WATER has a memory -- learn what has opened the door to understanding it's curative and health maintaining properties

We Do Not Have A Water Shortage -- Our Leaders Are Lying

Take a look into the future of science , especially medical science, including natural remedies and homeopathy , and physics

Orthodox Priest Explains the creation of chaos by killing the king (Divine Order) ,out of which Satanic Plutocratic Tyranny is established

Influenza Vaccine is not only dangerous but also a complete fraud . . . evidence is irrefutable

Simple, Straightforward Condemnation from an honest doctor

Unimpeachable Source -- No Nonsense, No Agenda

Santeria & Caldero: Testimony of Street Smart Bronx Man, Mr. John Ramirez, a real warlock.

A thoroughgoing review of the facts and little known history

A Frank answer straight from a Rabbi who knows

Dr. David Duke revises the lies on this matter

Dr. Martin places the slave trade in proper perspective

Definitive Exposition -- Must See For Yourself

EUSTACE MULLINS discusses 20th Century Medical Fraud, Including Vaccines, Cancer and the AMA -- Not to be missed

How it developed into the contemporary post-modern Beast

The Usual suspects do not include Osama & Friends Ltd.


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