July 30, 2022

Latest important information of the MonkeyPox Panic of 2022
Run for your lives

Physical - Dua Lipa - Violin Cover by Alan Milan

The Cuban people have the right to their legitimate
defense and to fight by all possible means those who
try to destroy our nation.

Without the Khazarian Mafia, who will be the enemy to prompt human growth?

Not to worry, Universe is, after all, a Perfect World.

This is a video representation of Clifs substack in video form.. not a fake narrative (as some have asserted) go to the site with the link and you can verify
I do not do any videos for financial gain ...

In spite of the very large, and very public, levels of social engineering by the Central Banks of the world, trying to cause another Great Depression, and follow on World War, it is my opinion that we will instead witness a banking panic emerge.

As we are all very much aware, the field potential for CHANGE, writ large, is very high at this time, here in this Matterium. If you can’t feel it, please get to a mortuary as you are a dead fucker.
The levels of the fields, in any, and all, metrics have never been higher in my lifetime. Perhaps these levels of potential have not existed for several thousands of years. That remains to manifest and thus be observed, but from this side of the field collapse, it is a distinct possibility that the resulting Change may be at levels not experienced since the collapse of previous civilizations, such as the Bronze Age Civilization which ‘dissolved’ for unknown reasons in 1177 BC.

The World Economic Forum members are part of the Tribe of Fucktards, as is the CFR, most of any national government, and all of the international organizations. None of these humans grok the point of the Biosphere, and they are all working all their lives to try to halt a natural process of growth.
Thus the Fucktard label.

In the Slavyansk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fled from
a camp prepared for defense long ago, barely learning about the
attack on them by fighters from the “O” group.

Gregg Phillips' testimony on curing his cancer with fenbendazole,
intermittent fasting, and vitamins.

If big pharma and the government were willing to cover
up low-cost, repurposed anti-virals, anti-inflammatories,
and anti-coagulants as safe and effective treatments for COVID-19,
what other cures are they hiding❓


Intro .. Uncle Ted Nugent

he precise impact of artillery projectiles has resulted in the
elimination of 2 platoons armed with U.S.-manufactured howitzers,
as well as their munitions.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry
M.V. #Zakharova about the detention of
Simeon Boikov (Aussie Cossack) in Australia.

We are in the 3rd quarter of
Team Russia/Humanity vs team [DS] Nazi/Name Stealers
on this Sunday in the struggle to save Humanity from the Nazi/Name Stealers

At this point, it's not even news. If you don't know by now
who's the good guys and who are the mass murdering coward
terrorist war criminals,
I got nothing more to say to you

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