Another reason I believe not everybody should reproduce.

Really this is what we're doing now!

Social commentary / current events

Social commentary / current events

What the fk who thought this was a good idea?

This is dedicated to all service personnel retired and active thank you for your service and dedication to the American people. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten!

Just a little something from our neck of the woods to switch it up a little bit.

Nancy pelosi shows again how far she's willing to go to defy Trump.

World news social commentary

I said reaction video but I meant response video. Go check out Todd's Channel on YouTube. He's got good energy about him he just needs to put it to good use.

Social commentary / current events

Current events / political commentary


Social commentary/ current event

Current events /social commentary

Cute little story not political


What is this butt fuckary

Oh dear God here we go again


Calm down people this is chess not checkers

My thoughts

This is what we've come to? People calling for a school shooting over a media lie. This is what your Trump hating propaganda has produced. I hope each and everyone of you are happy with yourselves. Now it's okay to kill children over political differences.


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