Little show and tell on this years greenhouse

Assembly of the second pentagon for the 20.9ft 4v Geodesic dome

Solar powered off grid cooler gets a new fan motor after 6 years run time

Building a 20.9ft 4v Geodesic dome for a greenhouse

Building a 4v 20.9ft Geodesic greenhouse

The solar powered cooler geta a new fan after 6 years of run time.

Working on the second large pent for the 4V 20.9 ft Geodesic dome.
I've made 36 out of the 250 struts needed for a friend of mine, who will be using this as a green house and Spa cover.

Drilling Strut ends for 4v Geodesic dome kit

Bending Strut ends for a 4v Geodesic dome vid#03


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