On Earth as it is in Heaven

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On Earth as it is in Heaven



What was The Saviour trying to tell us in this prayer? Is earth a miniature heaven where Satan is showing the universe just how evil he is. Is there a Family in The Godhead?

We are living in the Book of Revelation. The war between The Saviour and Satan is all around us. The Spirit and The Bride are hard at work for us. Are we obeying The Saviour who said He would send His Spirit to lead us into all truth?


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For those who believe what the Saviour said,"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven." You might find this channel interesting. The more I study Scripture the more I see earth as a copy of heaven-where Lucifer is permitted to rule after the fall of Adam so the universe will see what would have happened in heaven if Lucifer was permitted to remain. The Santuary, on earth and in heaven. etc. Then in Daniel 10:13-21 the Prince of Persia kept. the angel from going to Daniel . These beings that Scripture refers to are real beings (though not human) like dragon=Satan. All this said to say. Family's in heaven and on earth. When we see a family it clarifies so many statements The Saviour said that did not make sense. Please view with an opened mind as a child, for such is the Kingdom of God. Blessings and peace to you brothers and sisters.