Genealogy of the God's

Genealogy of the God's

Genealogy of the God's

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Greeting's to you all. My name is Paul and I run Odin's Voice Worldwide. We are an educational group that seek to help everyone learn, and to learn from others. We encourage family values based on our faith, the village, folkish and tribal concepts and helping others. We believe in freedom of speech combined with respecting others values and opinions. We encourage you to post information, educational sources and advertise your heathen crafts, books and businesses. This group discourages the use of constant meme dropping and the group does not run as a dating site.
We want you to invite like minded family, friends, learners and crafters to joing us however as entry to the group relies on a profile check please make sure anyone you invite to join us is aware of this.
We are family - we came from the old Gods and must join together to reunite ourselves with our old ways and traditions in the modern world. Our goal is to build a worldwide group and focus strongly on our path while allowing others to focus on theirs. Above all remember - Odin gave his eye for knowledge. How far will you go?
Who we are !
We are 21st century heathens, dedicated to the beliefs & worldviews of old Europe. We honor the old ways, while forging new ones. We recognize that heathenry is a living tradition, and that it will mean as much to our descendants as it did to our ancestors.
We come together here, respectfully, from all corners of the world, to share knowledge. To breathe an old flame to life once more, and to tend that fire carefully. We are here to forge bonds, to share experiences. To explore the ways of the gods and goddesses, the ancestors, the spirits of the land.
Here we explore the old lore, inspire one another, and provide a haven for anyone seeking the old ways.
We are ODIN'S VOICE WORLDWIDE and we welcome you !

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