Bret Weinstein. About the same thing I would say.

Greg Reese covers how the Japanese are standing up and protesting the WHO Pandemic Treaty and enhance amendments to the existing treaty. Also they are recognizing the poison they were pushed in 2021 and after. These people are typically not out in the streets pushing back at authority but they are fighting mad. God Bless them and I hope they succeed in their fight for justice for the victims and make the rest of the world see this madness.

This one starts with a researcher discussing his inability to isolate a COVID virus as well as the CDC being unable to produce a sample. IT then goes into how all jabs are potentially harmful and not needed. The vast majority of people slowly build a very robust immune system. It is the mother's milk that keeps the baby safe until that immune system is up to speed. These jabs just put things like mercury and aluminum in the tiny bodies.

Press for Truth covers a study out of the UK that show the quadruple jabbed have a 310% higher mortality rate. This is more alarming as it is in the 18-39 year old age range.

Greg Reese discusses how we are heading headlong into a world of AI that will far surpass humanity. We do this while the powerful allow it and distract the masses from what is happening by keeping us divided by politics.

This is scary stuff. This guy discusses some of the patents he ran across online related to mind control.

This is a short clip from The Highwire. In it an oncologist describes the "turbo" cancers he and others are seeing. These are occurring in unusually young people. He mentioned leukemia that can kill in a matter of hours form being diagnosed. I posted another video that describe a kid that this happened to. A physically fit kid that all of a sudden was exhausted. The parents took him to a walk in clinic and was then sent to the ER. They diagnosed the leukemia and less than a day later, he died.

Dr Peter McCullough just destroys Brian Shapiro. Shapiro tries to get the good doctor to agree that the jabs were a benefit to humanity. Peter has no part of it. Shapiro simply makes unsubstantiated, subjective statements only to be beat down by Dr McCullough with actual studies to back his opinions. He does not even go into excess mortality since the jabs came out. Shapiro in the beginning, says we were in a global pandemic where we were losing 5000 Americans per day. Funny how there was zero excess mortality in 2020 but there was significant rise in 2021 and later. The disease was in full swing in 2020. The jabs came out in 2021. I'm not a doctor but I can tell there is a smoking gun here.

This one goes into the alternate story of why the Titanic sank. Most people believe it to have simply been a tragic accident. I tend to operate with the idea of the latin phrase "cui bono" or "who benefits" when something big occurs. In the case of the sinking of the Titanic, some people did benefit greatly from the event. The Federal Reserve system in the US was born less than 2 years after the sinking. Aboard the ship were 3 individuals that were very powerful and very much against the formation of a central bank system. Notably not on the maiden voyage was the owner of the ship who mysteriously cancel his tickets shortly before the voyage. This person was instrumental in the formation of the Fed. A lot of coincidences here. Enough to make an intelligent person say hmmm.

Scientists and Engineers tell their opinions on the facts of 9/11/2001. I am neither but can easily even as a laymen tell it does not add up. One of the best analyses I heard in this was one lady state, "you cannot have asymmetric damage and a symmetric collapse". This happened 3 times at the same place, on the same day. If this does not convince you that the official story is BS, you have a mental condition and should be examined by a professional.

Bret Weinstein of the DarkHorse podcast has Dr Ryan Cole on to discuss clots in some jab recipients.

Fluoride is such a scam. This video points out in several places the warning on toothpaste containing fluoride that is swallowed to seek medical attention or contact poison control. If it is so toxic that you have to worry about swallowing a little bit of toothpaste, how do you determine the amount of fluoridated water you can drink before you could need medical attention. I have posted other videos on this that go into much more detail of just how toxic and volatile fluoride truly is. Stop using it now. There are non-fluoridated versions out there. Also get a reverse osmosis system for you drinking and cooking water.


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