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لأول مرة بعد مرور فترة من الزمان يرفع الادان في ليريدا Después de años se alza el adhan en lleida
Après des années le Adhan se lève enfin sur Lerida.
After many years, Adhan is rising above Lerida.

Ces appels sont une déclaration de guerre à notre civilisation.

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In support of our Greek brothers, the theusz collective publishes a new musical piece, a new mix alternating between synth / retrowave music and more urban and aggressive tracks produced mainly by Rémi Deflandre with the advice and material of other members.
This new mix composed of a large majority of original unedited tracks (except 3) is tinged with sunny and positive sounds reminiscent of the countries of southern Europe for which it was produced. Especially after trips to Greece, Spain and Portugal.
This is also one of the reasons why this mix is ​​more rhythmic than the previous ones and more accessible to the number.
We send a big greeting to the Greek people, guardian of our European citadel and our freedoms.
We think it is now vital to take back the cultural field
You can also download this mix for free on our bandcamp and also listen to it shortly on youtube.
We hope you enjoy our work and help us spread the good music by liking and sharing our videos!
We must all act to save ourselves!

In collaboration with Veritas Vincit, we support the Greek people against Turkish aggression.

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Keep up the fight!

Album: Avant-Garde
Genre/Style: Electronic/martial-industrial, Dark-ambient,
Released: 2019

Follow us on the social media ------> HELP US TO FIGHT. / Music by Lefaisceau, Remideflandre, Laconicvs Autarchic.
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Here is our summer analog mix ( electro / synth / retrowave )
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Music was in support for CICERO ( défense de nos prisonniers politiques ) :

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HELP US TO FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS. Because it's okay to be white !

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We are fighting for Evrope & ART.

Fash wave track, collaboration between THEUSZ & VON SANNGETAL ( visual artist )
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This track is a collaboration between THEUSZ collectiv ( art & music ) And aesthetic page Europa Invicta.
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Created 2 years ago.

16 videos

Category Music

Theusz is a French / International alt-right art collective.
Under pressure since 2015, we are working on next-gen music and art / retake the culture to the left.

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Because it's OK to be white !