Enjoy this video featuring a most heavenly OM chant.

Need prayer support? Please reach out to SILENT UNITY ONLINE. Thank you. Namaste. Blessings to you and yours.

Bitcoin rocks and I believe it will truly help humanity with with future global capital and financial needs, payments, transactions, documentation, micro-economics, macro-economics, currency stability and much more. Go Bitcoin! Also, if possible, please support the Aussie rock band Airbourne as the global pandemic has been rough on great bands like them. Thanks. Disclaimer: The views expressed here are my own, only. This video is only for entertainment purposes. This video is NOT financial advice. Thanks.

Relax and enjoy this serene OM-based-sound-vibration and image of the ancient Sacred Syllable OM.

Enjoy this peaceful music as you reflect on the Blessed Sacred Syllable OM. Namaste.

OM is the name of the prana or life force that runs through us and empowers us in all that we do. Namaste.

Enjoy this simple but sublime OM meditation chant. Namaste.

Enjoy this serene yet joyous chant of "OM". Namaste.

Need prayer support? Please contact SILENT UNITY online. Thank you. Namaste.

May the Sacred Syllable OM graciously bless you today. Namaste.

In Sanskrit, Pranava means Life-Force. So, this video is about the Sacred and Blessed Life Force called OM.

Enjoy these inspiring OM images and OM-based music. Namaste.

Silent Unity is a 24/7 prayer service run by Unity Church. Feel free to contact them if you need help through prayer. This video is dedicated to this Holy Prayer Service. Namaste.

Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, and enjoy this video featuring serene OM images and uplifting music.

Enjoy this peaceful music while contemplating the omnipresence of the Sacred Syllable OM.

Enjoy this harmonious music along with inspiring images of the Sacred Syllable OM.

Here is how I pray the Lord's Prayer, as taught by Jesus (Yeshua) to his disciples, and in light of Vedanta. Namaste.

Legendary Kriya-Yoga Master Lahiri Mahasaya taught that OM is the sound of the Sun, our Solar Orb. Hope you enjoy this video. Namaste.

Two minute video with some gentle music along with serene images of the Sacred Syllable OM. Namaste.

Transcendental OM sung by a most "heavenly" choir. Enjoy. Namaste, Keith


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Centering in Divine Spirit OM is always the best approach to life.