downloaded this video back on 12 January 2018 from YouTube

in case JewTube takes it down from someone else's channel
not OC

This might be my favorite movie scene ever.

full credit to YouTube user "FBE" (also known as TheFineBros)
I watched the whole video, and this was the only part that I genuinely found to be a bit fascinating and more deep than the rest of the video.

From YouTube user "Cho Seung Hui 4.0"
I'm not even sure if these are original content or not from him. Feel free to download as many videos from his YouTube channel as possible because JewTube can always do a 180 and take down all the content eventually like with Elliot Rodger.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMnPj6FvA2U part of this video from YouTube user "Cho Seung Hui 4.0" also known as William Atchison

He's even faster than Sonic.

in case JewTube deletes it
CBC is fake news by the way. Their obsession with incels is hilarious.

fireworks at the end so turn the damn volume down
one of the most fascinating periods of time ever
I didn't include Bush v. Gore, Tropical Storm Allison, Byran Uyesugi, Charles Williams, the 2001 Greyhound bus shooting, or other events because I didn't want the clips in this video to be even shorter than they already are. I just wanted to highlight major events in this time span.
6 out of the 11 clips (Columbine, Atlanta, Russian apartment bombings, Kursk, 12 October, and the anthrax attacks scare) are from AP Archive, a YouTube channel I would highly recommend checking out.
The music used is Innsbruck Experiment from Half-Life 2.

sick fuck

7 World Trade Center, Edificio Wilton Paes de Almeida
It still doesn't even graze the surface though.

four planes, 102 minutes of annihilation

Back in February 2018, I took a trashy meme and made it way better. Here it is.


I made this in February 2018.

contains footage of the attack

(((They))) removed it from the trailer after Aurora.


best anime :)

Samir al-Hyeed
from the YouTube user "MillionDollarExtreme2" (full credit to them)
I just wanted to download and put this out here on Bitchute in case the channel ever removes it you know.

from YouTube user "Yitbos Greenburgh"
full credit to them

made this in November 2017

his manifesto speech

includes Eric and Dylan firing weapons (12 gauge and 9mm respectively)

from YouTube user "Blind Wrath"


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