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A clip from David Icke's series "Escaping The Matrix"

Dr. on what the shot does to your body - They are changing the ingredients per shot per agenda - Wiping out military - Booster is foreign cells..

LAFD Officer expresses view current situation

This guy stands up to the law using logic and Law

Americas Voting Machines Are Extremely Vulnerable to Hacking

Woman talks about governments using cov scare to quarentine children in schools

With an executive order to stop funding the tests we can end the PlanDemIc

All is well frens

Covid doesn't exist and now we have the proof

Pence fly CGI?

A beautiful story about humanity, hope, freedom and a future

The World Health Organization faked the Pandemic.

Please share this far and wide. Thank you.

Nancy Piglosi serious concerns about Voting In Person

an excerpt from Actor Lorenzo Lamas at the LA Walk Away Rally giving his first political speech. Powerful!

Don't know who this is, if you do, leave it in the comments please.

Video by AwakingThePeople2020 on instagram of Patriots Driving Antifa Out Of Town

Don't know the sauce of the scrolling text, but VERY interesting..

President Trump At Whirlpool announces this may be the last you see me for a while, I have very very rich enemies, I figure we have one chance to do it and no other President is going to do what I do.

A Beautiful Brave Woman, Nurse, Army Vet Speaks out about New York Hospitals and Cuomo

RP Having Fun

July 28 2020
Tucker Carlson Tonight 7_28_20 First 10 min - Censored from Youtube because Q said watch the first 10 minutes

The Trump Tweet they Censored and Removed- Covid Has Cure Benny Dr Stella Immanuel talks about her experience treating COVID


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