From doing a bun for work or a variety of other hairdos, getting ready is a snap!

compilation of wild life, mostly shorebirds Cattle egret, blue Herring, osprey, Purple Gallinule, grebe, alligators, glossy ibis, black crowned night herring

Sorry a little shaky at first. I visit this park near my home often, I will post some highlighted videos as often as I can

Using Holdilocks™ enables you to secure hair so it holds the style all day without sagging. It can also leaves hair very pretty with gorgeous curls and waves when let out.

Holdilocks™ is flexible, and can make a lot of different hairstyles in minutes.

With a large and small Holdilocks™, you can connect either the small to large or small to small, large to large, and have a specialized fit just right for any hair length , texture or thickness. slip-knot them all together, then roll hair and poke the button thru and you are done! No bobby pins or hairspray needed.


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