What a move of power using those salt and pepper shakers!

They are still trying to determine if it was well... an act of you know what!

He is literally talking about his own news network!

I don't care about your religion, I do care when you silence people and steal money from the American people!

She says she that you can't take her seriously when she uses the word "Literally"

Better hiring practices and cameras but the most important is learn how to defend yourself!

No law can supersede the Constitution!

This is how We The People works

All these speech crimes you see in the colleges and blue states are the blueprint for the federal government if they get their way!

Doctors and medical health professionals have way too much power.

This guy needs to be removed

Plus a video at the end for a reminder that Joe Biden confessed to what they are trying to impeach the President

Remember when CNN described Zimmerman as a White Mexican LMAO

I wonder how much of the transcript they will release from that behind closed door hearing?

Why so scared? Lol! I couldn't help the photo, clickbait on this photo lol story is real

Our political masters seem to be untouchable and I just don't understand why!

I had no idea if true that Bitchute only has a few people working on itself? They need to go on a hiring spree! I'll Donate!
Here is a link to Computing Forever

It was done on purpose, it had to go through the editorial

WTF! I didn't know this case affected the rest of the nation!

In other words she says screw half the country we are all in!

All I ask is transparency when it comes to the government we fund

Anyone following this closely knows how embarrassing it is

No Government has the right to destroy your personal property without compensation!

Been trying to upload all day with no avail!