Another slideshow generated by my iPhone from my portfolio. This is of Oregon's Upper Deschutes country, with a few shots from across the ridge in the Willamette. Some of these photos are the same as the older "Deschutes" video here, and some are new shots that were taken after that one was posted.

Some photos flash by awfully quickly. You might want to watch this one at half speed.

A slideshow from my portfolio, automatically generated by my iPhone. Not sure that these are my best as the title suggests (I didn't name it, my phone did), but it does take in that entire year of shooting, from the middle of January to the end of December. There are studio shots, indoor shots and of course wildlife and scenics, 107 photos in just under six minutes. You might want to re-watch it at half speed to see all of them.

It was my first full year in Colorado, having moved there the prior year.

My iPhone just keeps cranking out slideshows! It named this one "Willamette: 2004-2021." These shots are actually from 1990 to 2021, (going all the way back to my film days) and are not shots of the Willamette River itself, but taken in its drainage basin in the Oregon Cascades. A few, of Summit Lake and Bobby Lake, are technically not in the Willamette drainage, but are so close that the computer probably thought they are.

Another creation by my iPhone, which takes images from my professional portfolio and makes slide shows from them. This one starts out hundreds of miles away from Ridgeway, Colorado, on the other side of the Continental Divide, but eventually gets there.

You see Tincup Pass, Cottonwood Pass, and the Grand Mesa before finally getting to the Good Stuff around Ridgway.

The little waterfall in the McKay Crossing USFS Campground, Deschutes National Forest. Now without ice. At 43º 43.0048'N 121º 22.7559'W

Yet another slide show auto-generated by my iPhone, this time of images in my portfolio taken in the upper Deschutes basin of Oregon. Several high lakes, the river itself, wildlife and wildflowers.

A lovely June day at a Bend city park. Just sitting on the grass and watching the Deschutes River flow by.

Another video automatically generated by my iPhone from pictures in my portfolio, which is stored on it.

This covers five of the eight years that I roamed the Colorado Rockies in my motorhome. The caption says "Grand Mesa" but it covers a great deal of the West Slope. Shots from several of the passes over the Rockies (Tincup Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Slumgullion Pass, Engineer Pass, Red Mountain Pass, etc.), the Silverlake area, the Grand Mesa, Sneffels Range, and many mountain wildflowers. Very scenic.

A small waterfall at McKay Crossing Campground in the Deschutes National Forest in winter. The waterfall ices up, and then the water continues flowing behind the ice. At 43º 43.0048'N 121º 22.7559'W

Same two cats as the previous video but a month or two younger. Tommy (orange, 2 yrs old) grooms Kevin (6 mo. old) after Kevin crowds into Tommy's cat bed.

Two overgrown kittens - a two-year old and an eight-month old - in a play-fight with the video slowed down 50%.

Two friends of mine in a pet bed.

Tommy (orange) is older than Kevin, who is still a kitten, and sometimes takes care of him

This waterfall, at 43.607º N, 122.143º W in Oregon's Willamette National Forest, is accessible by hiking only. There are two trailheads; one from the paved road/parking area at Salt Creek Falls near Oakridge, Oregon and the other a very short hike downhill from the blue dot on the map, on Forest Service road 420 -- four wheel drive not strictly needed but you'll want it.

Got a new, battery-powered cheap Chinese chainsaw for Christmas. Here's how it cuts.

Starring myself, camera work by Doug Brown.

"She was the best kitty that anyone ever had."

Another automatic slideshow created from my portfolio by my iPhone. Strangely, it omitted my best Utah images but I guess that's what you get when a machine curates for you. Scenes from Moab area to the San Rafael Swell to the Valley of the Gods.

An RV park worker downs a hazard tree. Same technique as loggers use (ie, notch + backcut), except for using a strap to pull the tree in a known direction.

Another automatic iPhone slide show. I didn't do much photography in 2020, but what I did do is pretty good. Mostly around the Cascade Lakes area, southwest of Bend, Oregon

30 second clip of a campfire and nothing else. For when you can't be there yourself.

In this exciting sequel to the original video, a Pandora Moth (Coloradia pandora) caterpillar makes its way along an old, sun-bleached log, presumably looking for a way down to the ground, where it will bury itself and metamorphose into its adult stage next year.

The Flat Top Mountains, in northwest Colorado, overlay the Rockies, the result of lava flows some tens of millions of years after the Rocky Mountains were formed. They straddle two counties, and two national forests, with a roadless wilderness in the middle. I spent about three weeks there in July of 2017, first visiting the west side, then driving around them to come back in and visit the east side.

Here is a slideshow that my iPhone automatically generated from shots taken during that trip.

It's that time of year again. This Pandora Moth (Coloradia pandora) caterpillar wiggled its way through my campsite this afternoon, which they do at this time of year.

A pest species that is currently infesting central Oregon, they destroy pine forests. But they're cute. Normally the yellow bands are more brightly colored than this one, which has gotten itself all dirty.

The Forest Service wants to kill them all, but there is an Indian tribe in California that likes to roast and eat them (!), setting up somewhat of a political battle between the two.

Another slide show from my pro photography portfolio, autogenerated by my iPhone.

This one begins with shots taken on film thirty years ago. Oregon, California, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Idaho are represented.

Another slideshow automatically generated by my iPhone. This one takes in a 2010 trip through the Mojave National Preserve, Joshua Tree National Park, Valley of Fire State Park, and ending in Zion National Park.

The desert was in bloom, and there are lots of flower shots.

I had a can of peanuts on the picnic table that I was using to attract chipmunks for photography.

A golden-mantled ground squirrel found it, and being fearless, began to attack the can.

I filmed it, only running it off after it had achieved success.


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